10 Things a Caring Person Does Without Realizing It

10 Things a Caring Person Does Without Realizing It

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In a world where you have endless possibilities where you can do or be anything, the best thing you can do is be kind. You encounter people every day that come from all walks of life. There is no way to know what this person is suffering from without talking to them, but you can be a caring person who shows that there are still good people in this world.

Let’s assume someone cut you off in traffic and nearly caused an accident. The first instinct you have is to give them a rude gesture, honk the horn, and gripe about it on social media. You didn’t know that this person was rushing to get to a loved one who is in the hospital dying.

Perhaps you’ve encountered a rude waitstaff at the local fast-food restaurant who send your blood boiling. While your gut instinct is to report them to the manager and get them fired, there’s a story behind their poor mood you don’t know about. See, their baby has both mental and physical disabilities that keep them up all night long.

They run on 2-3 hours of sleep and can barely drag themselves to their job to make ends meet. The fact is that there’s no way for you to know what each person you encounter is facing in life, so it’s best to be kind because you may be the one smile that they need to see that day.


The difference in how a caring person responds is this: they will gather the facts before they judge or brush off such incidents.

Things Kind People Do

Do you consider yourself to be a kind person? Are you caring, have good manners, and go out of your way to help the elderly and those in need? Life is stressful, and the burdens that many people carry are great. If you could put yourself in the shoes of others for a day, your perception of things would vastly change.

When you put goodness, kindness, and a caring nature out into the universe, then it will come back to you. Plus, people like kind individuals and they never lack for friends. Here are some things that kind people do to make this world a better place.

1. Eager to Offer Praise

A kind word can go a long way. A caring person who is kind-hearted towards others will offer praise to try to build up someone else. Even if it’s something as small as a new dress or a lovely cologne, they use good things about others to help build their esteem.


It feels good when people take time out of their day to stop and appreciate something nice about someone else.

2. Practice Patience

Patience is one virtue that takes a lot of practice to achieve. The next time you’re stuck in rush-hour traffic, the phone is ringing, the kids are arguing, and you’re late, this would be an excellent time to exercise this virtue. Patience means you don’t fly off the handle when people don’t move at the pace you require or do things the way you prefer.

3. Respect Privacy

The privacy of others is a big deal. Some people love sharing their children’s photographs all over social media; then others find it offensive that people would share such a private part of their life. When you respect others’ privacy, you consider their feelings and beliefs even if it doesn’t align with yours.

4. Show Sincere Appreciation

Have you ever handed someone a gift, and they look less than thrilled with the item? It’s hard to hide some sentiments, but a caring person does everything they can to show sincere appreciation for what they have in this life. You probably won’t hear them bragging about the car they drive or the home they live in as they see them as blessings and nothing to brag about.

5. Give Back to the Less Fortunate

Kind and caring people are the ones that are working in the soup kitchen during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and they’re the ones that clean their closets out to give to those in need. They donate their time and resources to help others, and they would never take a dime for their assistance.


See, they know that there is always someone with less than they do, even if they don’t have a lot. These individuals live by the motto that if you have two shirts, you give your brother one. Giving back makes you feel good, and the other person blessed.

6. Smile Frequently

In 1936, John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons wrote a song entitled “Smile.” Though it was written as a soundtrack for the movie Modern Times starring Charlie Chapman, it didn’t become popular until 1954 when Nat King Cole made a recording. The song’s words are commonly known, and they’re quite powerful as they resonate with so many people.

It merely states to smile through your heartbreaks, smile when there are dark clouds in the sky, and smile through your tears. When you smile, it’s your way of reaffirming to yourself and the world that things will be alright. Some experts believe that smiling is a magic pill because it tricks your brain into thinking that you’re happy.

You can show others how much you care by smiling at them. Who knows, it could improve their day too.

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7. Do Random Acts of Kindness

The movement to do random acts of kindness intensified a few years ago to show others that there are still good people out there. You may pull up to get lunch at a fast-food eatery only to find that the person in front of you already paid for your order. Other acts are flowers sent for no reason, paying for the groceries of the person behind you, or doing anything that helps someone see you care.

The golden rule says that giving to others is way better than receiving something yourself. However, when you do these random acts, both you and the receiver are blessed. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to do these acts either. A simple coffee to your boss in the morning or a candy bar to a coworker can be just as effective.

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8. Get Involved in Civic Events

No matter where you live, there are always civic events that help make the place you call home better. A person who cares will help plant flowers in local parks, assist in cleanup days to minimize litter, and do other things to make this world a better place. Civic events can be for charitable purposes, and they will be the first one to sign up as the help crew.

9. Show Good Manners

One of the best things that parents can teach their children is to have good manners. Saying please, thank you, and you’re welcome shows good breeding. Have you ever handed a child a gift and they snarled their nose and didn’t even thank you for the purchase? Someone who is kind and cares about others would never want to hurt their feelings.

Even if they didn’t like what was given, they would be generous and show impeccable manners. These positive behaviors come easy to this individual, and they don’t even have to think about it.


10. Are Kind to The Elderly

Have you ever been in the grocery store and see an elderly gentleman or lady having trouble getting the bags from the cart to the car? Stopping what you’re doing to help them is a sign that you’re a good and caring person. Being kind to the elderly is not something that doesn’t go unnoticed when it comes to the universe.

Good karma follows those who are eager to help others, even if it’s just a small gesture like putting bags in a trunk. Take time to stop and say high to the aging crowd, for many of them are lonely and go home to an empty house. You’ll be there one day, so it’s essential to be kind now.

Final Thoughts on Being Kind and Caring

If everyone on this planet took time to practice just one thing on this list, they would make the world a better place to be. Do you think people see you as a kind and caring person, or are there things you need to work on?


It’s easy to become downtrodden and think of everything going so wrong in your life, but when you consider others’ needs, you put your troubles aside. Give, and it will be given back to you. No, the universe isn’t always going to bless you with monetary wealth, for some things in this life are worth more than any amount of money.

The priceless things that you do each day are helping someone in need, smiling when you feel like crying, and never being too busy to help an older adult who is lonely and has no family at home. You will feel much better at the end of the day when you care and are kind to those you encounter.


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