When you’re in a relationship, it’s sometimes hard to see the signs that it’s failing. The people around you usually see it first, but you can see it, too, if you know what to look for. Understanding the signs of a failing relationship can help you get out of it before things worsen.

Relationships might not seem complicated on the surface, but many subtle actions indicate issues. When relationships seem perfect, you can guarantee problems are going on when no one is looking. The same is likely true for your relationship because the last thing you want to do is share your relationship problems with everyone.

However, you know what is happening in your relationship to watch for the signs. These signs that reveal a failing relationship can help you decide what will be best for both of you. Plus, you’ll see what’s truly going on within your relationship.

You might notice that your partner is acting differently than they used to, or negative energy is present. While it’s normal for people to change, they shouldn’t treat you differently. Pay attention to the changes and see if they are on this list of signs that reveal a failing relationship.

Fifteen Body Language Cues That Reveal a Failing Relationship

Constantly arguing, having affairs, or generally being unhappy are apparent signs, but there are many other indicators, too. The symptoms typically start before the more obvious signs, allowing you to catch them early on.

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1. There’s Physical Distance in a Failing Relationship

If your partner leans away from you when you’re together, it’s a sign that the relationship isn’t going well anymore. When you feel emotionally close to someone, it shows through physical closeness, so it’s a sign that something has shifted. It’s a subtle sign, but leaning away from one another is an obvious sign.

Additionally, they might do anything they can to put some distance between you. If your partner keeps their distance and doesn’t interact with you, it shows that they don’t want to be there.

2. A Parnter in a Failing Relationship Will Keep Their Hands in Their Pockets

When someone hides their hands while conversing, it’s a sign that they hide something from you. Dishonesty makes people want to keep their hands hidden and still so that they don’t give anything away. It’s their barrier from sharing their true feelings or telling the truth.

Additionally, hiding their hands shows that they don’t want physical contact. Please don’t ignore it when you’re sitting next to each other and they make sure their hands are unavailable.

3. They Sigh When You’re Around

Signs can come through in someone’s voice and intonations instead of only through physical movement. When your partner often sighs, pauses, or sits silently, it indicates deeper issues.

4. They Point Their Feet Away from You

When you talk to your partner, watch for which way their feet face. Even if you’re sitting down, the position of their feet can tell you all you need to know. If they consistently turn their feet away from you when speaking, it shows that they’re losing interest.

They might still turn their head toward you, but they’re only being polite. Their feet will show you when that is the case, allowing you to reveal a failing relationship.

5. They Fake Smile in a Failing Relationship

People in happy and healthy relationships don’t have to fake smiles at one another. If your partner fake smiles at you, it’s a sign the relationship might not last much longer. Their smile should reach their eyes, and if it doesn’t, you should pay attention to the way things are going.

6. You No Longer Do Nice Things for Each Other

When your relationship is going well, you’ll always want to do nice things for one another. However, once things start going wrong, you won’t notice the kind gestures anymore. Making each other happy won’t be at the top of the list, which is never a good sign.

Doing nice things for one another doesn’t mean you have to buy gifts. Instead, small acts of kindness don’t have to cost a thing. Think back to the beginning of the relationship and what you did for each other. Those actions should continue throughout a happy relationship.

7. Your Partner Rolls Their Eyes, and Their Eye Contact Is Off

If your partner takes to rolling their eyes at you when you speak, it’s a sign of disrespect and a failing relationship. They aren’t taking what you say seriously, indicating different desires and needs. If it only happens once, it isn’t a sure sign, but when it happens regularly, it’s a problem.

However, if you are the one rolling your eyes at your partner, you have some thinking to do. Ask yourself why you’re taking the things your partner says so lightly. If you aren’t on the same page anymore, it might be time to end things.

Additionally, a lack of eye contact indicates the same thing. It shows a lack of respect and an undesirable feeling not wanting to converse. Not making eye contact also shows that someone is lying or feels emotionally disconnected.

8. Someone in a Failing Relationship Might Cross Their Legs or Arms

When conversing with your partner, pay attention to if they cross their legs or arms. If they cross their legs, it shows that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally closed off. It isn’t an intentional reaction, so it indeed reveals how they feel.

If your partner crosses their arms, it shows a lack of trust and that things aren’t going well anymore. They will subconsciously cover their stomach area, which is a vulnerable space to expose to others. It shows their guard is up, and they no longer desire intimacy.

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9. They Move Away When You Try to Touch Them

If your partner moves their hand away when trying to hold it, don’t assume it was an accident. One instance indicates an accident, but it’s a sign of something more when it happens all the time. They might shy away from holding your hand in public or at home because they’re developing feelings of resentment.

Your partner might also shy away from you no matter how you try to touch them. If you hug them, they might pull out or tense up. Anytime they seem to pull away from your touch, it could indicate a failing relationship.

10. They Gesture With Their Left Hand

Surprisingly, the hand someone uses to gesture with tells us quite a bit about their mindset. If your partner uses their left hand, it indicates that they are uncomfortable with the conversation. Additionally, if they rub their eye with their left hand, it’s because they don’t want you to pay full attention to what they’re saying. It shows that they might be lying to you about something.

11. They Continually Bite Their Lips

Your partner might attempt to cover up their true feelings, but continually biting their lips can give them away. It shows that they are nervous or uncomfortable and could mean they are holding something back.

You might also notice that your partner purses or licks their lips frequently. These subtle signs indicate nervousness, anxiety, dishonesty, or aggression. If you recognize these things often, you might want to start questioning your relationship.

12. Their Embraces are Unenthusiastic in a Failing Relationship

If the way your partner kisses and hugs you is different than it used to be, don’t ignore it. The difference could be a sign that the relationship has shifted and is on rocky terms. Their hugs and kisses won’t only be different, but they’ll also be much shorter than in the past.

The less your partner touches you, the more withdrawn they have become in the relationship. It shows that they don’t want to touch you but feel obligated to do so. Another sign of unenthusiastic embraces is if they keep their elbows locked. They do this to make as little contact as possible and resist a full embrace.

13. They Keep Their Distance When Walking with You

It doesn’t seem like walking together if your partner isn’t near you when you walk with them. However, they will do whatever they can to put distance between the two of you.

Your partner might walk fast without stopping to let you catch up. Or, they’ll walk slow and keep letting you get ahead of them. It shows that they don’t feel any romantic connection to you anymore.

14. Someone in a Failing Relationship Will Not Give You Undivided Attention

If your partner does anything to avoid giving you attention, it’s a bad sign for your relationship. They might constantly check their phone, even during serious conversations.

Sometimes they’ll be texting someone else, or they’ll be looking at YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. No matter what they’re doing to divert their attention, it’s a sign of a failing relationship.

15. Their Pupils No Longer Dilate When They See You

Studies show that pupils dilate when they see someone they are attracted to. Dilated pupils indicate sexual arousal, so it’s a beneficial way to tell if your relationship is failing. If your partner’s eyes no longer widen, it likely means they don’t feel the same way about you anymore.

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Final Thoughts on Body Language Cues That Reveal a Failing Relationship

Many signs indicate a failing relationship, and identifying them can help you get through it. You can either decide to end the relationship or find a way to fix it. Remember that sometimes relationships aren’t repairable, and it’s best to move on.

These signs can tell you everything you need to know about your relationship. You know when things are different, and these signs will help you pinpoint it.