As humans, we want to be social and interact with others. Because of that, when you find yourself alone, you might start feeling lonely. When you think this way, reading quotes about loneliness can help you embrace your time alone.

These quotes will help you cope with feeling lonely and isolated. The words will help you appreciate being alone as you learn to embrace these moments in your life. Even when you’re alone, you’re still connected to everything else because you are part of the universe.

Loneliness comes from feeling a lack of connection to anything or anyone. You might feel like there is nothing positive in your life, and even being surrounded by people doesn’t help. If you can remember that you’re never truly alone because you always have yourself, you’ll stop feeling lonely.

Twenty Quotes to Read Whenever You’re Feeling Lonely

Loneliness is a feeling, and you can choose the way you want to feel. Rather than giving in to the feeling, embrace the chance to know yourself better. With the help of these quotes, you can learn to love being lonely, and you’ll find happiness and peace in solitude.

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1. “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” – Maya Angelou

When you feel lonely, turn to music to find solace. As you listen to the music and allow your body to feel the beat, you’ll find that the loneliness eases. Choose whatever music brings you the most peace, and pay attention to the way it makes you feel.

2. “People think being alone makes you lonely, but I don’t think that’s true. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.” – Kim Culbertson

Even surrounded by people, you can still be lonely. Without meaningful, fulfilling relationships, you’ll feel disconnected no matter how many people are present. If you experience this situation, consider finding new people to spend your time with.

Additionally, learn to enjoy time alone rather than wasting time with people who don’t bring meaning to your life. Spend that time getting to know yourself because if you love yourself, you’ll never feel lonely.

3. “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” – Wayne Dyer

You’ll be lonely anywhere if you don’t like the person that you’re with. Learn to enjoy yourself, and you’ll never experience loneliness. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll have your own company.

4. “Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.” – Henry Rollins

As Rollins explains, loneliness can bring beauty to your life. You’ll look at things differently and learn to appreciate life in a new way. When you’re alone, you can embrace all the small things that you might overlook in the presence of others.

5. “The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

You can see beauty all around you when you walk alone. Embrace the solitude and learn to find a connection to the universe. A beautiful soul manifests from doing things on your own sometimes.

6. “I am stronger than depression, and I am braver than loneliness, and nothing will ever exhaust me.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

You can use this quote from Gilbert as an affirmation for overcoming loneliness. When you remember that you’re stronger than anything you’re feeling, you’ll feel empowered. You won’t feel bogged down by it, and you’ll learn to find peace in solitude.

7. “If you learn to really sit with loneliness and embrace it for the gift that it is… an opportunity to get to know you, to learn how strong you really are, to depend on no one but you for your happiness… you will realize that a little loneliness goes a long way in creating a richer, deeper, more vibrant and colorful you.” – Mandy Hale

Teach yourself that loneliness is a gift, and you’ll learn to embrace it. You can use the time to get to know yourself better and to see your inner strength.

By embracing time alone, you’ll learn to depend on yourself for happiness. Plus, you’ll see that loneliness helps you find your best self and allows you to improve your skillset.

8. “Sometimes you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being yourself.” – Anonymous

Being alone is essential if you want to be yourself. When you’re by yourself, you can get in touch with your inner-most thoughts and feelings. You can do all of the things you enjoy doing or relax and allow yourself to recuperate.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do during your time alone. Just make sure it’s something that allows you to feel most connected to yourself.

9. “But your solitude will be a support and a home for you, even in the midst of very unfamiliar circumstances, and from it, you will find all your paths.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

If you can embrace it, then your solitude will be a way to support yourself. No matter what is going on around you, you can find familiarity within. When you’re this comfortable with yourself, you’ll always find a way to move forward and find comfort.

10. “To live a spiritual life, we must first find the courage to enter into the desert of our loneliness and to change it by gentle and persistent efforts into a garden of solitude.” – Henri J.M. Nouwen

You can’t be afraid of loneliness if you want to get in touch with your inner spirit. If you can embrace loneliness and find positive ways to overcome it, you’ll learn to love it. Along the way, you’ll learn and rediscover many things about yourself.

