Could we achieve world peace if everyone meditated at the same time?
Would we love unconditionally?
Could we unlock the mysteries of the universe?
Could we tap into our psychic potential?
What if we could solve all the problems of the world just by collectively meditating at the same time?

We are human sentient beings who have been gifted with consciousness. Our consciousness is a tremendous force, power, and tool that we can chose how to use. When we meditate, we calm the clutter of our consciousness and find the core of our truth.

Meditation helps you reveal the wisdom of your soul. Your own truth lies hidden until you are able to be still and see inside yourself. With meditation you can connect to your higher purpose, your guiding spirit, and your essence.

If all of this sounds perfectly wonderful to you, you can read about more good news in our article Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Meditate. Now let’s look at what would happen if everyone meditated at the same time.

Here’s What Would Happen If Everyone Meditated At The Same Time

We become aware

Awareness of self is one thing, but awareness of how your actions impact others, awareness of others’ needs, and awareness of a world full of humans that share so much in common is available to us in a meditative state. If everyone meditated at the same time, we would reveal these truths to ourselves.

When we meditate, we eliminate selfishness and greed. When we are calm and at peace with ourselves, we know that we are enough. We have enough. We no longer need that new purse or cell phone.

Our awareness of our emotional state becomes clear. We can sense and eliminate tension in our bodies. We can eliminate negative or defeating thoughts. When we have done this for ourselves, we are able to give more to others, knowing that inside, we have all that we need.

We can eliminate crime and create a more peaceful world

Researchers found that crime could be lowered if less than 1% of the population meditated. A town in England where Transcendental Meditation was taught and practiced was studied for their relative crime rate to those who meditated.

Over a five year period, the crime rate went from being the third highest to the lowest of the eleven metropolitan areas studied. If we can reduce crime through meditation, perhaps world peace is within our reach.

We can pick the winning lottery numbers

No, really, there has been research on the ability of group meditation to make statistically significant changes in a random number generator, which is basically what the lottery uses to choose the winning numbers. Group consciousness working toward a common goal can change what computers do.

In a study of the effect of human intention and human/machine interactions on a random number generator, a group practicing transcendental meditation was found to have a significant effect on the performance of the machine. In other words, meditation caused the machine to produce different results than it would have if the meditation influence was not present.

The fact that vibrations from meditative focus can cause unexplained changes in machinery is a little strange. But the fact that we have this potential power is incredible.

These changes have also been measured during other group gatherings; during a silent prayer, full moon ceremonies, sacred sites in Egypt, and a prayer vigil. The researchers say that “Meditation involving a large number of people worldwide practicing an assortment of types of envisioning, prayer and meditations at the same time reached significance.”

The Global Consciousness Project has Random Number Generators (RNGs) at various places worldwide and they post results of these monitoring stations after significant world events. For example, you can see the effect that the Paris terror attack had on the RNGs through this link.

We learn our higher purpose

Have you ever felt that you were meant for something more? Fulfilling your life?s work before you leave this earthly life is a goal that we all hope to achieve.

Do you even know what your higher purpose is? What were you put on this Earth to do with your life? When you are ready to seek your destiny, read our guide to 9 Ways to Reconnect With Your Higher Self. Hint: Meditation plays a key role in revealing your higher purpose.

If we all knew our higher purpose and were all seeking fulfillment, we would be achieving more than we are now. None of us would be sitting for hours on end in cubicles pushing paper around while our destiny is waiting for us.

Now imagine millions of people working together to accomplish shared goals. Our capacity to focus would be greater, and our mood and energy would be higher. If everyone meditated at the same time, we would unleash the power of supermen and superwomen on the world.

We connect with the divine

You may not be a person of faith, but there are billions of people on this planet who are. There are approximately 2.2 billion Christians, 1.6 billion Muslims, 1 billion Hindus, 500 million Buddhists, 400 million followers of folk or traditional religions, and 14 million Jews.

Many of our diverse faiths have similar beliefs, messages, and lessons. Connecting those who think they are enemies based on their religion by the common bond of love, belief in a divine presence, and kindness to others would be a wonderful achievement for everyone meditating at the same time.

If you haven’t given faith much thought lately, read our guide on 5 Reasons We Need to Take Faith More Seriously. Faith is a deeply personal journey, but it is one that you share in common with so many other people.

When you meditate as a believer in the divine, you can find that spark of life within yourself that was put there by your creator. You know with certainty that a divine force made your spirit to live full of peaceful love here and now at this moment.