Are you emotionally connected with your partner, or is your connection more physical? Some people mistake the two, but once you’ve developed an association that’s on an emotional or spiritual level, the relationship is more profound. Establishing an emotional connection is the foundation if you want a healthy relationship with your partner.

Thirty Signs of An Emotionally Connected Couple

When there’s no emotional bond, it can hinder complete happiness in your relationship. You can certainly build it even if you don’t have this association. Here are 30 things that people who are emotionally connected will display.

1. Emotionally Connected Couples Are Vulnerable To Each Other

Showing your vulnerabilities is essential in a relationship, as it means that you can be honest with one another. There’s no reason to put on a fake facade, as you can be who you are without fear. They will never look down on you for being genuine with them.

emotionally connected couples

2. You Know It’s Okay to Re-Evaluate Your Relationship

Relationships grow and evolve, and when you’re emotionally connected, you know you will need to re-evaluate things to keep them stable. You welcome the ebbs and flows of life as long as you can be together.

3. Emotionally Connected Couples Are Friends First

An old saying states that friends make the best lovers, and you’ve found that true. If you’re not friends first, you will never have the emotional depth you need. Friendship is the best foundation for a deep dynamic link.

4. You’re Patient With Each Other

Patience is a challenging thing to master, but you’ve learned how to be slow to anger and understand your partner. You’re emotionally connected, so you’ve learned what they need and given them time. You realize that not everyone goes at your pace or does things in your time frame.

5. You’re Not Focused On “Fixing” One Other

Emotionally connected people know that you can’t fix one another, so they don’t waste their time trying. You accept one another for who and what you are, so there’s no need to change a thing. This doesn’t mean you negate self-growth, but you don’t try to fix someone perfect for you.

6. You Share Little Inside Jokes

You can always tell a couple that has a deep connection by the little inside jokes they have with one another. These people finish each other’s sentences and read one another’s minds. This is typically a bond that forms over time but reading each other like this shows an intense depth.

7. Emotionally Connected Couples Show Affection

Affection isn’t something that’s left for the bedroom, as you have no problems showing affection with one another wherever you are at. Just holding hands, hugging, or giving that smile to your partner lights up the room. Tasteful public displays of affection are commonplace.

8. You Know How They Will React or Behave in Most Instances

When you’re emotionally connected, you know how your partner will react to situations. You use this knowledge to your advantage to help keep things running smooth. It gives you an advantage in approaching them regardless of the situation.

9. You Have Completely Separate Lives Outside of the Relationship

You’re both secure enough within yourself that you can have friends and a life outside of one another.

10. You Talk Every Day and Have a Routine

You’ve developed a little routine that’s become special. You may call or text before work, at lunch, and before you leave to come home.

11. You’re Sympathetic and Empathetic

The emotionally connected couple will master sympathy and empathy, and you’re there for each other in every way possible. You’re a shoulder to cry on and will listen to them as they vent about their horrible day.

12. Emotionally Connected Couples Dream Together

One of the beautiful things about a couple with such a deep connection is that they dream together. You’re their lover now and in the future, so you plan together for your tomorrow.

13. You Leave the Past in the Past

You don’t use the past as a weapon to handle conflict. You like to let the bad stuff stay behind you and focus on a happy life and future together.

14. You Don’t Hide Your Quirks

Silly things like eating ketchup on potato chips might turn some people off, but you’ve learned that you can show your quirky side without fear.

15. You Both Can Sense When Something’s Wrong With One Another

The emotionally connected couple can sense if something isn’t right before the other person opens their mouth. You’re in tune on a higher level.

emotionally connected

16. The Connection Isn’t Just Physical

While physical intimacy is great, there’s so much more to your connection than those things. You have a spiritual bond that goes much deeper. According to Northwestern Medicine Psychologist Dr. Sheehan Fisher, you must try to get everything you can out of a relationship. A good association with your partner means better well-being and quality of life.

17. There’s Constant Chemistry No Matter What’s Going On

Life’s great when you’re on vacation and doing something exciting, but you two have mastered how to have a great day even if you’re lounging. The constant chemistry between you two is undeniable.

18. You Both Feel Heard, Seen, and Accepted

Your partner listens to you, and you feel like they hear what you say. Even if they don’t understand, they accept you and see where you’re in life.

19. There’s Interest in Mundane Details

Emotionally connected people share even the most minor details about one another’s life, which doesn’t bore them. They care about all things, both big and small.

20. You Try to Understand Your Partner’s Perspective

You’ve found that putting yourself in their shoes for a minute helps you to understand them better. You never down them for having a differing opinion.

21. You Hold Each Other Accountable

If your partner makes a mistake, you don’t let it just escape you because you love them. You still hold each other accountable when you’ve done wrong.

22. You Don’t Just Want Your Partner – You Need The Connection

There’s a big difference between wanting someone and needing them, and you don’t know how you could survive without this person in your life.

23. You Know Each Other’s Ins and Outs

There’s nothing about this person you don’t know about, and you make it your mission to keep this deep association intact.

24. You Resolve Conflicts with Sound Logic

When you argue or deal with tough situations, you don’t let your emotions get the best of you. You resolve conflicts with sound logic and understanding and get the same in return.

25. You Share Connection in Every Detail of Your Life

They know about the time you fell off your bike and broke your arm in 2nd grade, and you know about the time they got suspended in school. Every detail of one another’s life is discussed.

26. There’s Physical, Emotional, or Mental Support

The support in a relationship that’s emotionally connected is much different than those that are only physical. You have the support that encompasses you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

27. You Trust One Another When You Have a Strong Connection

You know that anything they do is going to be for your betterment. They won’t talk about you behind your back, nor will they do anything to hurt you purposely.

28. You Care For One Another’s Needs

You care about each other’s wants and needs; if they need something, it becomes your problem too. You ensure that one another has their needs, even if it means you must go without something.

29. You Participate In Each Other’s Hobbies

While you may not like your partner’s hobby, you go along because you want to be with them. You don’t care if you’re on a golf course or swimming laps for endurance, as being beside them makes life better.

30. Emotionally Connected Couples Trust One Another With Their Secrets

You know your secret is safe with your partner so that you can open up the most intimate parts of your heart without reservation. There’s just something about them that makes you feel safe, and you’re at ease in their presence.

According to psychologist Chris Skellett, trust is like oxygen to a relationship. If you don’t have it, then your relationship won’t survive. He further states that relationships that lack trust deal with issues like suspiciousness, fear, and doubts.


Final Thoughts on Emotionally Connected Couples and How to Forge a Stronger Connection With Your Partner

It’s often said that people who are together for long periods morph into one another. Perhaps this is where the saying that when you get married, you become one came from.

You know when there’s a deep emotional connection with each other by the simple things like finishing each other’s sentences, knowing what’s going on by sensing their mood, and understanding one another’s hopes and dreams. Having this type of bond together is what makes relationships last.