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11. “A season of loneliness and isolation is when the caterpillar gets its wings. Remember that next time you feel alone.” – Mandy Hale

When you’re feeling lonely, remember that this is a time of growth and independence. You’re learning to do things for yourself, and you’re turning into the beautiful person you should be.

If you can remember this quote the next time you feel lonely, you can change your mindset. Then, you’ll begin to look for and recognize the good things in your life as you develop into a better person.

12. “But many of us seek community solely to escape the fear of being alone. Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.” – Bell Hooks

If you’re spending time with people that don’t bring meaning to your life, then ask yourself why. Don’t spend time with people only to avoid loneliness. Learn to enjoy being alone, and then you can spend time with people by choice rather than as a way to escape.

13. “I had already found that it was not good to be alone, and so made companionship with what there was around me, sometimes with the universe and sometimes with my own insignificant self; but my books were always my friends, let fail all else.” – Joshua Slocum

You don’t have to be alone if you learn to enjoy your own company. Become one with the universe and work on finding yourself.

If you still struggle to overcome loneliness, turn to a book for comfort and company. You can never go wrong with a good book to take your mind off of your life problems.

14. “If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself.” – Paulo Coelho

Even when you try to be yourself around others, you’re never entirely free from their influence. In subtle ways, you’re different than you would be if you were alone. Plus, it’s harder to see what you want and need in life when you’re always with other people.

Once you spend time alone, you begin to know yourself honestly. You’ll have a chance to let loose and embrace your individuality.

15. “If you are alone, you belong entirely to yourself. If you are accompanied by even one companion, you belong only half to yourself or even less in proportion to the thoughtlessness of his conduct, and if you have more than one companion, you will fall more deeply into the same plight.” – Leonardo da Vinci

When you’re alone, you don’t have to worry about anyone else. You can do whatever you want or need without having to ask others or bring them along. Even when you spend your time with one other person, part of you is with them.

When part of you is with another person, your thoughts will be with them, too. You won’t see all of the beauty around you, and you won’t be able to think as thoughtfully. The more people you have in your presence, the more of you that gets taken away.

16. “We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore, starved for meditation and true friendship.” – C.S. Lewis

Even as you want socialization and companionship, you need some time for solitude. Spending time in private silence can make all the difference in your life. Only with silence and privacy can you meditate and find your way to true friendship.

17. “When you’re surrounded by all these people, it can be lonelier than when you’re by yourself. You can be in a huge crowd, but if you don’t feel like you can trust anyone or talk to anybody, you feel like you’re really alone.” – Fiona Apple

You must find relationships that involve trust if you want to ease your lonely feelings. Being alone is better than being surrounded by people that don’t make your life feel meaningful.

18. “Sometimes you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone to experience, appreciate, and love yourself.” – Robert Tew

Spending time alone can help you find yourself. You’ll learn to appreciate and love the things that make you who you are. This experience can only happen in solitude, so embrace that time alone and push away your negative thoughts.

19. “In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” – Rollo May

When you’re in solitude, you can open yourself up to creativity. Your thoughts will improve, and you’ll find new ways to get things done. Plus, you can come up with your best ideas when alone if you can overcome feeling lonely.

20. “I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.” – Audrey Hepburn

Spending time alone can help you recharge and refuel. You’ll have more energy and will find that you can focus better, too.

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Final Thoughts on Quotes to Read Whenever You’re Feeling Lonely

Being alone doesn’t have to lead to feeling lonely. You can avoid loneliness or overcome it by reading these quotes. Everyone has experienced loneliness at some point, so follow the advice of others.

These quotes to ready whenever you’re feeling lonely will remind you that you’re never truly alone. You’ll find that you can embrace life and love yourself more by learning to overcome loneliness.