Fifty percent of women in research cited that it was essential to have frizzy-fee and smooth hair, while thirty percent stated that frizzy hair was one of the top beauty complaints. However, this condition is not permanent as there are various frizzy hair solutions one can use.

Here are the top seven natural hair masks to permanently get rid of frizzy hair:

1. Coconut Milk

For this hair mask, you need a bowl and two or three tablespoons of coconut milk. Use heat to warm the coconut milk. Apply the warm coconut milk to your hair and let it stay for half an hour. Then shampoo and condition your hair. Utilize this hair mask up to twice a week. Coconut milk is an ideal light protein treatment that repairs damaged hair. In addition to moisturizing your hair, it nourishes it, making it shiny, strong, and smooth.

2. Aloe Vera

Ingredients include a ¼ cup of carrier oil and ¼ cup of aloe vera gel. Mix oil with the aloe gel and apply the hair mask to the scalp and the hair. Leave it be for up to half an hour and use shampoo and conditioner to wash it off. The mask can be used up to two times a week. One of the most popular moisturizing ingredients is aloe vera. When it is mixed with a carrier oil, it creates a protective layer over the follicles of your hair, which reduces the loss of moisture, making your hair smooth, soft, and shiny.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Ingredients for this hair mask include 2 cups of cool water and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mix the ingredients and put them in a jug. Use shampoo to wash your hair and then use the hair mask to rinse your hair. After leaving it for a few minutes, wash your hair with conditioner. This treatment can be done once a week. Apple cider vinegar assists in balancing your hair’s pH levels while closing any open cuticles. This, in return, makes your hair retain more moisture. Additionally, it eradicates the build-up of grease and dirt, making your hair shine.

4. Honey and Yogurt

To make this mask, you will require one tablespoon of honey and two or three tablespoons of yogurt. Put the ingredients in a bowl and mix them. Apply the combination on your hair and scalp and leave it be for up to thirty minutes. Use cold water to wash it off. To maintain your hair and restore moisture, carry out the procedure once a week. While honey assists the hair in retaining moisture, yogurt is a great deep conditioner. Yogurt makes the frizzy hair shiny and smooth.

5. Beer

Ingredients include one pint of beer. Pour the beer in a bowl to decarbonate it. Leave it for a whole night so that it becomes flat. Use shampoo to wash your hair and then massage your scalp as you use the beer to wash your hair again. Use cold water to rinse the beer out. Carry out the treatment once every two weeks. In addition to restoring moisture, beer also nourishes your frizzy hair with its numerous B vitamins and proteins. Moreover, it is used to eradicate build up, which maintains the health of your cuticles.

6. Banana

For this mask, you will need 1/3 cup of almond or coconut oil, 2 teaspoons of honey, and 1 ripe banana. Mash the banana and mix with oil and honey to come up with a smooth mixture. Use the hair mask on your frizzy hair and scalp and leave it for up to twenty five minutes. Rinse thoroughly with conditioner and shampoo. If your hair is really frizzy, use the mask once in one week. Bananas are good hair conditioners, particularly when mixed with honey, a popular humectant.

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7. Mayonnaise

Ingredients include one or two eggs depending on your hair length, a third cup of pure almond oil, and a quarter cup of mayonnaise. Mix the ingredients to create a smooth paste. Coat your scalp and hair with a lot of the hair mask and cover your head with a shower cap or a hot towel. Wash off the mixture after a while with shampoo and conditioner. The mixture offers strength, shine, and nourishment to your hair. It adds the additional layer of moisture which assists in effectively controlling frizzy hair. It is a top hair mask for frizzy and dry hair.


If your hair is dry and frizzy, then you can try the coconut milk, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, honey and yogurt, beer, banana, or mayonnaise frizzy hair solutions to treat your hair. One effect that all these masks have in common is leaving your hair strong, nourished, and shiny. Happy masking!

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