We all experience our fair share of failing at something — it’s practically inevitable. After all, if you don’t go through failure, you don’t grow or learn from your mistakes. They say the path to success is paved with countless missteps and detours. So, if you fall off the wagon a few times, please don’t judge yourself too harshly–you are struggling, but you can overcome the current challenge.

Beating yourself up about mistakes gets you nowhere and will only lower your self-esteem. Life has many ups and downs, but the key lies in how you handle the rollercoaster ride. If you can keep a balanced mind despite success or failure, you’ve already won the game.

Mental equanimity ensures that nothing in life can touch you because you know all people, experiences, and ideas eventually fade. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to attach yourself or your emotions to the fleeting pictures on the screen of consciousness. If that sounds too deep, we’ll make it simple for you.

Nothing in life is permanent, so it balances itself out whether you’re failing or winning. So, if you can maintain a composed attitude about every experience, your struggles won’t seem so painful. Of course, it’s easier said than done to remain inwardly calm despite the chaos outside.

5 Things That Prove You’re Struggling, But Not Failing (hang on!)

If you’re not a seasoned yogi or meditator, you will inevitably experience suffering at some point. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re failing at life. We encourage you below if you’ve felt insecure or hopeless lately.


1.  Struggling means you will always get back up and try again.

Whether you’re struggling or failing at something, it’s a sign of inner growth when you don’t give up. If you keep fighting for what you believe in or wish to achieve, you will succeed. The only difference between people who accomplish or fail at something lies in their persistence.

Talking to any successful person will make you see that they didn’t get there overnight. It takes countless hours of dedication and sheer willpower to achieve anything worthwhile. As long as you get back on the horse when you fall, you’re doing well in life. We find our true selves in the struggle, so we never feel afraid to jump in the fire. Failing happens only when we don’t believe in ourselves enough to step outside our comfort zone.

2. You stay true to yourself even when the road seems unclear.

As they say, the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. As long as you remain true to your heart even when the future seems uncertain, you have already found success. Society constantly tries to dictate how we should act, what career we should have, and even what we should think.

However, the highest knowledge always comes from within, but only some are brave enough to follow their intuition. You’ve already won if you have learned to listen to your heart above all else. You may still encounter struggles and obstacles, but that doesn’t equal failure. Walking your own path requires great courage, so you should feel proud of yourself for making that choice.

3. You are not failing if you give 100% in everything you do.


No matter your profession, you give everything you have to do the task. You may not do everything perfectly, but you still try your best to serve society honorably. Of course, no one feels passionate about their job every day, but the show must go on.

Showing up daily and giving your all, even when you’re struggling, is a testament to your willpower. So, don’t feel like you’re failing just because you don’t feel enthusiastic about work all the time. Hardly anyone does, but they still deserve credit for trying their best. Remember that you’re enough, even if you don’t always see it.

4. You’ve prioritized self-care over other responsibilities.

Scaling back your responsibilities may sound like you’re failing, but it points to the opposite. Society makes it seem like we must be productive 24/7 to remain relevant, upstanding citizens. However, focusing so much on the outer world without caring for our inner selves creates an imbalance. That’s why the world often seems rushed and hectic: we never slow down enough to hear our inner voices.

However, consider that a massive victory if you’ve been brave and honest enough to prioritize yourself. The world can wait, but your soul can’t. When you feel lost or overwhelmed, it’s a sign you need to tune into yourself and put other responsibilities aside for a while.

5. You don’t run from painful experiences.

In this world, no one can escape pain at one point or another. However, whether you suffer after encountering an unpleasant experience is a choice. As we said earlier, we live in a dualistic world, meaning darkness and light co-occur. You can’t have pleasure without pain, after all.

However, the difference between struggling and failing is in your approach to this dichotomous reality. It’s a sign of strength if you can face pain instead of constantly running from it. Those who walk through the fire with a balanced mind and heart full of love will realize their true nature. Just like a diamond needs pressure to form, we also require obstacles to become our highest selves.


Final Thoughts on Signs You’re Not Failing In Life

Many fear failing because they don’t measure up to the person beside them. Unfortunately, society often teaches the wrong ideas about success and happiness in today’s world. The only lasting success lies in the soul, not material things or accomplishments.

So, please don’t look down on yourself if you live a simple life without many possessions. As long as you feel peace and joy within yourself, that’s all that truly matters. Failing only happens when we don’t listen to our intuition and give our power away to others. If you stay true to your heart and don’t compromise your values for others, that’s the ultimate achievement.