Lemon Water Detox : What Are The Benefits Of Lemon Water For Your Skin & Body

Lemon Water Detox : What Are The Benefits Of Lemon Water For Your Skin & Body

Benefits of lemon waterHealth

When you drink a glass of lemon water each day, you will find that you experience many benefits for your entire body. Lemons contain Vitamin C, making them a healthy choice for everyday consumption. One of the benefits of lemon water is that it has a potent detoxifying effect, leading to greater health and wellness.

The benefits of lemon water are many, from clarifying the skin to reducing wrinkling and sun damage. Lemon helps the digestion and freshens breath. It helps your liver process toxins, making your body healthier. This article will detail the awesome benefits of lemon water for your entire body.

Here are the benefits of lemon water:

1. It Increases Vitamin C Consumption

Vitamin C is a necessary nutrient and a powerful antioxidant. When you drink water with lemon every day, your consumption of vitamin C is increased. This brings health benefits to your entire body. The damaging effects of free radicals are reduced, and you will feel more energetic.

2. You’ll Drink More Water

When you add lemon to your water, you’ll find that you turn to water more often as a daily beverage. The twist of fresh citrus flavor will keep you coming back for more. When you add fresh fruit flavor to your water, you will consume more water overall. Hydration is key to promoting a healthy body. Most adults should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. You can even combine lemon with cucumber, mint, or strawberry to give your water different, exciting flavors.

3. Your Skin will be Clearer

Along with supporting your health as a whole, lemon-infused water can improve your appearance. People who consume more vitamin C are at a lower risk for dry, wrinkled skin. A 2007 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women who consumed more vitamin C had a more youthful appearance.

4. Lemon Aids in Digestion

When taken each morning, warm or hot water with lemon juice can be a boost for your digestive system. It can reduce constipation and help your body to fully utilize each nutrient. While all warm beverages may help with your digestion, lemon juice and water are key to detoxifying the body as well.

5. Lemon Helps with Weight Loss

The benefits of lemon water include increased weight loss. According to a 2008 study in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, polyphenols found in lemons helped mice on a high-fat diet maintain their weight. This study has not been replicated with people, but its results with mice are outstanding. Drinking water with lemons also makes you feel full, preventing you from hunger responses that might drive you to eat unhealthy food.

6. Lemon Makes Your Breath Fresh

Lemon is well-known for its ability to banish bad breath. This odor-neutralizing fruit  helps to remove the smell of fish, garlic, and onions from hands after you cook. The same principle applies to your breath. Also, lemon makes your mouth produce more saliva, which is key to avoiding a dry mouth. A dry mouth is one of the major causes of bad breath.

7. Increases Energy and Promotes a Good Mood

One of the little-known benefits of lemon is that it can increase your energy levels. Lemons contain negatively charged ions which boost your body’s energy. The scent of lemon alone is enough to rejuvenate the mind. Lemon fruit or lemon essential oil can provide this effect.

benefits of lemon water

8. It Can Help to Prevent Kidney Stones

One of the most important health benefits of lemon water is that it has been shown to reduce the incidence of kidney stones. Citric acid, the active ingredient in lemon juice promotes greater urine output, which flushes the kidneys and removes toxins. Duke University researchers found that the incidence of kidney stones was greatly reduced in a population treated with lemonade therapy.

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