Some people think they must set low expectations in a relationship for some strange reason. That, if you get your hopes up, that only sets you up for disappointment. Or that you shouldn’t hold your partner to specific standards, as that might pressure them.

While some expectations might be unhealthy and might force your partner to change when they shouldn’t, most aren’t like that. Of course, if you expect to marry a billionaire, that’s unrealistic and will significantly narrow your choices. However, healthy expectations will help protect you from exploitation and abusive tendencies.

They will create a clear image of what you want and guide you when looking for a partner. They help you enter better relationships, and if you’re already in a relationship, they help strengthen it.

10 Expectations That Can Strengthen Your Relationship

So, what are the ten expectations you should consider when strengthening relationships?


1.    Expections of Good Communication

If you’ve never been in a healthy relationship, or any relationship at all, you might not realize how important communication is. And most people are indifferent when it comes to valuing communication.

But communication is the core of any strong relationship. And most people don’t even fully understand what communication is. It is not limited to talking. You could talk to your partner all day without actually communicating. When two people communicate, they share their thoughts, feelings, issues, and insecurities. And, while one person shares, the other one listens.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of communication. If all you and your partner talk about is their life, but never yours, that’s a red flag. Or, if you have dry conversations, something has to be changed. Look for someone who will actively listen when you need them to and who will share thoughts and feelings with you.

But don’t push them to share things they’re not ready to share. Please pay attention to how they express themselves and adapt to their needs. Always make sure both of you feel understood and heard.

2.    Expect Space

When you first get into a relationship, you might think you must spend every second of the day with the other person. That’s not necessarily the case. Every person and couple is different. Some people prefer to be alone most of the time, while others thrive around people. But everyone needs a little space from time to time.

Personal space is more important than you might think. When dealing with something, you often need to be alone and reflect. And if your partner gets upset when you need to be alone, that’s a dysfunctional relationship. It would help if you never were made to feel bad for not hanging out with someone. It’s not your duty to be with the other person every second of every day.

You have to look for someone who will give you the space you need when you ask for it. Expecting to have space will remind you to stop sacrificing your well-being to be with the other.

3.    Expect Boundaries

Just because you are with someone doesn’t mean they own you. And, they aren’t entitled to do anything they want with you. But most people are too afraid of pushing the other person away if they ask for boundaries. If someone distances themselves from you when faced with limitations, they aren’t the one.

Boundaries are necessary for any strong relationship. They show what each person is comfortable with and where their limits are. If you have some guidelines in a relationship, you will avoid pushing the other person. They also protect your own needs and well-being. Let the other person know what sets you off if you want to avoid petty fights and unnecessary tensions. When you create expectations for boundaries, you will no longer avoid enforcing them.

4.    Expections for Affection

If you want to ensure you and your partner won’t drift apart, you must keep being affectionate as long as you’re together. People expect that, as time passes, affection will become sporadic. But that’s not how it should be. And it would be best if you never settled for a relationship without affection.

The whole point is to feel loved, protected and understood. And, just hearing that you are loved is not enough. Actions matter more than words. They proved that the other cares about you. And it would be best if you also showed them affection through action.

Even though some people are inherently less affectionate than others, that doesn’t mean they show none at all. And, if you settle for someone who is all talk but no show, you won’t be happy. So, expect and ask for affection when you need it.

5.    Expect Intimacy

Every strong relationship needs to keep its spark alive. And, the best way to nurture that flame is through intimacy, whether physical or emotional. As time passes, people start thinking that it’s ok if all they do together is eat and sleep after a long work day. But that’s not a relationship. That’s merely cohabitating. Every couple needs to spend the time allocated just for the two of them.

Go on dates, take a walk through the park, and share your thoughts and feelings. Just be present and enjoy the simple things. You should always expect your relationship to look like this. Search for someone who will make you feel special who will always make time for intimacy. This expectation will allow you to look past simple crushes and prioritize that special emotional and physical connection.


6.    Expectations for Validation of Your Feelings

Your significant other should always try to understand your perspective. They should be on your team even if they don’t wholly agree with you all the time. And you should be on theirs. Most people don’t expect to find someone like this, so they settle for someone who will fight against them.

But you can’t thrive in a relationship unless you feel validated. Don’t expect or accept mistreatment from your partner. If you do, you are just setting yourself up for failure. You should look for validation when deciding to enter a relationship. Do they try to see your perspective? Do they support you in the pursuit of your dreams? Finally, do they acknowledge the things you do for them? If the answer is yes, you’ve found someone worthwhile.

7.    Expect Accountability

You should always set expectations that your partner will be accountable if they mess something up. If you settle for someone who always tries to blame things on you, your relationship will not last. Accountability is vital for ensuring everyone involved tries their best to limit mistakes. Without accountability, you risk being exploited or just having fought all the time.

It would help with someone being aware of how their actions affect you. If they don’t, you risk falling into a negative cycle. If they always blame you, you will end up being the one who puts in all the effort while the other takes. Responsible behavior is something you need to look for in a potential partner. And you should be ready to offer it.

8.    Expectations of Autonomy

When you choose to share your life with someone, it doesn’t mean you have to share everything. And it would be best if you didn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You always need to keep some sense of self as the relationship evolves.

As you spend more and more time with someone, you’re expected to become more similar. But you always need to remember that you are your person. And you need someone who will allow you to keep some individuality. Look for someone who will support your interests. Some toxic partners might try to keep you away from your hobbies and friends.

They might only allow you to have the same friends or interests they have. Or they might try to make you share possessions. Don’t settle for someone like that. Expect someone who will be happy when you keep your autonomy.

9.    Expect Trust

Love is not enough to keep a relationship going. Sometimes, trust matters even more than feelings. When you trust someone, and they trust you, you feel secure. This helps you get through challenging moments, fights, and disagreements.

You need to set an expectation that your partner will show you the trust you deserve. And it would be best if you were ready to trust them too. That doesn’t mean you should trust anyone. Trust should be cultivated over time.

But, if you’ve been with someone for a long time, and they still accuse you of lying or other things, that’s a red flag. And you shouldn’t welcome someone who won’t give you the trust you deserve in your life.

10. Expect To Be Prioritised

When people think of prioritizing a person, they automatically assume that it means making their life about them. But that’s not how prioritization works. A healthy relationship will consist of people who know that they should focus on themselves. But, when the other person needs them, they should make sacrifices to help them out.

You need to know that you matter, and your partner will do what they can to meet your needs. That doesn’t mean shutting everyone else out of their life. You need to have other connections still while still making your romantic one a priority.

For example, if your partner is going through a depressive episode, be there for them. Even if you might be out with friends, you can drop that to be by your partner’s side.


Final Thoughts On Some Expectations That Strengthen Relationships  

No matter why people around you might tell you, expectations are not a bad thing in a relationship. Indeed, expectations are beneficial and even necessary for a strong connection. And, if you have the right expectations, you will find a perfect person for you.

When you create expectations, don’t be outrageous. Be reasonable, and don’t force your partner to change to meet your expectations. But there are some things that you need to expect. Otherwise, you risk being taken advantage of. Expect kindness, trust, accountability, and space. Create the boundaries to ensure you and your partner feel safe and loved.