If you have anxiety, then you know the negative feelings that come with it. The negative feelings can stand in your way of happiness and reaching your goals. The good thing is that you can train yourself to choose positivity over anxiety.

Feeling anxious is normal, and it can be a beneficial stress response. Anxiety can alert you of danger, encourage you to check in on someone, and helps you pay attention to your surroundings. In these instances, it is helpful and sometimes life-saving.

Oftentimes, though, anxiety can become an overwhelming sensation that controls your thoughts. It can even cause you to believe things that aren’t true. In these instances, it goes beyond a normal response and becomes detrimental to your wellbeing.

When your anxiety has reached the point of becoming a problem, you can decide to choose positivity instead. Positive affirmations can help you change your mindset by retraining your brain.

Some of the benefits of positive affirmations for anxiety include these:

-reduced stress
-better coping mechanisms
-positive attitude toward the future
-improved concentration and focus
-more success
-increased self-esteem and confidence
-better relationships
-an improved sense of wellbeing

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Signs That Your Anxiety is Controlling Your Mind

Many signs can help you determine if your anxiety is normal or if it has become a problem. These signs include the following:

-anxious feelings overtaking your mind
-constant hyper-vigilance
-nagging thoughts that make you feel bad
-stressing over how your text message or email will be interpreted
-living with a worry of something that hasn’t happened and likely won’t happen
-convincing yourself of things there is no proof of or that you know aren’t true

Fifteen Affirmations That Help You Choose Positivity

Reflect on these statements to show yourself a little bit of love.

1. I choose to think positive and calming thoughts always.

When you choose to think this way, you will feel better and less anxious. If you notice that your thoughts are becoming negative, then repeat this affirmation. Say it as many times as it takes to change your mindset, and open your mind to positive thinking.

2. I am strong enough to deal with any situation.

Always remember that you have everything it takes to overcome anything. No matter what situation you find yourself in, repeat this affirmation so that anxiety doesn’t overtake your mind. If you can remain positive, getting through hard times will be easier.

3. I know that I am safe, and there is nothing to be afraid of right now.

When you feel anxious about something, it often means you are afraid or unsure. In those moments, assess the situation and determine if you are in danger. If not, there is nothing to fear, and you can change your mindset by reaffirming it.

Repeat this affirmation and allow yourself to believe it. Repeating and trusting the statement will help you form a positive mindset instead of letting the anxiety take over.

4. I learn and grow from every situation I go through.

When you know that you are learning and developing you will see the positive things about your situation. When you focus on the positive aspects instead of what you’re unsure of, you will feel better. Anytime you feel anxious, remind yourself that this is a learning opportunity and you will be better because of it.

5. I know I can’t change everything, so I will only focus on what I can change.

Sometimes the things you can’t change are what lead to anxiety. Instead of allowing this to happen, accept that you can’t change everything. Then, make a conscious decision to only focus on the things that you can change.

When you stop obsessing over what you can’t change, your mind will be clear. You can then focus on the things that matter right now, which is what you can change. If you focus on what you can work on right now, it will help you stay positive as you move forward.

6. I will be watchful but calm when I feel anxious.

It can be hard to ease your anxiety when you feel like something might be wrong. When this happens, remind yourself that everything is okay, but it is also okay to observe your surroundings. Tell yourself to be calm and pay attention, and you will begin to notice the positive things instead.

When you permit yourself to be watchful, it allows you an opportunity to trust yourself. It also lets you see that things are okay, which will ease your mind and anxiety.

7. I always look for things to be thankful for in my life.

In moments of overwhelming anxiety, thinking about what you are grateful for can help. Thinking about what you are thankful for will bring to mind the things you cherish and the people you love.

Each time you do this, you will notice that it is calming. Doing this can help you choose positivity as you focus on what makes you feel happy and safe.

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8. I accept the things I can’t change and understand that everything will work out.

When you can’t change something, you must accept it. Nothing you can do will change how things worked out, and with acceptance, you will feel better. Just remind yourself that everything will work out the way it was supposed to.

Have faith that your life will be okay, even if you are unsure about it right now. When you don’t know what your future holds, choosing to think positively about it will prevent anxiety from settling in.

9. I know that this feeling will pass, so for now I will take deep breaths.

When all else fails, this affirmation will help you choose positivity. When you acknowledge that you know the negative feeling will pass, it helps ease your mind more quickly. Tell yourself to take deep breaths, and then do it because it will help reaffirm the words you have spoken.

10. I understand that my anxiety causes me to think about things that aren’t always true.

When you feel anxious, your thoughts tend to become extremely negative. Then, you will begin to convince yourself of things that aren’t true. You may convince yourself that your best friend doesn’t like you or that your family doesn’t like having you around.

When these types of thoughts come to mind, use this positive affirmation to change your mindset. Remember that your negative thoughts aren’t true and that your anxiety is manipulating you.

11. I am in control of my thoughts, and I choose which mindset I will take on.

Always remember that you control your mind, and you can decide your mindset. Since you are in control, if you want to be positive you simply have to choose positivity. Take control of your mind so that you can live a better, happier life.

12. I exhale anxiety and inhale strength and positivity.

After you say this positive affirmation, physically do what it says. As you exhale, imagine the anxiety leaving your body. Likewise, when you inhale, imagine inhaling strength and positivity.

You can even let this affirmation run through your mind as you focus on your breathing. When you keep the positive statement in your mind, it will allow you to do it anywhere and any time.

13. I am good enough and know that I am doing my best.

Anxiety can cause you to feel like you aren’t good enough or aren’t doing enough. If this is the case for you, this affirmation can help you overcome that feeling.

You are good enough, and if you know that you are doing your best, you should feel good about yourself. Use this statement to reaffirm your belief in yourself.

14. I find joy in the little things, even when I feel anxious.

With anxiety, you may notice that you don’t find joy in your life as often. Repeat this affirmation each day, and you will remember to look for joy as you go through your day. Looking for things to be happy about can help ease your anxiety, and you will become more positive as the day goes on.

15. I can make mistakes can bounce back from them.

Everyone makes mistakes, so you shouldn’t give yourself a hard time about it. Learn from your mistakes and use them as an opportunity for growth and development. When you learn from your mistakes, you will bounce back and be better than you were before.

Choosing a positive mindset when you make a mistake will you move forward. It will help you overcome the obstacle and come up with a new plan that works. Don’t let your anxiety prevent you from doing better next time.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations That Help You Choose Positivity Over Anxiety

As you read through these affirmations to help you choose positivity, keep an open mind. Say them all out loud and then determine which ones resonated the most. You must find the positive affirmations that work for you because they might not all do the trick.

As you choose positivity each day, it will become easier to think with a positive mindset. Always remember that you are the only person that can decide how you feel. Make sure you choose positivity so you can feel good and be happy.