Do you feel like you’re in a career slump? Even if you’re in a job field that you’ve always loved, it may be time for a career change. Wouldn’t it be great if you lived every day pursuing your passion rather than just punching a time clock?

Did you know that the average person will change their job five to seven times during their lifetime? If you’ve only had three jobs by the time you retire, then you are in the minority. Going to the same company day in and day out can be tiring.

You may find that you’re becoming burnt out with the monotony of it all. In many cases, a career change will do you good.

Signs It’s Time to Change

How do you know whether you should bite the bullet and make a career change or stay and reap the benefits of tenure? There is something to be said for people that hang on to a job until their retirement years, but few make it that far.

Pursuing your passion is not always financially the best decision. However, your mental and physical health can take a toll on you if you’re doing a job you don’t like. Here are some signs that it’s time for you to make a change.

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1. You Dread Going to Work

The adage says that if you find a job that you like that you will never work a day in your life. So if you love your career, then you won’t dread going to work, right? Well, work is not always fun, but you should have friends and things about the position that is redeemable.

Now, keep in mind that there will be stress and some days are going to be better than others. However, if you find yourself continually dreading going to work, then it could be a sign that you need to make a change.

2. You’re Always in A Bad Mood at Work

Do you notice that your mood and behaviors are subpar when you’re at work? If every little thing irritates you and you find that the smallest thing sets you off, then it could be a sign that you need a career change.

While there may be certain situations that are irritating, you need to weigh if the circumstances warrant how you feel. In many instances, you may find that you are overreacting out of stress and ongoing angst from the situation. However, a bad situation can take a drastic toll on your overall mood.

3. You’re Apathetic to Change

Do you lack desire? When there is a special project, do you try to hide in the back of the crowd to avoid being picked? If your innovation is lacking, then it may be a sign you need to start packing.

You need to be at a job where your talents can be recognized. If you don’t even care to participate because of past failures or a lack of motivation, then it might be time to move on.

4. Your Focus is Poor

Unless you have a medical condition like ADHD, you shouldn’t have a hard time focusing. However, your focus can be directly linked to your interest. Have you ever tried to get your child to do homework when all they wanted to do was play?

Some parents have described getting their kids to work on an assignment is like nailing Jello to a tree. Can you relate? If you try but cannot seem to focus on the tasks at hand, then it’s time to reevaluate your job.

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5. You’re Unproductive

Were you a star player, but you’ve fallen in the ranks? Do you no longer care if you get recognition or make the top seller list anymore? You may find that you are just totally unproductive.

When your focus is off, and you don’t want to be there, then you will find that doing your job is impossible. Are you missing deadlines, or have you had reprimands because you’re not meeting quotas?

Sometimes people become burned out. No matter how hard you try to push yourself, you may not be able to give the company the productivity you once did. It’s just another indication that a change would do you good.

6. Your Self-Esteem is Suffering

Does your job make you feel lackluster and subpar? A career that once made you feel fulfilled is now making you miserable. Your self-esteem can suffer when you’re not hitting your goals, and your performance much less than that of your colleagues.

If a position doesn’t make you feel better about yourself, but it makes you doubt your abilities, then it can cause damage to your psyche. A person who thinks they can’t do something will not perform near as well as someone who believes they can do anything.

7. Your Heart is Not in It

Many people find that their heart is not in their job anymore, but how can you tell? Well, do you not return calls to customers that you would have answered right away before?

Do you let customer service issues slide or handle a situation in ways that you would have never dreamed of when you first started? Do you drag into work late, take more extended lunches, and are the first one out the door? When you can’t wait to get out of the workplace, you’re just there to collect a paycheck.

When your heart is not in your job, your performance and everything else will suffer. If it pains you to drag yourself out of bed to go to a job that makes you feel miserable, then you might want to change careers.

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8. You’re Eternally Bored

Are you twiddling your thumbs rather than doing any real work? The only thing worse than being overworked is having little to do. Maybe your company doesn’t need you or business is slow.

Work shouldn’t be entertaining, but you don’t need to be bored out of your mind either. If the days drag on and there are spaces of time when you feel like climbing the walls, then you need to reevaluate your situation. The day can seem like years when you have nothing to do.

9. You Daydream of Another Job

Do you sit at your desk and daydream? Are you jealous of a friend that is traveling the world and seeing exciting places while you’re stuck in the same old job? A career change is inevitable if you’re daydreaming about a way out.

It’s common to think the grass is greener on the other side. However, if you find yourself dreaming about a new job and doing something else, then it may be a sign, it’s time to start the job hunt.

10. You’re Looking for Ways Out

Have you already begun sending your resume out to potential companies looking to hire? Are you networking with other businesses about the possibility of a career change? Some people start searching even though they may not be serious about the job hunt.

However, if you are miserable enough to scroll the help wanted section or join a job search engine, then it’s a sign that you need to pick up the pace and find something.

11. You Don’t Get Along with Management

Are you having problems getting along with people on the job? Do you have an issue with management and their leadership styles? Do you have write-ups and marks against you for insubordination or other offenses because you just can’t get along?

Management issues can be troublesome to anyone who is trying to make a living. While you can expect a certain degree of employee/management disagreements, you should look up to and respect your leaders. If the powers that be at your company don’t support their employees or seem to have a problem with you, then it’s time for a career change.

12. You’re Disconnected from Your Passions

Sometimes the need for a career change has nothing to do with the job and more about you as a person. Do you feel like the passion and drive has been sucked out of you at the end of the day?

If you would rather be feeding the hungry and building houses for the homeless, yet you’re stuck behind a machine in a warehouse, you could say that you are disconnected from your passions.

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Final Thoughts on Deciding It’s Time for a Career Change

A job can make you so miserable that you will become unnoticeable to those around you. It can make you anxious, depressed, and put a damper on your life. Rather than living under the dark cloud, why not make a change?

If you’re only there for the money, you don’t have any connections with employees or management; then you need to go. If you’ve started dreaming up sicknesses to avoid going into work, then it’s time for a career change.

When you’re unhappy, your entire body can feel the stress from a life out of balance. What is your passion? Where do you see yourself? Many people have found that they wanted to work for themselves and never punch a time clock again. Maybe you’re done with the career stress and have an entrepreneurial side that is trying to burst out.