10 Gifts A Deceased Loved One May Be Sending You

10 Gifts A Deceased Loved One May Be Sending You

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Could it be possible that a deceased loved one is leaving gifts for you? Maybe you came across something that reminded you of them and it seemed like more than just a coincidence.

What do these signs from someone who has passed mean?

According to a Pew Research study, about 74% of Americans believe in life after death. 20% of Americans believe that it is possible to communicate with our deceased loved ones after they are gone.

Mediums, fortune-tellers, and psychics are those who specialize in contacting the dead. Their specialty is communicating with them on behalf of the living.

There are also ghost hunters who seek out the deceased in abandoned places or homes where someone has reported unexplained phenomena, like things being moved about.

There are many ways for a loved one to reach out to you, and you can read more about them here:

Gifts from a deceased loved one are one way that they may try to contact you.

You may or may not believe in the ability for your loved one to speak to you from beyond death. But you may have had the experience of finding an object that reminds you of that person so strongly that you are sure it is from them.

10 Gifts A Deceased Loved One May Be Sending You

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Feathers, of any color, can be a gift that your deceased loved one is sending you.

The wings of birds are nearer to heaven than we are. Thus, your deceased loved one may be using them as messengers.

When a feather is in your path, look up. Then think of your loved one and speak their name aloud if you dare.

Your deceased loved may be sending you this gift to remind you that they are still watching over you.


Seashells out of their ordinary place near the beach are as uncommon as it is for someone to communicate with the dead.

When you see shells in your path or when you aren’t expecting them, this could be a gift that your loved one is sending.

Enjoy and value them. For their appearance will surely remind you of a fond memory of a loved one.


The phrase “pennies from heaven” is based on the belief that some people have that a found penny is actually a message from a deceased loved one.

Psychic medium Amanda Linette Meder says that pennies and dimes both mean that you are valuable, loved, and being watched over by your deceased loved one.



Graffiti, a shop sign, a street sign, or an advertisement can speak to you when you aren’t expecting it.

The word or words that you see immediately make you think of your deceased loved one.

Signs like these words are a gift from your loved one that is being sent to you as a sign of action that you may need to take.

Your loved one is looking out for you. In fact, they may try to get you to go in a certain direction, literally.

If it was a street sign, go ahead and turn down this road and see where it leads. If it was a shop, go in.

See what your deceased loved one was trying to send you.

Butterflies, bees, dragonflies, or hummingbirds

The lovely, hovering wings of nature are a gift to the eyes when we see them but they also could be a message from your loved one. Angels are the messengers of God but these smaller creatures send messages for the deceased.

When you see them, think of your loved one for a moment. By making that mental connection, you are receptive to the message that they are sending you. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions to uncover the message that is meant for you.


Hearing a song that reminds you of your deceased loved one is common, but when there is no explanation for the song, it is a sign from your deceased loved one. Music usually has associations with a time and a place. Your loved one is sending you the gift of this memory of them.


Most of us dream. But when you have a dream that reminds you of someone that has passed, it is a gift that your loved one is sending you. Try to interpret the meaning and look for other signs to guide you.

Orbs in photos

Was there dust on your lens or was it a sign from your deceased loved one? Check your camera but if there’s nothing there, this is your loved one being near and protecting you.

Body double

If you think that you have spotted your loved one, approach and find out that it wasn’t them of course, it is a message from your deceased loved one.

The message from your loved one is simply a gift of love and fond remembrance of their time here with you.


A deceased loved one is sending you a message when you see either repeating numbers or numbers with special meaning to them, like their birth date.

The meaning of this gift can vary, depending on the numeral.

Psychic medium Amanda Linette Meder says this:

“The meaning of the number one is significant, as number one is usually associated with the meaning of a Oneness, as in a One God, a One Spirit, or of One Body and One Spirit united.”

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  1. I was recently an exhibitor at a large book fair in St Petersburg FL. My book is part memoir and part how-to on loving and caring for aging parents. A woman walked up to my booth with her daughter and she reminded me so much of my mom, that I got all teary. From her shirt, to her hair to the cane that she used to keep her balance. And for the the rest of the day, I felt as if my mother was with me in spirit. It was such a powerful experience.

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