Bike Riding Cat Loves Nothing More Than Going for a Spin

Bike Riding Cat Loves Nothing More Than Going for a Spin

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Have you ever seen a bike riding cat before? If you ever find yourself in London, you might spot one cruising the streets with her dad Travis. They make the perfect bike riding pair because they both love adventure and meeting new people.

Nowadays, we see the old stereotype of the reclusive cat shattered as we see more owners exploring with their feline pets. And, riding bikes is just one of many activities that cats seem to enjoy!

“Ever since I got Sigrid, right from when she was a kitten, I started to leash train her. And I would take her on little trips to the park or take her with me down to the store and that sort of thing,” Travis said.

“She got very familiar with walking on a leash and very comfortable being around people. And so, about a year ago, I popped her on my bike, and I got a bike basket. We started going on bike rides, and she just took to it right away.”

Sigrid is a beautiful 4-year-old Norwegian Forest cat with a white coat and blue eyes. As she was born deaf, the traffic and other noises in the city don’t bother her while bike riding. Travis says it’s one of their favorite things to do together! Sigrid naturally took to riding bikes because of her adventurous spirit and confident attitude.

“One of the things I really love about Sigrid is that she is completely and utterly fearless – there’s nothing she’s afraid of,” Travis says. “She would hiss and attack dogs when she comes across them, she has no fear whatsoever of traffic, and she has her own agenda and attitude.”


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Bike Riding Cat Loves Nothing More Than Going for a Spin

If you love bike riding and want to take your cat with you, make sure you’re prepared to train them. Not all cats will respond the same way, but you never know until you try!

“A lot of people ask me how they can train their cat to walk on a leash or go on bike rides even. And, while you can train an older cat to do these things, it’s much easier if you start from the beginning,” Travis said. “So, if you do get a kitten, I would advise you immediately start leash training them, get them used to wearing a harness and going outside. And being around other people is really important to socialize your cats.”

Travis initially started taking Sigrid bike riding about a year ago. His job let him go during the height of Covid, and with little else to do, he spent his time cycling. It wasn’t easy to get a new job at that time, so he made the most of it.

“One day, I kind of thought, ‘Well, if I can take Sigrid on walks on a leash, why can’t she come with me on a bike ride?’” Travis said.

“So I got a basket that sits on the front of my bike and popped her in it. She just took to it right away; she absolutely loves it,” Travis said.

Another unexpected outcome from their bike riding is the attention they’ve garnered on social media. Travis enjoys seeing people’s reactions when he posts videos of them cruising the city together.

“And this last year, we’ve been going on bike rides two to three times a week, and I’ve been sharing videos of this. It’s been fabulous; it really makes people happy, spreads a lot of joy, it’s been very uplifting for me.”

Sigrid Attracts Quite a Crowd on Her Adventures

Travis says he truly enjoys riding around with Sigrid as often as possible. She’s always really engaged with her surroundings, looking at the traffic, people, and buildings they pass. He also loves seeing people’s faces when they spot him and Sigrid bike riding through the streets.

“So many people are excited and joyful seeing her. We just get this trail of people shouting, ‘Hey, there’s a cat!’ People always want to stop, take photos, pet her and have a chat. It’s really a great way to get outside, meet people, and spread some goodwill and cheer,” Travis said.

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