It’s like finding a needle in a haystack when encountering an enlightened man. They’re a rare breed in our world, so you should consider yourself lucky if you’ve met one of these beautiful souls. Enlightenment traditionally means being free from the cycles of birth and death, or samsara, in Sanskrit.

However, it can also refer to having a spiritual or emotional awakening that alters your perspective. Someone who goes through a dark night of the soul will often feel like a new person after shedding layers of their ego.

They may have more karma to work out on Earth, but they have evolved and matured in their current incarnation. An enlightened man will often see the world differently and have a more open, compassionate mindset.

He also will have a clear vision of what he wants in life and won’t settle for less. However, he won’t cut others down to feel taller or more successful, as he’s too humble to act maliciously. A sophisticated, intelligent man helps others on their journey while he traverses his path. He’s also optimistic and tries to see the silver lining in all situations.

If you’re in a relationship with an awakened soul, he will have so much love and wisdom to offer. You’re sure to become your best self and learn something from an exceptional man like this by your side.

But how can you know if you’re dating one of these unique souls? Make sure to look out for the following signs of an illuminated man.

NOTE: If you seek information on the signs of an awakened woman, we cover those traits in a separate article.

5 Signs You’re Dating an Enlightened Man

enlightened man

1.  An enlightened man prioritizes spiritual and emotional development.

A critical difference between an enlightened and an average man is his desire to improve himself consistently. Men who want to become the best version of themselves never feel comfortable with complacency. They always strive to acquire more knowledge and seek the truth in their souls instead of looking elsewhere. If you’re in a relationship with someone who yearns to find the ultimate answers in life, it’s a sign you’ve met a highly spiritual man.

He probably practices yoga or meditation to cleanse his spirit and feel connected to his higher self. These spiritual practices also allow him to experience deeper emotions and develop closer relationships with people. Since he knows himself on a higher plane, he can give more love, affection, and compassion in his platonic and romantic relationships.

2. He cares deeply about the well-being and happiness of others.

An enlightened man will have a pure, beautiful soul and see others’ happiness as an extension of his. In other words, an illuminated man knows that the separation between himself and others is merely an illusion. Therefore, he cares about life beyond his physical body and tries to help people whenever possible.

He values connections with others and talks to everyone he meets, even if only for a few minutes. An enlightened man has no selfish motives and tries to create positive karma by carrying out the universal will. He puts aside ideas of personal gain and does his best to make a difference with his limited time on Earth. When you’re in a relationship with an enlightened man, he’ll have a warm, uplifting energy and put everyone around him at ease.

You’ll know you’re in a relationship with a high-caliber man by how he treats others, including you. His beautiful soul will shine through his eyes, and you will feel rejuvenated and peaceful in his presence.

3. An enlightened man forms his own beliefs and opinions.

enlightened man

While a spiritually evolved man may seem headstrong, he doesn’t mean to come off that way. He stands behind his convictions and doesn’t waver, even if no one else agrees. He’s comfortable in his skin and doesn’t need validation from anyone else. That sets him apart from others who may cave under peer pressure or follow trends just to become popular.

He stays in his lane and doesn’t worry about what others think or say behind his back. The enlightened man may seem unconventional and strange compared to others in the modern world, but he follows his heart. When you’re in a relationship with an awakened soul, it will seem like a breath of fresh air.

He won’t attempt to change your opinions because he’s evolved enough to accept them, even if he disagrees. These rare souls see the beauty in diversity and understand the importance of keeping an open mind. He also won’t get defensive or interrupt you when you talk because he knows active listening strengthens relationships.

4. He practices gratitude and mindfulness.

While typical male behavior encourages ambition, dominance, and power, the enlightened male doesn’t follow the crowd. He seeks inner peace instead of outward success and egotistical activities that only create more problems in his life. Even if he enjoys a prestigious career, he remains humble and focuses on serving others. The evolved man isn’t greedy and expresses gratitude for everything the universe provides for him.

Instead of living in the past or present, he accepts the current moment and feels content in any situation. This attitude helps him maintain mental equanimity and ensures he can withstand life’s many tests. If you’re in a relationship with an enlightened man, he will show gratitude often for having you in his life. Every moment with him will feel special because he’ll put everything aside and give you his full attention.

5. An enlightened man knows how to tame his ego.

While an enlightened male isn’t perfect, he will still try to conquer his ego instead of feeding it. He knows the ego only causes more suffering, so he works relentlessly to dissolve it and become entirely selfless. If you’re in a relationship with an evolved man, you’ll notice he always puts others first. He probably won’t talk much about himself, preferring to listen to you most of the time. An altruistic, unpretentious man is truly a gem and an incredible partner to have in life.

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Final Thoughts on Being in a Relationship with an Enlightened Man

The enlightened man enhances his relationships because he knows himself deeply and puts his best foot forward. He encourages his partner to become their most authentic self but doesn’t try to control them. The evolved man prioritizes self-development, knowing that his transformation is the greatest gift he can offer the world. He’s also compassionate and generous and looks out for those around him. In a relationship with an exceptional man like this, you will surely become a more enlightened version of yourself.