Do you have an emotionally intelligent partner? It’s a relatively new term that’s being thrown about that shows how a person can handle their emotion and thoughts.

An individual can use their emotional intelligence to influence others, and they do it well.

If you have someone who is in tune with their emotions, then you’ve found a gem. This person can be a vital part of making your relationship successful. Since they can handle connections wisely and compassionately, they get you on a whole different level.

Ten Signs Someone Is an Emotionally Intelligent Partner

Have you ever been involved with someone emotionally immature? It’s often the case that this person’s needs came before yours, and they didn’t understand you at all.

However, it’s not like that with someone who has emotional intelligence. Here are some signs of the emotionally in-tune partner.

emotionally intelligent partner
1. An Emotionally Intelligent Partner Forms Healthy Connections

According to the National Library of Medicine, someone with a narcissistic personality disorder often has a hard time with relationships. You want to avoid these toxic people, and one red flag of TPD is that they don’t have good relationships with past lovers or family members. However, the emotionally intelligent partner has a history of great relationships.

It’s not uncommon for them to have friends dating back to their college or even high school years. Most people that meet them like them, so they keep in touch. When it comes to family relationships, they won’t let anyone mess with their relatives. Having healthy connections is a good indication that this person is well-rounded and emotionally on point.

2. They Can Put Themselves in Your Shoes

It’s so easy to pass judgment on others until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Things may appear to be all sunshine and roses in someone’s life, but until you live their life, you have no clue what really goes on. An emotionally intelligent person can relate to your experiences.

They have an empathetic side that allows them to feel the pain of others, so they don’t pass judgment. Their emotional intelligence makes them folks that many come to for trouble, as they make great counselors.

3. An Emotionally Intelligent Partner Will Utilize Healthy Coping Mechanisms

According to the National Library of Medicine, having healthy coping mechanisms means having behaviors mobilized to manage stress. Everyone has a vice or something they use to make them feel better. Do you run for chocolate ice cream when you’ve had a bad day?

Some folks have poor coping skills, which causes them to turn to violence, alcohol, drugs, or other lackluster coping methods. You want an emotionally intelligent partner that has learned good coping skills. There are plenty of healthy ways to deal with both external and internal stress, and the way they manage their anxiety has a significant impact on you.

If they turn to drugs, it can have devastating consequences for them and you. However, if they learn to meditate, journal, and talk to a therapist, then their emotional intelligence is helping them handle life.

4. They’re a Great Listener

There’s nothing worse than a partner that doesn’t listen to a word you have to say. You can talk, and they can’t tell you one thing that you’ve spoken to them. However, the emotionally intelligent person will listen to every word.

You can tell they’re genuinely listening to you by their body language. They seem to be engaged with the conversation and maintain eye contact throughout the entire discussion. They ask questions when necessary, and they know how to be quiet and let you speak.

Once you’re done talking, you feel like they’ve heard every word you’ve said. Additionally, you have a sense of peace knowing that someone cared enough to listen to what was on your mind.

5. They’re in-Tune With Their State of Being

emotionally intelligent partner
Some folks believe that self-awareness is one of the best traits to seek in a potential suitor. What does it mean to be self-aware? Well, someone who has emotional intelligence is very in-tune to themselves at any time or place.

They can close themselves off in a room for some deep deliberation. They want to find out why things are happening in their life that are causing them issues. Another positive point is that they’re not afraid to take responsibility for their actions.

For instance, if they didn’t finish college and are now working two jobs trying to pay the bills. They will take the blame for not getting the education they need. However, they will also spring into a mode to fix things.

Having this special gift to be self-aware allows them to relate better to others. They tend to be empathetic and can be a beneficial partner in a relationship. The emotionally intelligent partner is the one to seek when looking for someone with whom you can spend all your tomorrows.

6. An Emotionally Intelligent Partner Copes With Conflict Healthily

Dealing with conflict is never easy. However, some folks have a knack for deflecting the situation and bringing calm to those raging mad. This person doesn’t live in a black and white world, as they realize a lovely shade of gray.

They’re great at conflict resolution, which means they want to resolve things rather than let tensions brew in a relationship.

7. They Know How To Pause Before They Speak or Act

There’s nothing worse than someone that speaks every thought that pops into their mind. The emotionally intelligent partner is very selective with their words. They weigh their words and actions wisely so that they don’t offend.

If they tend to take some time to respond to you, it’s because they want to make sure what they say is just right. They don’t want to offend you. Instead, they want to offer sound advice or add something meaningful to the conversation.

Though they may be slow to speak, what they have to say is valuable when they do talk. Plus, they don’t want to have a slip of the tongue that might hurt your feelings, either. Don’t be offended by their “pause,” as it’s really them being deep in thought.

8. Emotionally Intelligent Partners Show Vulnerability

For many people, it takes a great deal of courage to show their emotions. While it was taught that men don’t cry in the olden days, you know by now that it wasn’t a healthy point of view. Showing fear, sadness, and anxiety allows them to get all those hurts from the inside out.

People who bury their emotions deep often are like a time bomb waiting to explode. An emotionally intelligent partner knows that expressing vulnerability makes them more human than acting passive-aggressively and burying the hurt.

9. They Admit They’ve Made a Mistake

Nobody likes people who won’t take responsibility for their actions. However, the emotionally intelligent partner is eager to admit when they’re wrong. They know that it’s important not to blame someone else, as it only causes hard feelings.

Plus, there’s something beautiful about an individual who can admit they’re wrong. There are lessons to be learned from simple mistakes in life, and they would rather get the issue out in the open than sweep it under the rug.

10. They Set Boundaries

Boundaries are often viewed as bad things, but healthy limitations are excellent, and they can protect you. When your toddler was learning to walk, you had to teach them that the stove was hot and the trash was a no-go. While they may have got mad at you and threw a temper tantrum, they eventually learned that your boundaries were for their own good.

As a person in a relationship, it’s good to set appropriate limits. For instance, someone may set guidelines that if you cheat, they’re gone. These rules are not as much about you as they are meant to keep them safe and sane.

It doesn’t even have to be something as serious as infidelity. People can set boundaries on finances, the way you talk to one another, and about tons of other things. These are red flags for them that you’ve crossed beyond their comfort zone.

emotionally intelligent partner
Final Thoughts on Finding an Emotionally Intelligent Partner

When it comes to life and picking the best person for you, you want to choose someone who makes your life easier, not harder. There are plenty of folks who are selfish, toxic, and have baggage from past relationships. However, when you choose an emotionally intelligent partner, you’re selecting someone that can compliment you and make your life easier.

These folks tend to listen to you, have empathy for the situations you and others are going through, and are eager to admit when they’ve made a mistake. They’re the kind of people with close relationships with their friends and family because they don’t make enemies. When you find this person with high emotional intelligence, you need to embrace the gift you’ve been given.