French Bulldog Displays Much Love for Her Human Baby Sister

French Bulldog Displays Much Love for Her Human Baby Sister

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Peyton and french bulldog Truffles live in Ontario, Canada, and have become best friends. Growing up with a dog is one of the greatest treasures in life because you always have someone to count on. This little family enjoys every second they get with their adorable Frenchie. In fact, they love her so much, they decided to adopt another french bulldog named Jellybean! Here’s the story of a girl and her two best fur buddies.

“In the summer of 2019, I became pregnant with our first child Peyton, and over the next few months, Truffles became extremely protective of me,” mom Adrienne says. I gave birth in April 2020, and sadly, at that time we were at the very peak of a whole new pandemic.”

Due to pandemic restrictions, hospitals, unfortunately, weren’t allowing anyone besides doctors in the room during births. So, for Adrienne, it took a huge toll on her emotionally and mentally to give birth alone. Not only that, she had to recover by herself since hospitals didn’t even allow spouses into the room.

“It was an extremely hard period of my life and I am just very glad that Truffles was with me during that time. As soon as Peyton was born, I noticed Truffles started to really gravitate towards her and spend a lot of time with her,” Adrienne said.

Dogs have been known to become very protective of little children. Animals are more intuitive and perceptive than we think, and they know to be careful around something tiny and fragile. That’s why dogs make a great addition to any family, even if you have small children. You’ll always have someone to look after your kids and alert you if something’s wrong.

French Bulldog Displays Much Love for Her Human Baby Sister

“I started taking photos and videos of Peyton and Truffles together because it really warmed my own heart so much. And I really wanted to bring joy to our social media audience which Truffles had established a little bit already at that time. And especially during these difficult times, I felt that it was really important to just share these happy photos with everyone,” Adrienne said.

She added that the photos have garnered a lot of attention, and people have messaged her saying they actually helped them through hard times. It’s hard not to feel better after looking at cute images of dogs and babies, after all!

“To me, that’s the biggest compliment that I can ever get for those photos, because the whole point of them is to spread joy more often, and positivity to the Instagram community,” Adrienne added.

We’ve been dealing with a couple years of difficult times, and many people find comfort just looking at animals. Even if you don’t have pets yourself, watching animals playing and cuddling with babies can ease anxiety. Humans naturally gravitate toward cute things, so babies and dogs make the perfect combo to melt stress away.

“Truffles has always brought a lot of joy to everyone, everywhere. Truffles has a knack for just lighting you up even in your worst of days,” Adrienne says. “This past year a lot of things have happened, including the fact that we adopted another little Frenchie called Jellybean who keeps Truffles busy all day.”

Adrienne says the three of them will actually become big sisters in March when her second child is due! Hopefully, the new baby will love french bulldogs as much as Peyton.

Advice for Anyone Wanting a French Bulldog

Dogs are honestly awesome. Maybe we are a little bit biased; obviously, they are very important members of our family and our lives. It seems as though during this pandemic, we’ve had a lot of people get puppies. My advice for anyone who has or wants to adopt, rescue or acquire a new pet is that you need to be prepared for all the work that’s going to be involved,” Adrienne says.

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