If you want to get in shape without spending all day in a gym or even breaking a sweat, you can. Some people don’t like the thought of exercise, physically can’t, or don’t want to face the aches and pains. If you can’t commit to exercise right now, we’re about to reveal ten easy ways you can still get in shape without exercise.

10 Ways to Get In Shape Without Working Out

1. Reduce Your Overall Calories

This is pretty much a no-brainer for most people. When you reduce your calorie intake, you don’t have to work as hard to lose weight. This doesn’t mean going on a crash diet. When you consume 3,500 calories, you gain that pound of fat.

The easiest way to intake fewer calories is to think that in order to lose weight all you have to do is not to eat more than the number of calories as you burn in a day. You may be surprised at how many calories are in the things you eat. Start writing each thing down as you consume it. The calories add up quickly, so plan ahead.

Eat until you feel full, but fill up on foods that are healthy instead of just calorie fillers like sugar. After a while, it’ll be easier to eat healthier as you watch those numbers fly off the scale.

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2. Don’t Drink Sugary Liquids

Throw out the drinks with sugar. You may think that gaining weight is all about dessert and high-fat foods. But sugary drinks are a scary thing. You’ll notice a big difference once you put away the soda and fruit juice. Sweetened drinks like coffee and tea can also pack a punch of calories. It gets even worse when you go for a drink with friends ordering margaritas and mixed drinks full of sugary sweetness.

You don’t need to drink your calories. Instead, opt for unsweetened drinks or water. This resistance means don’t eat them in the frozen form either. Frozen alcoholic beverages or popsicles seem innocent enough, but they can have hundreds of calories.

Remember this rhyme. Sugary drinks are yummy, but they’ll start to show on your tummy.

3. Take A Walk

To some people walking is exercise, but everyone has to walk. If you’re walking anywhere, use it as a means to get in shape without the sweat. Walking is actually one of the best ways to burn fat. When you’re walking, you use every muscle as you move your body. You might not notice it, but your body and mind is working together to move you along your path. You can think of it as cardio without all the sweating and tough work.

Walking even burns a higher percentage of calories from the sources of your fat than running. You don’t have to walk a million miles either. Take a few short walks around your block. Get in small ten minute increments of walking throughout the day. Park further away as you walk into places. These small changes will get you on the path to get in shape.

This new commitment could even mean taking a walk a few times a day up and downstairs whether at work or at home. Think of it as something you need to do to get places instead of something you have to do like exercise.

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4. Don’t Starve Yourself

You’ll lose weight quickly on fad diets, but that weight won’t stay off. If you want to get in shape, don’t do starvation diets. You’ll probably gain all of your weight back, and you could hurt your thyroid in the process. Fad diets just slow down your metabolic weight. Slow and steady wins the race when you’re trying to lose weight and get fit. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Cortisol levels rise when you starve your body. This makes your body think it is in danger so you may also retain fat. This includes liquid cleanses and fasting. If your body thinks it is starving, it’ll do drastic things. You’ll also crash at the end of fad dieting.

This cycle means you could binge eat consuming a few thousand calories in a day because your body is plain hungry. It will then reach for anything to make it feel better. Starving yourself will also lead to gaining more weight at the end of your crash diet. Your body is trying to make up all of the calories and weight loss. It isn’t worth it.

5. Do Something You Enjoy

One of the best tips to get in shape without exercise is to find something you enjoy. Many people find exercise boring and frustrating. They want results but don’t want to put in the time and effort. If you do something you love, you won’t even think you’re working out.

For example, you could dance to your favorite songs as you clean the house. You may not enjoy cleaning, but the dancing makes it more fun. Or, you can stretch and turn yourself into a pretzel with your kids while laughing. If you like to go to the pool in warm weather, play around and swim a little.

Find the thing that pushes you to really love movement. As long as you’re moving, you’re burning calories. If you like to garden or work in the yard, you’re actually burning calories.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping actually helps you get in shape. When you don’t get a good night of rest, your body craves more calories. You usually lunge for the comfort foods around you. Your brain is seeking something that comforts it because its reward centers are in overactive mode.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. This doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly lose weight because you’re sleeping more. It does mean you won’t grab all of the fatty foods around you because you’re drunk in a sense. When you’re drunk, your mind is off balance and you don’t make much sense with your decisions. The same goes for your mind on a loss of sleep. It’s trying to figure things out in life without balance.

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7. Drink a Lot of Water

Water helps you feel full. It’s that simple. Not only is water good for your entire body, it keeps you from being dehydrated. Drinking lots of water helps boost the number of calories your body is able to burn throughout the day. Your body has to work harder to process this water. You also feel full leading you to stay away from random foods. When hunger hits, try to grab a drink of water instead of a handful of food. Staying hydrated will help you have more energy and lose weight over time.

8. Eat Smaller Portions On A Smaller Plate

Food is a vision for many of us. When you get a huge plate of food, you may feel inclined to eat all of it. Use a smaller plate with a smaller portion of food. Try this, and see if you feel full. When you have a smaller portion of food on a smaller plate, your brain is tricked into thinking it is eating larger portions of food. This will help you not overindulge at each meal. If you’re still hungry, add a little food at a time.

9. Use a Journal to Write Down Your Goals

It’s important to see your weight loss and fitness goals. Do this by writing out your goals. You can visualize your goals better this way. If you want to stick to your healthy habits, write them out. Check them off at the end of each day. You should divide your goals evenly. Try not to write down things that will be too hard to accomplish. Write the things you eat down each day.

Before you stick something in your mouth, think if it is worth having to write down the calories. Visualize yourself completing each goal on the list. This will help you change your habits throughout the day. You’ll realize the areas where you fall short and the areas where you know you can hit your goals easily.

10. Eat Whole Grains, Fiber, and Protein

Try to eat more whole grains, fiber, and protein in your day. Replace your refined white bread and carbohydrates with whole grains. Your blood sugar won’t crash this way leading you to eat even worse.

The fiber in these types of foods will also help you feel fuller longer. Protein is a great way to cut back on feeling bloated. It will help you feel full without the bloat. Lean protein will help you lose weight quickly, but you will gain the weight back if you don’t eat a balanced diet. Don’t do crash diets without any carbohydrates. Try to eat a well-balanced diet overall with whole grains, fiber, and protein as the main nutrients.

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Final Thoughts on How to Get in Shape Without Exercising

In the end, getting in shape should be fun. You shouldn’t have to drag yourself to the gym or eat boring food to lose weight. You can do it by being active and making better decisions for yourself.