Being an empath means feeling others’ emotions as your own, which sometimes gets overwhelming. The second an empath walks into a room, they can easily read the energy and respond accordingly. They know how someone feels without them having to utter a word. This ability may sound like a blessing. However, many empaths know the darker side to their gift as well.

Others will notice your receptive, sympathetic approach to people, and before you know it, everyone’s asking you for advice. Strangers will start to unload their baggage on you in public because you radiate kind, loving energy. It’s certainly a privilege to help others unburden themselves, but it can take its toll if you’re too open.

Being an empath means knowing when to set boundaries and protect your energy. It’s a balancing act when you’re an empath because you don’t want to shut others out entirely. It simply means knowing when to ground yourself and recharge to continue sharing your gift with others.

Do You Think You Might Be an Empath?

being an empath

Here are some common signs and traits of empathic souls:

  • You deeply relate to how others feel. In other words, you can quickly put yourself in their shoes.
  • You require tons of solitude to shield yourself from the world
  • Closeness and intimacy can feel overwhelming at times
  • Being an empath means having heightened intuition
  • You tend to steer clear of noisy, crowded places like shopping malls or concerts
  • Empaths love a quiet night in with a good book and a cup of tea (or coffee)
  • You’re highly independent and don’t like following someone else’s schedule
  • People, even strangers, will pour out their life stories to you
  • Stimuli, such as sounds, smells, and sensations, can easily overwhelm you
  • Being an empath means having a strong dislike for conflict. In fact, you’re a natural peacekeeper
  • You probably feel like you don’t fit in anywhere
  • You have a difficult time setting boundaries
  • Empaths find healing and solace in nature or around animals

Below, we’ll share firsthand accounts of those who identify as an empath and know the struggle it entails.

Twitter Users Explain What It’s Like Being an Empath

  1. Empaths can read you down to your body language. You can’t hide anything from them even if you try.

  1. Some days, being an empath feels

    like a curse. Other times, it feels like the greatest gift that only sensitive people can understand.

  1. Empaths don’t act fake. Period.

  1. Always remember the importance of breathing. In stressful situations, it’s easy to tense up and become overwhelmed with what’s going on. But, that’s when self-care and staying grounded matter the most.

  1. Don’t hide your mess because it’s what makes you beautiful. Own yourself, down to the deepest part of you. It’s ok to be messy.

  1. If you’re an empath, you will easily relate to these aspects of the highly sensitive person


  1. Remember,

    it’s not your job to fix everyone. Heal yourself first, and that vibration will naturally radiate to everyone you encounter.

  1. It’s perfectly okay to focus on yourself for a while when you feel overwhelmed. You may feel obligated to help everyone, but you can’t pour from an empty cup.

  1. Being an empath means spreading your love to others but also valuing your alone time. All that energy can drain empaths, even the extroverted ones among us!

  1. Everyone knows the INFJ personality type is the expert unofficial psychologist! When you want a second opinion on someone, just call on their empath skills.

  1. If you know an empath, their

    soul will shine right through them. Their eyes give them away every time.

  1. Just because they love to heal people doesn’t mean they don’t need healing too. Being an empath isn’t easy, so show some extra love to your empath friends. They’re not always okay, even if they seem like it on the outside.

  1. Being an empath means following your heart and listening to your gut no matter what. Others may try to guide you, but an intuitive being like you knows best.

  1. Self-aware empaths know how to tune their inner frequency to attract a better environment. Shout out to the empaths out there who use their gift in this amazing way!

  1. The world could definitely use this advice from an empath, especially in these times. Let’s remember not to give in to fear and focus on spreading love when we can.

  1. Spoken like a true empath! As we said before, don’t let your sensitivity completely shut out your reason. Hold a boundary when necessary to protect yourself.

  1. Being an empath means having a constant internal struggle of wanting to save the world and hide under your blankets at the same time.

  1. Empaths tend to

    hold themselves to an impossible standard. But remember to relax and let things flow naturally, without forcing life to happen a certain way.

  1. That’s the dilemma of the empath in a nutshell – having emotions that run so deep, you often don’t know what to do with them.

  1. This is definitely food for thought. What if being an empath is normal, but our overly logical world ridicules it?

Being an empath in our highly stimulating, the chaotic world may seem like a curse. However, what if you look at it differently? Perhaps you came here to help restore the balance between feelings and reason. Sure, logic and facts have their place, but it means nothing without intuition and creativity. That’s where you come in, fellow empath.

Final Thoughts on the Reality of Being an Empath

The Twitter users above know precisely how it feels to be an empath. One minute, they feel on top of the world. However, they feel ten feet under the next. That’s the typical experience and life as an empath, but the highs and lows make life enjoyable. It’s better to feel something than feel completely numb and lifeless, right?

Indeed, empaths bring unique gifts and perspectives to the world even on their “off” days. Being able to feel so deeply in an often cruel world keeps the light shining brightly on this planet. Plus, your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed by others and might turn someone’s whole life around. So never stop being you to all the beautiful empaths out there.