Emotional intelligence means being aware of one’s emotions and knowing how to express them effectively. It also involves perceiving, responding to, and empathizing with others’ feelings. A high emotional quotient (EQ) allows an individual to connect with people more meaningfully. They can pick up on subtle emotional changes and relate to others easily. This skill is handy in love relationships because it enhances communication and empathy.

After all, a relationship can only last when two people agree to open their hearts and reveal all their layers. Emotionally, that means expressing oneself authentically and allowing others to do the same. The most successful relationships involve two people who value each other’s thoughts and feelings and know how to compromise.

In love relationships, you can spot emotional intelligence by how a couple reacts to one another. If they have open communication and show empathy while listening to each other, it’s a sign of a healthy relationship. Of course, other things matter in relationships, but communication and feeling comfortable with vulnerability play a considerable role.

6 Behaviors That Show Emotional Intelligence

So, how can you know if your partner shows emotional intelligence? These behaviors may provide clues about their emotional literacy.

emotional intelligence

1. Having respect for one another’s feelings.

Both people feel comfortable being open and honest about their emotions in good relationships. They don’t need to hide their feelings or walk on eggshells around the other person. Couples who show emotional intelligence reveal the most authentic version of themselves because they know their partner accepts them fully. Therefore, having a meltdown at 3 AM or needing to vent after a long workday isn’t an issue. Their partner loves and respects them precisely as they are and wants them to feel safe expressing their feelings.

2. Actively listening to your partner shows emotional intelligence.

Another critical aspect of emotional intelligence in love relationships involves listening intently to your partner. No matter what’s happening around you, you’ll put down everything to spend quality time with your beau. That means turning off Netflix and setting your phone on silent to give your full attention to your partner. In healthy relationships, couples make time to connect and care deeply about how their partner feels.

They engage in the conversation and make eye contact to show their interest. Also, active listening means asking questions to clarify what the other person said and only talking when they’re through speaking. This aspect of emotional intelligence brings couples closer because they feel genuinely cared for after a conversation.

3. Having a high level of self-awareness.

Emotional intelligence also means being deeply in tune with one’s inner world. A person who displays emotional literacy knows themselves inside and out and exhibits control over their emotions. They don’t repress their feelings but don’t allow their emotions to run wild. People with high self-awareness check in with themselves before reacting to others. They think before speaking and use polite, constructive language when conversing. In love relationships, they only talk to their partner when they’re in a calm, reflective mood. That way, they won’t say something they regret in the heat of the moment.

emotional intelligence

4. Being able to admit mistakes reveals emotional intelligence.

In healthy relationships, partners can take responsibility for their actions and admit when they’ve made mistakes. They don’t try to sugarcoat things or sweep issues under the rug that need addressing. An emotionally evolved person owns up to their wrongdoings and does their best to correct the problems.

But a loving partner won’t hold mistakes over their significant other’s head and blow things out of proportion. They will help their beau through challenging times and avoid blaming them for any errors. In supportive relationships, both partners feel comfortable sharing their faults and work together to overcome them.

5. Feeling energized and mentally clear around each other.

Emotional intelligence involves more than just listening and empathizing with others. It’s also about how you feel in the company of your love interest and the value they add to your life. A stable, healthy love relationship will energize both partners and make them appreciate each other deeply. If you’ve ever felt drained after hanging out with someone, they probably had low emotional intelligence.


However, someone with a high level of self-awareness tries to bring positive energy to all their relationships. They do their best to meet their partner’s needs because they genuinely want to make them happy. An emotionally literate person will also ask their partner if they’re satisfied and what they can do to improve the relationship.

6. Continually working on the relationship, even after the honeymoon phase.

Sadly, many couples give up on one another after the excitement of their relationship fades. They only remember the thrill of newfound love and are unsatisfied once reality sets in. However, couples with emotional intelligence realize that every relationship requires effort to keep the flames burning bright. They recognize that the passionate love they once felt will eventually turn into a more compassionate, more profound friendship.

So, they stick around for the long haul to experience this version of romance with one another. It’s common for couples who’ve been married for decades to still be madly in love with each other, after all. That’s because they had the emotional maturity to keep growing with their partner instead of running at the first sign of trouble. Usually, couples who work as a team to weather the storms of life have gratifying relationships.


Final Thoughts on Signs of Emotional Intelligence in Love Relationships

Do you have emotional intelligence in your romantic relationship? If so, you probably have a fulfilling, harmonious relationship with your partner and feel comfortable sharing your deepest emotions. Emotionally mature people practice active listening to ensure their partner feels seen and heard.

They also respect their partner’s emotions and support them in every aspect of life. Finally, an emotionally intelligent individual possesses astute self-awareness and prioritizes personal development. They continue working on their relationships throughout life, even after the exhilaration of a new romance fades.