Having siblings is a blessing that not everyone embraces all of the time. Sisters can get on each other’s nerves, but they make the best relatives overall. Even brothers can have the best relationship with their sisters because it’s such a powerful connection.

All siblings know that there are high and low points in the relationship. However, they’re still in your life at the end of the day.

You’ve likely had many relationships and friendships throughout your life, but none are like the one you have with your sisters. There are so many reasons for this, and knowing them can help you embrace your sister even more.

Sixteen Reasons Why Sisters Make the Best Relatives

Sisters make the best relatives for many reasons, and you’ll likely relate to many of them. Acknowledging the power of sisterhood will help you remember why you love her so much.

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1. She Can Make You Laugh When No One Else Can

A sister pays attention to what makes you laugh, and she knows how to get it out of you. You’ve developed inside jokes that no one else will get, making it even more special. Even when you’re having a bad day, she can have you laughing in no time.

Sisters can joke like children in a way you can’t do with anyone else. You two know each other better than anyone else knows you, and you get the jokes much more than others.

2. She Will Always Have Your Back

Even when your sister doesn’t know the situation, she’ll have your back. She’ll be on your side no matter what you’re frustrated or upset about. You need someone who listens to you, is on your side, and validates your feelings when someone wrongs you.

Sisters have a protective instinct and always look out for their relatives. They won’t put up with someone insulting someone they care about, especially if it’s a sibling.

3. Sisters Can Cover For Each Other

Having a sister always gives you someone to cover for you and give you an alibi. While this might not matter as much as adults, it’s a perk during the teenage years. They’ll always help you get out of a self-inflicted obstacle.

4. You’ll Always Have Someone to Help Tease Your Parents

It’s always fun to tease your parents in a fun way. Teasing them is even more fun when you have someone else to do it with you.

They can back you up and add even more humor to the situation. Your entire family will be laughing together in no time.

5. You Call Her for Everything

Your sister is often the person you call during an emergency. She’s your person, so you want to lean on her for support when things get complicated.

6. Sisters Still Love Each Other When Someone Gets Mad

When you and a friend fight, it could mean the end of the friendship. Even if you remain friends, the situation could be awkward as you struggle to regain what you had. However, with a sister, you can be angry at one another one day and love each other the next.

The fights never make things weird between you because the love is unconditional. You can say what you think or feel and know that things will be okay the next day.

7. You Can Benefit from Siblings’ Strengths

If your sister is better than you at something, you can still benefit from her talent. She’ll likely be more than happy to help you out. You’d do the same for her, proving how powerful a sibling relationship can be.

8. You Can Bounce Ideas Off One Another

When you need to know what to get your parents for the holidays, your sister is the perfect person to ask. You can bounce ideas off one another, coming up with good ideas. She’ll ease some of the burdens, helping you find confidence in what you choose.


9. Sisters Can Borrow Each Other’s Things

Sisters are known to borrow things from their siblings, with or without permission. You have to expect your sister will view your belongings as a fair game. The best part is that you can do the same to her, so look at this as a benefit.

If you ever feel like you don’t have something to wear, you’ll always have a backup plan in your closet. Anything else she owns benefits you, as well, because you can borrow it whenever you want.

10. You Understand Each Other

When you’re with your sister, you don’t have to say anything for them to know what you’re thinking. If you’re upset, they know it before anyone else does. They can also guess what you’re going to say about something.

11. You Can Work Together to Convince Your Parents

If your parents have more than one child pressuring them to do something, it’ll work out better. This tactic might not linger into adulthood, but maybe it will. Either way, it’s a benefit when you all live under one roof.

12. You Can Talk to Siblings About Anything

No matter what you need to talk about, your sister is there to listen. You don’t have to worry about her secretly judging you because she already knows you well. Plus, she won’t be afraid to speak her mind, so you’ll know her thoughts on the situation.

You can go to her for dating advice, friend troubles, or anything else that interferes with your happiness. No topic is off-limits, so you’ll never feel alone if she’s around. She’ll tell you how she feels about your friends, your decisions, and even how your hair looks.

You can also talk to your sister about your family because no one else will get it as she does. She’s been through it all with you and can understand your feelings.

Another thing you can always talk to your sister about is your style. If you aren’t sure that your outfit is working well, she’ll give you the advice you need. She won’t be afraid, to be honest with you, and you know that you can trust her input.

You can be open and honest with your sister about her life. Even if she gets mad about your honesty, she’ll quickly let it go. They are one of the few people you can be completely honest with without hurting their feelings or making them angry.

13. Sisters Keep All of Your Embarrassing Secrets

Your sister knows more embarrassing things about you than almost anyone else. Since you know she’ll keep the embarrassing stuff safe, you can trust her with other stories and secrets. You know she won’t judge you if she sees embarrassing throwback pictures of you because she saw it firsthand.

14. Family Vacation is More Fun

You’ll have more fun when you have someone to enjoy time with on a family vacation. Sure, spending time with your parents is fun, but it’s more fun with a sibling.

You’ll have someone who understands you and knows what you think is fun. Activities will be more fun when you have someone by your side, and it’ll only deepen the bond.

15. Sisters Forgive

You might get in fights over trivial things, but she’ll always forgive you. Sometimes it might seem like you fight more than you get along, but you love each other regardless. Even when you have a big fight, you can trust that forgiveness will follow.

This benefit is one of the reasons people are nicer to their friends than their sisters. They know that their sister will forgive them when a friend might not. Plus, they’re more comfortable with family than with friends, so they let things out that they wouldn’t otherwise.

16. Siblings Are Your Forever Best Friend

Even your closest friends could leave your life unexpectedly, but your sister won’t. She’s there through it all; you can trust that she isn’t going anywhere. Even when you fight or move away, you’ll stay in touch and make it a point to see one another.

You have her to hang out with at family events and keep you company when you feel lonely. She’s there for it all, proving to be the most consistent friend in your life. Even when other friends don’t know what’s going on in your life, you always know that she does.

You know each other’s favorite shows, food, music, and movies. Plus, you likely share many similar favorites or at least like similar things.

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Final Thoughts on Reasons That Sisters Make the Best Relatives

You might not always think it, but sisters make the best relatives. Your sister knows you better than almost anyone else, and you went through similar experiences growing up. Even though you’re different, you’re more alike than you might realize.

The reasons that sisters make the best relatives can help you remember why you love them so much. Embrace your relationship, and cherish each moment together. Your bond with her is unbreakable, so don’t take it for granted.