Women in a committed relationship can be happier if they believe this one thing that recent research shows will help. Women in a long-term relationship have not been studied as much as women who are single. Researchers recently discovered this information that can help women to be more happy and satisfied with their partner.

Believing This ONE Thing Makes Women Happier In Relationships

The stereotype of single men is that they want sex frequently and they are likely to be attentive to any signals that women are interested in them. Although this certainly seems true, less is known about how men and women pick up on cues for sex when they are in long-term relationships.

For women in a long-term committed relationship, your men seem to think that you want sex less often than you really do. And men, your women want sex more often, even if you don’t think they don’t. Or at least that’s what researchers have found out by looking at happiness in relationships and frequency of sex.

The mind is a powerful thing, and women who can convince themselves that their partners feel this way will be more likely to be happy. Desire is often equated with love and happiness. Women who desire their partners are happy in their relationships and vice versa for men.

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In pop culture, the expression of desire for a partner is equated with romantic love. In a study in the journal Personal Relationships, both women and men associated sexual desire with romantic love. Believing that your partner desires you makes you feel desirable and happy.

Researchers show how a single belief about your relationship can make you happier

Researchers in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology studied the happiness of women in a relationship and found some interesting findings. Their research uncovered a previously unexplored topic about relationship happiness.

The scientists say that although men tend to believe that women are more interested in them sexually than they really are, ‘No research currently exists on how people perceive their romantic partner’s sexual desire in the context of ongoing, intimate relationships.’ Strange, but it’s true. How do you know if your partner knows that you are interested in sex? How can your partner tell that you are interested?

Does your partner’s level of interest in sex and yours have to be the same in order for you to feel happy in a committed relationship?

The researchers found ‘evidence that men in established romantic relationships err in the direction of the opposite bias and underperceive their romantic partner’s sexual desire.‘ In other words, instead of assuming that their mate wanted them more often than their mate truly did, they thought that she was less receptive to sexual advances than she actually was.

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The scientists believe that men choose to think that their women want sex less often in order to convince themselves that she is satisfied with the current frequency of sex that he is providing.

They also believe that if a man doesn’t want to feel rejected by his partner, he chooses to believe that she isn’t interested in sex. So it is helpful for men to assume that their partner is not interested in sex because then she will not reject him and his self-esteem is protected from the rejection.

Why are women happier when they believe this one thing about their relationship?

It doesn’t make sense then that women seem to want more sex than their male partners think they do (so they are less sexually satisfied), but the research shows that they are happy.

One reason for women being happier when their partners think that they don’t want sex is that the men are more likely to put in effort to romance their partners for sex if they think they aren’t interested. Buying flowers, showing off your dance skills at a club, or taking her for a nice dinner are the types of dating behaviors that can fade in a long-term relationship.

When men believe that their women want sex less often, they also believe that they have to work harder to get sex. The extra effort that men make to entice their partners into sex translates into making women happier in their relationship.

The result of these behaviors is that both men and women fool themselves by choosing to believe something that is not true about their partner and this leads to greater happiness for women in their long-term committed relationship.

The results of this study are surprising and not necessarily true for all women. Women who enjoy typical romantic activities are happier believing that their partners want sex less often than they do and are happier giving them sex less frequently so they have to romance them to get it.

All of this pretending might make you wonder why men and women aren’t just honest about their level of desire and having more sex. You don’t need anyone’s permission to be honest about your needs. Just ask.

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