Happiness is a commonly misunderstood word yet we keep searching for it our entire life. Do happiness quotes make you happy? Most people make wishes like –if only I had a big house, the job I wanted, a new car, the right partner –I would be very happy. Unfortunately, what most people don’t know is that you don’t require these things to be happy.

Do you smile every time you see a young child or baby giggling? This should remind you that we are all born with an innate and natural sense of happiness –It’s actually your birthright. You only experience unhappiness and suffering as you grow old and as circumstances change. This post will share essential happiness tips.

Be positive

Generally, life doesn’t need negative things, and negative emotions don’t have a purpose in your life. You don’t require negative emotions to do something good. These emotions only lead to negativity and that’s not good for you –they destroy your life including everything in it. What should you do? You have to learn to think positively of you want to be happy. Try to cultivate positivity and work on positive emotions. Once you develop positive emotions, you’ll be less vulnerable to any negative influence that’s around you.

Cultivate inner discipline

Discipline can transform your behaviors, outlook, and attitudes toward life. By developing a calm mind you’ll start attaining the fundamentals of true happiness. You can accomplish this by learning to face your negative qualities and tendencies and then turn them into positives. This is how you achieve inner discipline. Note that you shouldn’t ignore any events that happen around you. It means that your focus and sensitivity are still present but you are in control of everything. This way, you will easily respond to any circumstance without showing bad emotions.

Keep smiling

Do you believe that smile is contagious? Well, it works wonders not only to your face but to the people surrounding you. When you smile, your aura changes and you become radiant. You become more attractive and approachable. Isn’t this what everyone desires? Create a habit of smiling always even if your day is not as productive as you wanted or things haven’t gone the way you wanted them to. Just smile and you will see people smiling back at you.

Love yourself 

The most essential relationship you can ever have is being happy with yourself. Unluckily, most of us always talk to ourselves with contempt and criticism. The key to being happy is to treat yourself the same way you treat a person you love or your best friend –with compassion, unconditional acceptance, and love. You deserve your affection and love.

Be thankful

The opposite contentment is greed. A happy person will always be contented and successful but it doesn’t mean that they are glamorous and very rich. In fact, people who are always grateful for everything they have are often simple people. This is because they are proud of their simple accomplishments and choose to share the little they have with their loved ones. By learning to be grateful, you will have no room for greed since you’re contented. It’s okay to push yourself a little bit harder when you want to achieve your goals provided you don’t step on others as you try to succeed.


Learn to give

Develop a habit of giving with love without expecting to get something in return. This behavior will keep you nourished and you will be more fulfilled just like the person you offered a gift to. You don’t have to give expensive gifts to be happy –try giving a silent blessing in your heart, a helping hand every time you come across a needy person, or kind words of support.

Learn to forgive

The opposite of happiness is suffering. Even though pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice. Often, we like prolonging our agony when we perpetuate our pain and keep it alive. Do you find reasons and ways to hate a person just because you have experienced an injustice? Do you play a victim by magnifying what has happened? You have a choice in any given situation in your life. Your suffering will depend on how you choose to respond to a misfortune. Instead of choosing to suffer, try to forgive yourself and others and you’ll be happy. Happiness quotes can help you learn how to forgive too.

Forget the past

You can never be happy if you dwell on the past. Don’t allow your past experiences to define who you are or haunt your presence. Instead, choose to free yourself from the guilt, shame, pain, and hatred the past has brought you. Don’t re-live the past. Instead of playing a victim, choose to move forward and you will find happiness tips that can guide you.

Happiness can only be real if you stop seeking transient and material things and choose to discover that lasting joy that’s within you.

Consider following these tips and you will live a happier life. Now fulfillment and happiness are within your grasp.