A senior German shepherd named Higgins found his forever home after spending almost seven years in a shelter. Volunteers at the shelter feared that no one would ever adopt him, as older dogs often receive less interest from potential parents. Many visitors at the kennel even suggested putting him to sleep to put him out of his misery.

However, Leslie Renner, The Humane Society of Preble County in Ohio’s executive director, never gave up hope. She felt Higgins just needed the right person to come along and fall in love with him. The German shepherd breed offers loyalty and protection, making them popular pets.

Renner ignored the suggestions about putting the poor dog to sleep and continued sharing his pictures on social media. She thought someone out there would love to have the beautiful dog as their best friend.

Despite her best efforts, it would take time for anyone to adopt the German shepherd. His previous owners had adopted him as a young puppy but didn’t treat him well. After a negative experience at his first home, Higgins returned to the shelter in 2012.

“We heard he was nothing more than a dog chained up to a dog house,” Renner said to The Dodo. “About a year later, someone walked in with a stray dog — and it was him.”

At least the German shepherd had escaped the abusive environment, but the memories stayed with him.

“Nobody ever came looking for him,” she added, “nobody ever cared.”

Now, Higgins would have to adjust to life in a shelter. While he received much better treatment there, it still didn’t feel like home. Volunteers at the Humane Society noticed that Higgins enjoyed being alone, away from other dogs.

This likely stemmed from the fact that his previous owners kept him isolated. However, Higgins’ antisocial behavior seemed to discourage potential adopters.

The Humane Society Never Gave Up on the German Shepherd

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Renner realized she must remain patient until someone gave Higgins a chance. Unfortunately, people continued to overlook the adorable German shepherd. Renner believed that his age contributed the most to potential adopters rejecting him.

“People are looking for puppies or dogs that are six months old,” Renner said. “When he came back, he was a year old, and then two and then three.”

Since Higgins lived in the shelter most of his life, adopters assumed he had issues. After all, why would people continue to pass him up?

“His face always had such a worried look on it that he was a little intimidating when he was in his kennel,” Renner said. “People just walked past him.”

However, after 2,381 days (7 years!) living in the shelter, Higgins finally found his human. When 22-year-old Brendon Reed saw his picture on social media, he instantly fell in love with him.

At that moment, he knew he wanted to bring Higgins home and drove to the shelter. Upon meeting the German shepherd, he felt an instant connection, as if they were soulmates.

“He was just a beautiful dog,” Reed told The Dodo. “He just seemed so cute … I don’t know how he didn’t get adopted.”

When Reed walked into the shelter and said he wanted to take Higgins home, Renner couldn’t believe her ears. Reed had recently purchased his first home and wanted a canine companion.

After nearly seven years, Higgins finally found a forever home and a dad who cares for him deeply. The German shepherd finally felt loved and comforted, something he had never experienced.

Older Dog Found His Forever Home After 2,381 Days in Shelter

Reed went above and beyond to ensure his new home had a welcoming atmosphere for the senior pet. He bought a soft, fluffy couch for Higgins to sleep on and watch TV with him. Reed also enjoyed watching Higgins run playfully in his backyard and roll around in the grass.

The anguish and uncertainty of shelter life soon became a distant memory for Higgins. Now, the German shepherd can live out his years in a warm, loving home. His dad ensures he feels safe and loved daily, and Higgins returns the love tenfold.

“He is just so happy; it’s kind of crazy,” Reed told The Dodo. “He just likes to chillax.”

This story proves that older dogs can still make wonderful pets! They usually have less energy than puppies, making them ideal for busy pet owners. Senior pets feel content to cuddle on the couch or just lay around the house. They don’t need much stimulation or entertainment, preferring more low-key activities.

However, if you adopt an older dog, take them for regular vet visits. As dogs age, they become more susceptible to health problems and may need additional care. Veterinary bills can add up, so ensure you have the resources to care for a dog before adopting.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), senior dogs may also require more specialized diets. Make sure to buy foods with anti-aging nutrients that they can digest quickly. Also, older German shepherd breeds and other dogs still need exercise despite declining energy levels. A ten to twenty-minute walk twice daily should suffice for most pets.

If you have the patience and time for an older dog, it can be a rewarding experience.

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Final Thoughts on Dog Who Got Adopted After Nearly Seven Years

An older German shepherd named Higgins finally found his human after 2,381 days in a shelter. Before Brendon Reed came along, the poor dog didn’t know love or compassion. Volunteers at the Humane Society did their best to care for Higgins, but he still needed a forever home. His previous owners left him tied to a chain all day, but he eventually freed himself and roamed the streets.

Passersby brought him back to the shelter, where he remained until Reed came across his picture online. After falling in love with a photo of Higgins, he drove to the shelter to bring his new best friend home. The beautiful German shepherd now lives a peaceful, happy life, thanks to those who never gave up on him.