Many people become a fitness trainer after first getting in shape themselves, which is exactly what Nicci Robinson did. After she went through a huge physical transformation, she felt inspired to help others do the same. Now, she runs her own fitness business and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Here is her story.

“I felt unhealthy. I felt sluggish, lethargic, and I knew I needed to make a change,” Nicci said.

Her fitness journey began back in 2012 when she felt a desire to improve her physical health. She didn’t need to lose weight, but she just wanted to get in better shape and get stronger. At this point, she decided to get a gym membership and started doing cardio a few times a week. From there, she moved into weightlifting in order to gain muscle mass, inspired by the changes she saw in her body over the years.

The physical changes she saw boosted her motivation and willpower to keep going on the journey. However, she knew that getting in shape had a bigger purpose for her life. Little did she know at the time how many people she would inspire in the process.


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Paying it forward as a fitness trainer

“What inspires me is knowing that I get a chance to wake up every single day and become a better version of myself because I realize that we are all here on this planet, we’re here in life to help out each other,” Nicci said. “I definitely know that part of my purpose is to ensure that I’m helping out the next person become the better version of themselves.”

Now, she helps other people get in shape all over the world. You can find her workouts on an app called Fit Body, where she and three other fitness trainers offer various workout routines. You have access to custom workout plans, a macro calculator, monthly workout challenges, and more. The app also features registered dietitians to help people with meal plans and meeting their nutrition goals.

This is her way of giving back to the world and sharing her knowledge, motivation, and inspiration with others. She shows people that they can push past their limits and reach their highest potential, no matter their starting point.

“When my fitness journey started off, of course it was about me, but now I know that this is my purpose. It’s no longer about me, but it is about assisting and helping the fellow men out there become better versions of themselves, and I can only hope to keep inspiring whoever comes across my page to again, become better versions of themselves,” Nicci said.


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Some wise words from the fitness trainer who started off just like you

She offers some advice to anyone just starting their fitness journey, when it’s easy to compare yourself to others. You should always focus on being better than the person you were yesterday, as you’re your biggest competition.

“Don’t idolize a specific body type, just know that you are going to go through a process to become a better you. You’re not going to look like the next person; you’re going to look like the best version of you.”

Nicci also says to go at your own pace, and simply stay consistent on your journey. After all, you can’t become your best self overnight. It takes time and determination, along with trial and error, to reach your maximum potential.
“Just know that this is definitely a marathon, not a sprint, and just go at your own pace,” Nicci says. “Know that every day that you wake up is an opportunity to just go at it, start over, do better, and become a better you.”

Remember that you can begin a new chapter in your life no matter your circumstances. You can always start over, set new goals, and better yourself. You don’t need anyone’s permission; the only thing holding you back is your own limiting beliefs. The battle truly is in our own heads, as we can do anything we set our minds to.

“Be your own cheerleader. Be your best friend through this process, and just constantly hype yourself up. It is a journey; it’s not going to be overnight, but I promise you – the results will definitely be worth it.”


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Nicci says that you won’t just see the changes physically; you’ll notice your mental and emotional health improve as well. You will feel stronger all around, from deciding to take that first step to become a better you.

Commit to yourself, and watch your life change

“You’ll grow in so many different areas, so just be consistent. Keep going. Do not quit.”

Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step! So, you may start out by just walking on the treadmill. After you do this for a few weeks, maybe you’ll get the energy to run for a few minutes. Then, you’ll continue to build on this, perhaps starting a weight training regimen or taking some classes.

One small step leads to another, and eventually, you’ll look back to see how far you’ve come. You’ll have transformed inside and out, and not even recognize the person you were before. We can all do it; we all have what it takes – it’s just about believing it.

Final thoughts: Become the best version of yourself, and then help others

Nicci originally began her fitness journey because she wanted to become stronger and more fit. Now, she helps others do the same as a fitness trainer and motivator to all who cross her path. It will feel like moving mountains at first, but eventually, the changes you see will keep you going. You’ll look in the mirror one day and feel so proud of the man or woman you’ve become.

The only thing keeping you from reaching your highest potential is your belief about yourself. Remember that whatever you make up your mind to be, you are. So, if you want to get in shape, perhaps even becoming a fitness trainer like Nicci, you can do it! Just decide for yourself, and take action to become your best self.