In 2021, six siblings who had spent 5 years in foster care finally got adopted by their two dads. They found their forever home and couldn’t have asked for better parents. Steve and Rob Anderson-McLean, a couple from Pennsylvania, adopted the six brothers and sisters to keep them together. They first heard about an adoption need for Carlos, 14, Guadalupe, 13, Maria, 12, Selena, 10, Nasa, 9, and Max, 7, in 2018.

When the two dads saw their pictures for the first time, they instantly felt called to adopt them. The couple knew that many siblings get split up in the foster care system, which can cause lasting psychological damage. They didn’t want to see that happen to these siblings. The state also agreed they should stay together, luckily.

So, in July 2018, all six kids came to live with the two dads as their foster children. After just the first week, the siblings asked their new parents if they could stay forever. They’d been having a blast going to the zoo, and parks and playing in the backyard together.

In their time in foster care, they never had much of a chance to have fun. So, they soaked up the experiences as much as possible, and never wanted them to end.

Steve and Rob expressed initial concerns about how the oldest sibling, Carlos, would react to having same-sex parents. Since he was a teenager, they thought he might have problems adjusting. Thankfully, he didn’t seem phased at all and fit right in with the family.

All six siblings just feel grateful to have two caring dads that want to give them the world. They look forward to Friday nights at the trampoline park the most. But after the adoption, they enjoy every moment together.

The Family of Eight Loves Their New Life Together


The two dads felt so lucky and blessed when they officially adopted the children on May 23, 2019. Steve already had two sons from a previous marriage, Parker, 25, and Noah, 21, as well. The judge told the couple that from now on, the adoptive children were just as much their own.

When the dads looked up into the grateful eyes of their new children, they couldn’t have been happier. They have never forgotten that special day, and have always treated the siblings like their biological children.

After spending 1,640 days in foster care, the siblings finally had a chance at a normal life after adoption. The couple says the children have brought so much love and warmth into their lives. They also get along wonderfully with friends and extended family, a bonus to the arrangement.

Steve and Rob Anderson-McLean have been a couple for nearly two decades. They held a commitment ceremony in 2006 before tying the knot in Maryland in 2013. After Parker and Noah grew up and moved out, they felt like they weren’t yet done raising children. Steve said that after he and Rob saw a TV show about a couple adopting siblings, they felt inspired to do the same.

After researching adopting kids, they learned how many siblings get separated in the system. It broke their hearts, and they wanted to prevent that from happening. So, they started searching in the United States for children to adopt. They came across the six siblings on an Ohio website stating they had been in foster care for almost 5 years.

Sadly, the children had been victims of abuse and neglect, and the parents lost custody of them in 2017. They initially matched with the children in June 2018, hoping to give them a much better life. The siblings went to live with the two dads the next month, and the rest is history.

The Kids Still Can’t Believe They’ve Been Adopted

Adoption can sometimes be a difficult, tedious process, but it’s worth it to transform children’s lives. Steve knew he could give the children a better opportunity. But, he didn’t realize how much the siblings would impact him and his husband. The family of eight thoroughly enjoys their new life together, and the children couldn’t feel more thankful for their dads.

But, sometimes they still can’t believe they’ve been adopted and even worry it won’t last. One day, their 7-year-old son Max came up to Steve and said, “I’m adopted.” It seemed as though he had to say it out loud to accept the new reality of his adoption.

After hopping from one foster home to the next, Steve understood exactly how Max felt. He also asked Steve if he could get unadopted, so his dad reassured him that would never happen. He told him that he would always be their son, a message that the couple reiterates to all the children. They want to ensure the kids know they aren’t going anywhere.

They’ve lived with the couple for three years, but it feels like they’ve known each other forever. Rob says they’ve had an emotional bond for many years. They make new memories every day and feel blessed to have each other. And, their love knows no bounds, helping to transform the children from their turbulent past.

Carlos told his parents that having a stable, forever family seemed surreal. He no longer had to call himself a foster kid, a label he thought would always stick with him. Now, he’s a son to two loving dads who ensure they give the children the best life possible.


Final Thoughts on Dads Adopting Six Siblings to Keep Them Together

When two dads adopted six siblings in Pittsburgh, they didn’t realize how much it would change their lives. The children came from an abusive household and lived in the foster care system for nearly 5 years. Sadly, they had never known love, stability, or security, things they desperately needed. Thankfully, Steve and Rob decided to give them a second chance and transform their lives with love.

After hearing their story, they felt heartbroken about the children’s past and wanted to make a difference. Now, the family of eight has lived together for three years and will cherish many more together. It’s amazing how love and affection can heal even the most broken souls. If you have ever considered adoption, hopefully this story will inspire you to do so!