Experts say that people are either introverts or extroverts. Whatever side of the spectrum you find yourself on may be confusing when you’re dating someone with the opposite personality. For instance, an introvert dating an extrovert presents unique challenges. That’s because the extrovert isn’t the individual that wants to stay home and watch movies, as they have places to go and people to see. On the other hand, their introverted partner loves nothing more than spending quality time together in peace and quiet.

People are drawn to extroverted folks as they tend to be the life of the party. They thrive by going from one social gathering to the next. It’s hard to understand this personality if you’re introverted and need your batteries recharged. Their tenacious spirit makes them live by different rules, and they don’t like to spend time alone.

Dating an extrovert is a massive adjustment for the introvert. While you crave time alone, they can’t imagine wasting an evening relaxing. Sure, it can baffle you when you have your opposite, but you know that opposites can make a beautiful pairing.

Fifteen Things to Expect When Dating an Extrovert

You must keep an open mind in your relationship, as you will need to understand the needs of this personality. Dating an extrovert will come with challenges, but you need to embrace the diversity of their personality.

You can have a rewarding relationship with the extrovert, but you need to learn a few things to understand them truly. Here are some things to consider before getting involved with the fun-loving extrovert.

dating an extrovert

1. Conversations Come Natural

Due to the outgoing nature of the extrovert, conversations come very easy to them. You don’t need to worry about breaking the ice or having long pauses between the dialogue. They will engage with you and can chat the night away.

They tend to be experts at keeping the conversation going, and they can talk about anything to anyone, so it puts you at ease.

2. It’s Easy for Them to Be Overextended

Introverts tend to pack their schedule tight to avoid any wasteful downtime. The only problem with this is that they can cram too much into their lives and become overwhelmed. When dating this person, you might need to help them learn to relax and chill.

3. Staying Home is Not an Option if You Are Dating an Extrovert

While you may have a night of lounging in pajamas and watching Netflix in mind, they have something else on the itinerary. They want to be out and about and couldn’t imagine wasting a whole night at home couch surfing. Learning a healthy balance that suits both of you may be a challenge, but dating an extrovert requires you to step out of your comfort zone a bit.

4. They Live for Stimulating and Exciting Activities

The extrovert is very adventurous and loves to try new things. They don’t focus on the inside as their focus is more outward. They’re looking for stimulating activities that excite them, so things like an adrenaline-rushing amusement park would be perfect.

If you’re planning dates for this person, why not choose a new restaurant with a food type they’ve never tried, or take them on something adventurous like rock climbing? Remember, the more exciting the activity, the more they will love it.

5. They Like to Talk

This person has a lot to say. They want to share their day and tell stories about things in their life. Remember that they talk when they’re happy, sad, or mad, so you may not have a moment’s peace.

The unique thing about this person is they often talk to think out loud, so don’t be surprised if your partner is chatting away in the grocery store checkout line.

6. They’re About More Than Partying

It’s easy to think that extroverts are more about partying and getting the next thrill than considering work. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to Psych Reel, the extrovert is often very successful in life because of their ability to interact with ease socially.

These folks have deep values and want to be successful, but they show it in different ways. Extroverts can be very smart, serious, and considerate of other folks. You might have to be the man behind the woman or vice versa, and you need to be comfortable with their successes.

7. You Always Know Where You Stand if You’re Dating an Extrovert

Don’t you hate those relationships where people play mind games, and you’re constantly guessing if they like you or not? Well, when dating an extrovert, you won’t have that problem. These folks are outgoing and assertive enough to tell you exactly how they feel. They won’t beat around the bush and keep you guessing as they shoot from the hip.

dating an extrovert

8. It’s Easy to Get to Know Them

Since these individuals don’t play mind games, please don’t put up walls and have no problem opening up. They’re easy to get to know. You won’t feel like you’re pulling teeth to get them to talk. You’ll probably know their entire life story by date number two, but they might get a little upset at your inability to tell your tale.

9. They Like to be The Center of Attention

The extrovert thrives on thrill-seeking and being on center stage. They would have no problem volunteering in an audience to help with a demonstration. They’re the person that can sing karaoke at the local club, whether they have a gift for singing or not. They don’t embarrass easily, and if something looks like fun, then they’re all in.

10. If You’re Dating an Extrovert, You’ll Realize How Stimulating They Find Other People

The extroverted person needs to be around others. Unlike the introvert that recharges their batteries by being alone, the extrovert must have people around. They feel energized by social events, and if they’re sad and lonely, being with friends can cheer them up.

11. They Live By “The More, The Merrier” Philosophy

There may be times in your relationship when you feel like you want time alone with your partner. It’s hard to do that sometimes with extroverts as they love to have people around them.

If entertaining guests for dinner, you may think that four or five friends are acceptable, but they’ve already invited 20. They see things very differently and live by the philosophy “the more, the merrier.”

12. They’re Not Clingy and Don’t Need You

It would help if you learned balance with the extrovert, as there will be times when you feel that you’re not needed. If you’re looking for someone who is clingy and will give you their undivided attention, then you’re with the wrong person. They have no problem ditching you for a friend if you refuse to go to a concert or movie they want to see.

13. They’re Not Flirtatious – It’s Just Their Personality

You’re going to have to accept the fact that they like people, and this includes both women and men. There will be times that their personality comes across like they’re being flirtatious, but it’s just their natural, bubbly way. If you’re the jealous type, you need to understand their practices, as it can cause much confusion.

It’s not uncommon for the extrovert’s ways to be misinterpreted, but it’s just their warmth and friendly nature that’s shining through. They will strike up a conversation and smile with the waitress or your grandpa, and it doesn’t mean anything to them as they see it as being friendly.

14. Dating an Extrovert Can Be Easy Because They’re Adaptable

One thing you will love about dating an extrovert is how they’re very adaptable. They know life will throw unexpected curveballs, but they’ve learned to go with the flow. Since they’re so adventurous, they can change plans without getting all upset.

15. Their Inner Circle is Massive

Since this person is the life of the party, they don’t need their partner as much as the introverted person. They won’t beg you to go to a concert or movie with them. If you don’t want to go, they have tons of other people they will ask instead.

You must realize that you have to share with the extrovert as they have a large inner circle, so you may find yourself alone if you refuse to go out and mingle.

dating an extrovert

Final Thoughts on What to Expect When Dating an Extrovert

When dating an extrovert, you must be a strong person, as their personality will outshine you at times. Licensed social worker Tracey Ross contributed to a piece stating that it’s not uncommon for introverts and extroverts to be attracted to one another.

The extroverted person wishes they knew how to settle down and have a night at home, while the introvert wants someone to make them feel freer and step outside their comfort zone. You can have a beautiful relationship if you take time to understand one another, but it’s not going to be easy.

As with all relationships, there’s give and take. You must be willing to go out and be among the people some, and they must be willing to stay at home and couch surf on occasion.

It’s possible to have a thriving relationship if you both give a little. Meeting in the middle and understanding each other’s needs is the key to thriving.