Have you ever met a German Shepherd that enjoys doing housework? We haven’t either, but that’s what makes one dog named Anya special. She’s the sweetest dog ever, going above and beyond to help her family. Anya’s an angel in dog form, and her mom Lori feels incredibly lucky to have her.

“Anything I’m doing, she wants to be a part of and tries to help out however she can,” Lori says. If we have groceries, she wants to help bring in groceries, if I drop something, she has to pick it up for me. If I’m carrying something heavy, like the garbage, she has to take it out of my hand and take it out for me.”

What an amazing doggo with a heart of gold! Lori says what’s incredible about this is that they didn’t train her to do any chores. She does them on her own because she genuinely wants to help. Perhaps this is Anya’s way of saying ‘thanks’ for adopting her when no one else would.

“We found a random ad on Craigslist, and she was the last puppy left. She was three months old, and it seemed nobody wanted her,” Lori explained. “So, when we saw her sitting there all by herself, we were so excited, and we knew that we wanted her right away.”

It seems like fate brought them together that day. Anya desperately needed a forever home, and Lori’s family just so happened to come across her. Anya seems to show her gratitude by helping out with chores around the house. She’s a light in their lives, and if there were a Dog of the Year award, she’d definitely win!

How Anya the German Shepherd helps her family with housekeeping chores

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“The positive things about Anya that she brings to our life, there are so many. She just loves to help out around the house,” Lori says. “It started out when she was a little puppy. She started sticking her head in the dryer, and she would just hand the clothes to me from the dryer. Then, from there, it went to other things.”

Eventually, Anya started helping with all kinds of household chores. She even helps put up the laundry! In the video, you can see her putting clean socks into an open drawer. Anya also helps pick things up around the house. If you sneeze, she’ll even grab you a Kleenex! German shepherds are known for their intelligence, but Anya takes things to a whole new level.

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“She started bringing clothes to the washer, and then when I was bringing in groceries, she would help bring in groceries. If I’m outside doing something, she tries to mimic [me] and tries to help me, and do whatever I’m doing,” Lori explains.

Anya will even help unload the dishwasher and bring you food! Another part of the video shows her bringing a plate of donuts to Lori. She also makes sure to close any open doors or cabinets. She will even grab the vacuum, so the carpets stay fresh and clean. It seems like there’s nothing this dog can’t do!

Anya’s not always doing chores, though; like any good housekeeper, she needs downtime, too. There are a couple of activities she enjoys the most.

Here’s what Anya loves to do when she’s not “working.”

“She is crazy about Frisbee. She loves to play with the cat.”

Lori also says,

“She will just pick up the cat’s toy and start playing with her. We didn’t train her to do this; she just one day picked up the string and started playing with our new little kitten. From there on out, anytime one of her toys is sitting out, she will just pick it up and start playing with her.”

The family also adopted another dog – a half Yorkie, half Eskimo dog named Cookie. Anya also loves playing with her. In the video, you can see her pulling Cookie around on a sled in the snow. Clearly, Anya works hard, but she plays even harder!

“We have put words to her actions to try to communicate with her. She definitely has a little happy spirit, and she loves to just do things out on her own,” Lori says. “Sometimes, she’ll just randomly go to the refrigerator and get you a beer or water. And she’ll come back wagging her tail like she knows she’s silly being and funny. Or, she’ll go steal a cheese, and she knows she’s not supposed to. She’ll be running around with her tail all wagging. It’s like she just wants to do stuff to make us laugh.”

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Not only does Anya, the German Shepherd, do housework, but she also loves to put a smile on people’s faces. It seems like Anya just has an endless supply of positive energy, and she inspires us all! We hope to be more like Anya when we grow up. She’s just a bundle of joy, and we hope her story brightened up your day as it did ours.

“She is just very playful, loving, kind, just this beautiful soul that has so much to offer. We just feel so blessed to have her, and I am just so grateful to know such a beautiful soul,” Lori says lovingly of her dog angel Anya.

Final thoughts about the German Shepherd Anya, who loves to help with chores

You won’t meet many dogs that help out around the house as much as Anya. Sure, some dogs like to fetch the mail or newspaper now and then. But, Anya’s the 2.0 version of dogs. She does everything from laundry to unloading the dishwasher to picking up around the house. If you have a dog like this, consider yourself extremely lucky!

In today’s world, it seems like the list of chores only gets longer each year. With dogs like Anya around, though, it lightens the burden a little bit. Lori feels so thankful to have her German Shepherd Anya in her life. We can see why, because she’s the best companion and helper you could ever ask for!