Society always talks about how much damage a cheating husband will do to a family. Still, unfortunately, not many people seem to acknowledge that a cheating wife is just as bad and hurts a relationship or family just as much. While statistics show that men tend to cheat more often, that doesn’t mean women don’t do it. Not just that, but the main difference between men who cheat and women who cheat is the way they do it.

Women tend to be cheaters who have a full-blown relationship with the other man. Men tend to have more flings or one-night stands. Sure, that doesn’t mean women can’t have flings or that there aren’t men out there who have a second family. Plus, no matter how someone cheats, the action is just as immoral and should have repercussions.

Now, not all women use the same tactics when cheating. Some are bold enough to invite their other man into the family house and get intimate there. Others allow men to take them to their homes or hotel rooms. Some have flings, while others catch feelings and start a romantic relationship with the other man.

It doesn’t matter how they cheat, as the changes in their behavior will be similar. All cheating wives will start to act weird and out of character. Of course, some can mask it better than others. But, if you look out for the signs, you’ll be able to tell if you are being cheated on. Just know that while you can make your own choices and forgive a cheating wife, you are also allowed to leave.

Sometimes, her cheating will be a one-time thing, a lapse in judgment. That’s still not excusable, but you can find ways to forgive her if that’s what you want. But you can also leave the person who cheated on you. And, in many cases, that’s the healthiest choice you can make.

5 Behaviors That Reveal a Cheating Wife

NOTE: We acknowledge that men can also be cheaters, and we discuss the typical actions of males who cheat in a companion article.

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1.     A Cheating Wife Starts Going Out More

There’s nothing wrong with a woman going out with her friends, even if she is married. But, if you are married to someone, that means you know what their schedule is usually like and how often they like to go out. Sure, sometimes your wife will have a busier week, and she’ll go out more. But if she suddenly seems busy and always goes out, that’s suspicious.

Plus, if she suddenly becomes very interested in her appearance, that is probably not just a coincidence. Again, there’s nothing wrong with a woman wanting to work on herself. But, an obsession with one’s appearance signifies that a person is trying to impress someone. This is true for both men and women.

But, while men will wear a nice shirt and shave, a woman might go a bit crazier with her appearance. If she tries to impress another man, she will buy new clothes, do her make-up and hair and even shave and scrub every inch of her body. She might wear a new perfume and buy designer items that make her seem desirable.

Some women go all out because that’s what they enjoy. But all women will put in that bit of extra effort when they are cheating. If, in the past few weeks, your wife was gone every night and she always left dressed up in her best clothes, that’s when you can become suspicious. You can always ask if you can tag along. If she always refuses, that means she’s hiding something.

There is no reason why she wouldn’t want you to hang out with her friends. And no one needs to have girl time for ten nights. Again, there’s nothing wrong with her going out. But when that’s all she seems to be doing but never wants you there or can never seem to tell you what she did, then you have a problem. Chances are you are dealing with a cheating husband.

2.      Cheaters Have Frequent or Sudden Schedule Changes

People’s schedules change all the time. So you shouldn’t always be suspicious if your wife has to do extra work or changes in her schedule. That being said, if she never had to go on a work trip, but suddenly she had to be gone with work every other week, that’s strange. Or if she didn’t mention a promotion or change in management, but her work hours change, something doesn’t add up.

A cheating wife will need time in which to do the cheating. And, of course, she will come up with some sort of excuse so that you don’t become suspicious. But that doesn’t mean you should fall for every excuse. At the same time, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Try to converse with her and ask her about all her trips or the extra projects she had to work on.

If she can’t tell you what she had to work on or where the conference was, that’s a sign she’s up to something. You can even call her work to check if those changes are real. Normally, this would be a toxic and controlling behavior, but in this case, it’s the only way to find out if you are being lied to. So, you can make that call to get the information you need.

3.      A Cheater Receives Many Gifts

If your wife is cheating, she might be getting gifts from the people courting her. Of course, those will probably not be delivered to your house. But if she suddenly starts having items you’ve never seen, that’s probably not a coincidence. You might just have a wife who loves to shop. But you might have a cheating wife, and those gifts are probably from guys trying to sweep her off her feet.

Plus, it’s not just jewelry or clothes she might be getting. If your house is filled with bouquets, that’s why you are a little suspicious. The thing is, women like to be courted. They like to get all the attention and feel like someone cares about them. This is exactly why she is keeping these gifts. Even though it would be safer for her to throw them away, she’ll keep them because they make her feel special.

Plus, she probably thinks that she can hide those gifts from you. But, if you notice some shiny new things popping up in your house, you should confront her about it. If she struggles to explain, she probably got them from her other man. Even if she says she bought them, buying jewelry and flowers for herself, especially if she doesn’t usually do that, it’s even weirder.


4.      A Cheating Wife Avoids You and Runs From Intimacy

A cheater will feel an enormous amount of guilt. So, if you have a cheating wife, she will probably struggle even to look you in the eye, knowing what she did. At the same time, most cheaters don’t want to leave their spouses because they are comfortable in that relationship. In that case, the cheater will want to maintain the relationship. But the presence of their spouse will make them feel like horrible human beings.

If you have a cheating wife, she won’t want to leave you, but she will probably avoid you until she can stop feeling guilty. She will be afraid you’ll figure out what she did if she spends too much time with you. That means she’ll probably come home from work, eat, shower, and go straight to bed without talking to you. Intimacy will be the last thing she will want to engage in.

When two people are intimate, they share a special connection and allow themselves to be vulnerable. Knowing that she cheated, she won’t trust herself to be that vulnerable around you. Again, this is because she believes you’ll be able to tell what she did if she allows her guard to fall in your presence. So, she won’t sleep with you and might not even want to kiss or hold your hand. If your wife suddenly starts to avoid you and intimacy at all costs, she’s probably cheating on you.

5.      A Cheating Wife Lies and Acts Strangely

A cheating wife will start acting weird and shady all the time. She won’t be herself, and, chances are, her lies will begin piling up quickly. She’ll lie to you about where she’s going at night. But she might forget what lie she told you and have to add some more lies to the pile. So, she will start habitually lying and acting shady at all times.

Plus, she might be looking for a way to break the news to you or even leave you, which might make her act even weirder.  Not to mention that she might act moody all the time without reason. She’s probably mad at herself for cheating and lying, but she might not see a way out of the mess she created. That probably means she is angry at herself and doesn’t know how to manage that anger.

This means there is a high likelihood she will snap at you and start fights for no reason. It might make her feel better to fight because that would mean that the relationship is rocky, and other factors, nor her cheating, cause the issues. That can make a cheating wife feel a little better about herself.

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Final Thoughts on Behaviors That Reveal a Cheating Wife

One of the worst things a husband can learn about his wife is that she is cheating on him. But it’s better to figure that out yourself than to hear it from others. So, you need to learn some signs of a cheating wife.

A cheating wife will always go out and pay attention to her looks. She will always be busy, and her schedule will continually change. She also might be getting random gifts. Plus, she’ll probably avoid you and start acting shady. If your wife does any of these, she is probably being unfaithful.