Many people want to find balance between home and work, but few know how to make it happen. By finding ways to negotiate the thin line between work and play, you can improve your mental health. Plus, you can enjoy life and spend quality time with your loved ones once you master this balancing act.

Work-life balance typically comes down to how you feel about your schedule. Someone with the same schedule as you might feel content and energized while you feel guilty and stressed. It doesn’t matter what your schedule looks like, but how you approach it and react to it.

Work is an essential part of your life and often defines who you are and how you live. However, your home life is just as important (or more) as your work life. At home, you can make memories with your loved ones and spend time rediscovering who you are as you change and grow.

Fifteen Mantras to Help You Find Balance

Many people make their work-life balance more of a priority than their home life because they don’t know how to achieve that goal. These tips can help you find the balance you so desperately need. Save your peace of mind by finding a healthy balance between home and work.

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1. I don’t have to do everything right now.

When you want to do well at work and home, it’s easy to feel like you must do everything right now. Use this mantra to remember that you don’t have to attend every event or volunteer to work an extra shift. If you are doing your job well, you shouldn’t feel obligated to take on any additional responsibilities at work.

This mantra reaffirms that you don’t have to be there for every sports practice for your kids. You can sometimes skip a home-cooked meal in place of pizza, and you don’t have to volunteer for every event. If you’re there for the big things, you can miss some other things without feeling guilty.

2. I schedule my priorities so that I don’t lose balance.

As you use this affirmation, consider what is most important to you. If your home life is at the top of your list, make sure you schedule time for it. By scheduling this time, you can make sure you don’t overcommit to anything else.

Typically, your workday is pre-schedules, and you aim to work a certain number of hours. Think of your home life in the same terms. Your personal life is just as important as work, so prioritize and schedule lit the same way.

3. I don’t have to aim for perfection.

This mantra will help you remember that you don’t have to be perfect. If you aim for perfection, you’ll never feel satisfied with any area of your life. As long as you did your best, you can feel good about your effort.

4. I appreciate the process of finding a balance between home and work.

You likely won’t find balance overnight, and you’ll have to adjust along the way. Use this mantra to appreciate the obstacles along the way. If you can appreciate the process, you’ll stay motivated to keep trying.

Remember that as your life changes, your routines and schedules may change, as well. Make sure you find a new balance when this happens, as it is all part of the process.

5. I am a good parent and a good worker.

This statement reaffirms that you don’t have to choose between work and family. Many people feel like they must pick one, but you can be good at both.

Use this affirmation to stop feeling like you must separate your roles. Think of yourself as both a good parent and a good worker equally.

6. I have people that care about me and want to spend time together.

Work might sometimes pull you away from your loved ones, disrupting your life balance. This affirmation serves as a reminder of all the people that care about you and want to see you. As you use this affirmation, you’ll find yourself wanting to reach out and plan time together.

7. I desire the joys of life, and I adjust my day to allow for it.

It’s easy to tell yourself that you don’t need to take time for joy in your life when work gets busy. This affirmation helps you adjust your day to allow for moments of happiness even amidst the stress. Don’t miss out on joy because you’re spending all your time working.

find balance
8. I make choices that allow for balance in my life.

You are in control of your life, and your balance depends on the choices that you make. Every time you choose to work late, you miss out on your home life. Likewise, when you take extra time at home, your work-life suffers.

Either way, you make choices that determine your balance between home and work. If you prioritize one over the other, you’ll choose that option more often. However, if you prioritize both equally, you can find balance to make both areas work.

9. I balance the ebbs and flows of life.

As much as you can hope for each day to be perfect, they won’t all work out that way. Life is full of ups and downs, and learning to adjust to the unexpected can help reinforce your home and work balance.

Sometimes, you could work a little extra to accommodate taking time off for leisure. If you know a busy time at work is coming up, you could plan some extra fun before that time begins. Thinking long-term can help you maintain a healthy balance between work and home, as you can accommodate changes.

10. I create balance without waiting for others to make it possible for me.

You can’t wait for other people to create your balance between home and work. It’s tempting to blame your employer for the lack of balance, but it is up to you to find balance. Adjust your life to create the balance you want, and take ownership when you notice it isn’t working.

This affirmation helps you take control of the situation and make the necessary changes. When you remember that it is up to you to create the balance, you’ll find that it quickly starts to take form.

11. I know that working hard doesn’t mean working more.

You can be a hard worker without putting in tons of overtime. Many people believe that working hard means working long hours, but that isn’t always true.

If you can prioritize well, work efficiently, and stay focused as you work, you can get more done in less time. This affirmation can help you stay motivated efficient so that you can spend some time at home.

12. I set boundaries that allow for a better balance between home and work.

If you’re nervous about setting boundaries in your life, use this affirmation to build courage. Setting boundaries can make all the difference in maintaining a balance between home and work.

If the people in your life know when your working hours are, they can respect that time and allow you to work. Likewise, if your employer knows when you have family time, they’ll understand that you are not available for more work. If anyone in your life tries to cross your boundaries, a firm reminder should do the trick, and they likely won’t try again.

13. I am steady and focused on my life to accomplish the things that need to get done.

Maintaining a healthy balance between home and work requires that you stay focused. Get your work done so you can focus on your family or home life. Use this affirmation to remain focused and work steadily throughout the day, so you have free time later.

14. I let go of guilt because I’m doing the best I can.

No one is perfect, including you, and you shouldn’t feel like you must be. Don’t feel guilty when you mess up, forget about something, or miss a meeting.

You can’t always make it to every event at the school, and you might not make every work meeting. Don’t feel guilty about any of these things because you are trying your best. This affirmation can help you release the negative feelings and help you feel more comfortable with your life balance.

15. I make time for the things that are important to me.

You won’t get or find more time in your busy life. Instead, reprioritize your time and ensure you plan for self-care and bonding with loves ones. You need this time if you want to find a balance that works.

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Final Thoughts on Mantras to Help You Find Balance Between Home and Work

It can be hard to find balance when you want to be a hard worker and still have time for yourself and your loved ones. These affirmations can help you prioritize both parts of your life, allowing you to be good at both.

If you can find balance between home and work, you’ll realize that you improve in both areas of your life, too. Finding a balance in your life is essential, and you’ll quickly become happier and feel fulfilled.