Even the most positive people experience negativity sometimes. Negativity can weigh you down and hold you back in life while also causing extreme unhappiness. If you can deflect negativity, you will notice an improvement in your overall wellbeing.

Deflecting negativity allows you to let go of unhelpful thoughts. You might experience a feeling of physical release as a sense of wellbeing settles in. Using positive phrases to help deflect negativity, you can shift your mindset and begin living a more fulfilling life.

Negativity is a burden and discomfort, so carrying it around is never ideal. By using positive phrases and affirmations, you release negativity and replace it with positivity. You’ll quickly notice the difference, and you’ll feel lighter.

Fifteen Phrases To Help Deflect Negativity

When you let go of negativity, you open up space for positivity and happiness. Everyone struggles with it sometimes, so these phrases can help you deflect negativity. Repeat the affirmations or write them in your journal anytime you need a boost of positivity, and it’ll soon become a natural habit.

deflect negativity
1. Great things are happening, even if I can’t see them yet.

It can be hard to see past the negativity, so reminding yourself of what’s ahead can help. Things won’t be hard forever, so staying hopeful can give you solace as you push through. Everything that happens right now paves the way for better things in the future.

When you find yourself feeling hopeless, repeat this positive phrase until you feel better. It will remind you to stay positive and hopeful, even when you don’t understand why something happened.

2. I remember that my body is healthy and my soul is tranquil.

When nothing else seems to be going right, focus on the positive things in your life. If you’re healthy, use this affirmation as a reminder that there are some positives in your life. With a healthy body, you can have plenty of hope for the future.

Additionally, repeat that your soul is tranquil, as saying it aloud will help it become true. When you speak, your brain processes the words as the truth so that you can convince yourself to experience inner peace.

3. I feel the negativity leaving my body as my strength and clarity take over.

When you use this phrase to help deflect negativity, try closing your eyes as you say it. By closing your eyes as you speak, your mind processes the statement better. Focus on envisioning the negativity leaving and positivity replacing it.

Then, envision your strength and clarity taking over. Once those things are in the mix, you will have an easier time deflecting negativity.

4. I am replacing anger with love.

Anger is an intense feeling that causes extreme negativity. The feeling can be all-consuming, and it can interfere with all areas of your life. If you can learn to replace anger with love, you will have an easy time deflecting negativity.

Of course, you can’t help but get angry sometimes. When it happens, use this affirmation to help rid yourself of the negative feeling. Focus on love rather than anger, and you’ll quickly notice a difference.

5. I let go of old habits and take on positive, more beneficial ones.

Sometimes your habits will create negativity in your life. If you struggle with releasing negative feelings, consider whether any of your habits could have an impact. Change the practices that cause toxicity, and begin developing more beneficial ones, instead.

You might consider your diet or exercise regime, as they can both affect your mindset and inner energy. It could also be that you gravitate toward negative people or places. Whatever it is that causes your detrimental feelings, try making a change for the better.

6. My mind is clear, and I feel happy.

If you repeat this phrase, you will find that your mind truly begins to clear. Your thoughts will shift, and you’ll process things easier. You’ll find that it makes you feel happier and more fulfilled.

With a clear mind and happy thoughts, you can do anything you set your mind to. Use this phrase to help deflect negativity when you wake up in the morning. By saying it in the morning, you never give negativity a chance to set in.

7. I have an endless amount of talent that I can use today.

One of the best parts of life is that you can always get better at something. Even if you’re already talented, you can still grow and learn more. When you experience negativity, focus your energy on things you can control rather than what you can’t.

One thing you can control is the effort you put into each task during your day. With an endless amount of talent, you can focus on building your skills and doing your best work.

deflect negativity
8. Anything that happens is happening for my betterment.

Always remember that what happens today is setting you up for your future endeavors. No matter what is coming in your future, you can prepare now by working through obstacles. Not only will you build your skillset, but it also sets you on the right path for your life.

Sometimes, things we want don’t work out because it wasn’t meant for us. Use this phrase to remember that you’re learning and growing on the path to your destiny.

9. I am at peace with everything that has happened and anything yet to come.

Tell yourself that you are at peace, and you will begin to feel it wash over your body. Use this positive phrase to come to terms with what has already happened. It will also help you peacefully handle whatever happens next.

With peace, you can deflect negativity and focus on happiness and positivity no matter the situation. You can be at peace even during hard times, and it is one of the best ways to ward off negative feelings.

10. I can conquer any challenge because I am capable of anything.

Always remember that you are strong enough to get through anything. No matter what obstacle or setback occurs, you can conquer it and overcome the situation. It’s sometimes hard to remember that at the moment, so use this mantra each morning to prepare yourself.

You never know what situation you will face each day, so using the phrase in the morning prepares you for what’s to come. You might not experience any significant challenges that day, but at least you started your day on a positive note.

11. I am calm and collected no matter what happens next in my life.

If you can stay calm and collected, you will have an easier time deflecting negativity. When things seem uncertain, repeating this positive phrase can help you keep it together. You can’t always predict what will happen next, but you can control how you react and handle it.

12. Hard times are only a phase, and things will get better.

Life is constantly changing, so hard times won’t last forever. Each situation will end at some point, so remember that things will get better. It might not get better right away, but you will experience less negativity if you remember that it’s coming eventually.

13. I forgive anyone that has harmed me in the past.

By forgiving the people that have hurt you, you allow yourself to detach from them peacefully. Without forgiveness, they continue to have a hold over your emotions and life. Let go of what happened so that you can deflect negativity moving forward.

14. I replace negative and unhelpful thoughts with positivity and happiness.

Your negative thoughts won’t get you anywhere, and they won’t fix the situation. Use this phrase to remind yourself that positivity and happiness are the only things that will get you there. The more often you repeat this affirmation, the quicker it becomes a habit.

15. I choose the contents of my life, and that includes negativity or positivity.

While your feelings sometimes feel out of control, you can choose how you feel. If you want to be a more positive person, choose it over negativity. The same thing applies to all situations and feelings because you are the only person that can decide how you feel.

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Final Thoughts on Phrases That Will Help You Deflect Negativity

Negativity is overwhelming, and it affects all areas of your life. Your professional and personal relationships can suffer, and you won’t feel life fulfillment. By using these phrases to deflect negativity, you make a sustainable change for the better.

The habits you form by working to deflect negativity will follow you throughout your life. These positive phrases can help with life-long happiness, and you’ll find meaning in life once again. As you deflect negativity and embrace positivity, you will feel peace in your soul.

Not all days will be perfect, and on the days that you struggle, use these phrases throughout the day. While affirmations are best in the morning, they can help at any time. Find the ones that speak to you the most, and then repeat those positive phrases at least once a day.