Overcoming emotional pain can be hard, but daily affirmations can help you along the way. The affirmations will help you change your mindset, contributing to healing from emotional turmoil. As you say these positive phrases, you will shift your way of thinking for good.

It can be hard to forgive and move on, but doing so will benefit you in many ways. You must learn to forgive those who have wronged you, including yourself. Accept what has happened, use it as a learning opportunity, and move forward in life.

If you don’t find a way to overcome the pain, it will hold you back from fulfilling your goals and dreams. You might struggle to love yourself, find peace, or find the motivation to work toward your goals. Don’t let this happen to you, as you can easily overcome emotional pain by changing your mindset.

Fifteen Affirmations to Overcome Emotional Pain

Use these positive daily affirmations each day as you go through the healing process. The phrases will help you overcome the emotional pain and find joy and happiness in your life again. Find the ones that work best for you and use them as often as you need to.

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1. I forgive myself and anyone else that has done me wrong.

Forgiveness is one of the essential steps in overcoming emotional turmoil. By forgiving someone (even yourself), it doesn’t mean that you are excusing their behavior. Instead, it means you are accepting what happened and deciding not to let it hold you back.

People make mistakes and they may intentionally or unintentionally hurt you. When this happens, you are likely to experience an emotional wound that is hard to heal. You can heal, though, as long as you work toward forgiveness.

2. I listen to my mind and body and take care of myself.

By taking care of yourself, you can heal emotionally much quicker. Pay attention to what your body and mind need, and it will help you overcome any challenges you are handling. With the proper self-care, you will be stronger, more resilient, and hopeful for the future.

Without self-care, though, you won’t be able to heal from the pain. You will find yourself stuck in the same place without growth opportunities. Remember to listen to what your body and mind need so that you can move on for a better future.

3. I permit myself to heal and move forward.

Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to heal and move forward. Guilt, regret, or obligation might make you feel like you can’t begin to move on, causing you to stay in that mindset. No matter what is causing your pain, though, you deserve to move on and find happiness.

Moving forward doesn’t mean you forget about the person or thing you cared about. It simply means that you are permitting yourself to continue your life positively. Use this daily affirmation to remind yourself of that.

4. I am grateful for everything and everyone that I have.

When you are experiencing emotional pain, think of all the things you still have in your life. Your loved ones and the things that you have are enough to help you overcome your pain. When you think of your blessings instead of things that bring pain, you will notice yourself healing more quickly.

When things go wrong, it is easy to think that your life is terrible and nothing ever works out. If this happens to you, sit back and think about all the great things and people you have. This easy trick can help bring you positivity in hard times and remind you of how great life can be.

5. I know that no one can take away my power or control my life.

You are in control of your life, and you hold the power that no one can take from you. Use this daily affirmation to remember that you have the power to overcome your pain. When you know that you are in control, you will be more likely to feel better going forward.

6. I love myself and take care of my needs.

When you practice self-love and take care of yourself, it will be easier to overcome emotional turmoil. Love yourself like you love those around you, and put your needs first when necessary. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you will struggle to overcome the pain you’re experiencing.

7. I recognize the lessons in every situation, no matter how hard.

Every moment of your day is a learning opportunity. You can learn even more from the hard times than you can from the good times, too. If you can recognize the lesson in what you are going through, it will be easier for you to overcome.

8. I choose happiness and joy over sadness.

If you decide to be happy, then you will find more happiness creep into your life. Likewise, if you tell yourself that you are sad, then you will feel sad. You can decide on your feelings and, while it might not always work perfectly, it will help you overcome your sadness.

9. I am at peace with my life and know that things will work out.

Life always seems to work out for the best, even if you can’t see it at the time. Find peace with what has happened in your life so far, and trust that things will be okay. Finding peace will help you feel hope and positivity, which will then help you overcome the pain.

10. I am patient with myself as I work to heal from the pain.

You can’t expect to heal overnight, so be patient with yourself as you work through the pain. If you can be patient and show yourself compassion and understanding, you will have an easier time. When you don’t try to force or scold yourself to heal, it will happen quicker.

11. I get stronger as I work to overcome my emotional turmoil.

Each day that you experience emotional turmoil, you are becoming stronger. Remember the strength you are gaining and recognize it as a good thing because you’re becoming more resilient. With the increased strength and resiliency, you will find that it becomes easier to overcome the pain.

12. I feel healing energy flowing through my body.

When you use this affirmation with an open mind, you will start to feel a little better. You will notice improvements throughout your day that signify you are on the path to healing.

Once this affirmation becomes a habit, you will be able to identify the different energies coursing through your body. Healing energy will help you overcome any emotional pain that you are experiencing. All that you have to do is convince your brain that you feel healing energy flowing.

13. I get better every day as long as I keep trying.

If you keep trying every day, even when you don’t feel like it, you can overcome anything. When you find yourself feeling like giving up on the day and going to bed, repeat this affirmation to yourself. To overcome the pain, you must keep trying.

Keep working toward your goals and happiness. If you keep moving forward, the emotional pain will ease a little more each day.

14. I will focus on the present rather than lingering on the past.

The past can’t be changed, so focusing your thoughts on it will only worsen your pain. Accept the past for what it is, and then work on improving your present and future. When you focus your thoughts on what is going on right now in your life, the pain will ease.

It might take some time, but healing will come. Allow yourself to accept what happened, learn from it, and move forward by focusing your thoughts elsewhere.

15. I am loved and give love to those that are important to me.

With love, you can overcome anything, including emotional turmoil and pain. When you struggle to heal from the pain, recall those who love you and that you love in return. Your loved ones are enough to pull you through anything.

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Final Thoughts on Daily Affirmations to Overcome Emotional Pain

While emotional pain is never easy to deal with, you can overcome it with the right mindset. Overcoming the pain is essential to moving forward and finding joy, so you must find a way to do so.

Focusing on the past only dredges up bad memories and regrets, so it is best to avoid doing that. Instead, focus on what is going on around you right now. When you do, you will temporarily forget the thing causing your pain and will make happy memories at the moment.

Once you have worked to overcome the pain, you can find happiness and peace in life. Keep moving forward, even on the tough days, because that is the only way you can get through it. Remember these daily positive affirmations to help change your mindset to overcome emotional pain.