Jacob Chattman is the owner of two Russian wolfhounds, also known as Borzoi dogs. Their names are Esper and Ora, and they’re jokingly called “magic spinning Russian noodle horses” on Instagram. The funny nickname comes from their love of spinning around in circles and their horselike features, like the long nose.

“Esper is my best friend. We do everything together. She likes to come on runs and hikes, and she sleeps in my bed,” Jacob says. “In 2015, I adopted Esper and her brother Vladimir. When we first met Esper, she was not in the best condition. She actually only had a little area to exercise when she was a young puppy. We had been looking for adoptions for years ‘cause I always wanted to rescue and adopt dogs, and the opportunity just fell in our laps.”

While he and his wife Christina were on vacation, they got a call about two Borzois available for adoption in New Mexico. They ended up driving 16 hours from Arizona to New Mexico to get them both. They’ve been on a fantastic journey with the beautiful dogs so far. However, Jacob is no stranger to the Borzoi breed.

“My parents have had Borzois since the 1970s, so I’ve grown up with nine different Borzois, and now the two of my own. I couldn’t understate the amount of positivity that comes from having a dog. There’s something to be said about the unconditional love that comes from having a dog that you just don’t understand until you own one,” he says.

“You’re having a bad day; your dog’s never really having a bad day; they’ll cheer you up. I’ve been making videos with Esper pretty much since I got her. This is back on Vine, and Esper got famous because we made “The little Russian lady” video, and we just continue doing content together. It’s something we love to do.”

The Borzoi dogs love the online attention but have a wonderful life behind the scenes, too.


In January 2020, the family grew with the addition of another Borzoi named Ora. She’s a bit rowdier than Esper and loves to “jump and eat everything in sight,” according to their website. Ora also seems to enjoy being behind the camera, and she and her sister make tons of videos together.

They also get to explore tons of national parks and forests with their amazing humans. They’ve been to the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, and all over Arizona pretty much. Not only do Jacob and Christina love having new experiences, but they also love taking their dogs along for the ride.

“You know, it gets me out of the house, too. It gets me traveling. It gets me having new experiences, it’s good for all of us. I think the best memory I have is the first day we had Esper and the first time we took her outside, and she started spinning. I have never been more terrified and excited and curious, I mean, we didn’t know what was happening, and we were so worried,” Jacob says.

She looked like a tornado, and both Jacob and his wife Christina thought, “What is wrong with my dog?!” That’s just another quirky part of Esper’s personality, but they wouldn’t have her any other way. They accept all of her spinning Russian noodle horse self.


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Despite their fun, active lifestyle, raising dogs requires a lot of patience and hard work.

Jacob gives the following advice for anyone looking to adopt a pet:

“If you’re going to start with a puppy, just expect it to be difficult, especially the first few months of having a puppy. It’s crazy, but think of it as an investment as your putting this effort, then you’ll get it back. When you train your dog well, they will give you all of that back tenfold because of the experiences you’re gonna have with your pup.

“Now, when you adopt a dog, there are quirks and stuff that come with adopting a dog because they’re older, and they’re more set in their ways. We got Esper when she was luckily fairly young; she was eight months, but where she came from, she had never seen cars, bicycles, skateboards, stairs. There are all of these things we had to prepare her for and get her used to,” he says.

“So, it’s going into it with an open heart and open mind, and trust it that over time, your dog will overcome their fears as long as you’re with them. It’s been a life-changing thing for me, and I would absolutely, absolutely do it 1,000 times, a million times.”

A few interesting facts about the Borzoi dog from the AKC:

  • They’re considered a giant breed, with adult males standing 28-32 inches high at the top of the shoulder. They weigh anywhere from 75-105 pounds.
  • The Borzoi dog is a hound group member and uses its eyes to find and chase prey. They have a 270-degree field of sight with eyes placed on the front of their head.
  • They were initially bred to hunt wild game like wolves, foxes, and hares. That explains their large yet agile body type, as they relied on their speed to catch prey. Indeed, the name Borzoi comes from the Russian word for “swift.”
  • Borzois make lovely family pets, as they’re gentle, sweet, and affectionate dogs.
  • They’re around the 90th most popular dog in the US, making them a pretty rare breed.


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Final thoughts on Esper the Borzoi dog and her sister Ora

Esper and Ora enjoy a happy, active lifestyle with their parents Jacob and Christina. They love spreading positivity and humor into people’s lives on their social media accounts. One of Esper’s videos went viral, titled “The little Russian lady.” We have to say. She pulled it off perfectly!

If you’re considering getting a Borzoi, make sure you have plenty of room since they are giant dogs! They will need lots of exercise and space to roam around. Overall, they’re just happy-go-lucky dogs with a lot of love to give.

Have you ever seen a Borzoi dog in person? Let us know in the comments!