Rex, the cat, lost both his front paws and tail due to frostbite but still beat the odds of survival. His owner says that despite the challenges he faces, he remains a happy-go-lucky, loving guy. Here is his incredible story.

“Rex is a super special cat because he is missing both of his front paws and his tail,” his owner says. “A lot of people when they first see him have the question ‘Was he born that way?’ The answer is no.”

His owner goes on to say that he had both front paws and his tail at birth. However, when he lived on a farm as a kitten, he fell into his water dish one day. His front paws and tail got wet, and in the cold temperatures, the water became frozen. Due to exposure, he got frostbite, and his tail and front paws ended up falling off.

“The owners of the farm told me that they were considering putting him down when it first had happened, but he wanted to live so bad, and he was a fighter,” Rex’s new owner said. “So, they left him to see how he would fare, and he ended up surviving the winter.”

This kitten would beat the odds.

This little kitten wouldn’t give up without a fight and beat the odds after all. Rex’s new owner fell in love with him and his story and realized she didn’t want to live without him.

“I asked if I can take him home, and eventually, the owners agreed to let me take him. The first thing I did was I took him to a vet, because to my knowledge, he had not seen a vet before.”

There, he got all his necessary shots and a wellness check-up. He also got neutered, which is standard for most animals today.

Rex’s new life turned out better than anyone could’ve expected.

The vet told his new owner that he still had a good quality of life despite his condition. His paws and tail had healed perfectly, and he could live a happy, normal life.

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first brought him home because I didn’t really think that far ahead,” the owner said. “But, he ended up being so well-adapted! He could get up onto any furniture he wanted to – so the couch or bed or chairs – and he could get off of them without any assistance.”

“I am so lucky to have such a unique cat. And he is also the best. He is the cuddliest, nicest, loving cat in the world,” the owner gushes.

She says they named him Rex after the T-rex because of his short arms. Not to make fun of him, of course, but the name just stuck after a while. Plus, his owner says that his small front legs make him even more lovable and adorable.

“He hopped up to me kind of like a little bunny rabbit, and it was the cutest thing I ever saw,” she said. “He wanted to be pet, and he purred the whole time, and he wouldn’t leave my side. I think the fact that he doesn’t have front paws or a tail makes him way cuter.”


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His owner loves watching him play with his laser light toy. Seeing him try to catch the light with his short little arms is quite entertaining! He’s learned to walk very well with just two hind legs and uses them to scoot off furniture. Although he has a soft landing such as clothes or pillows, he can still land on his front nubs. He doesn’t let his condition stop him from living a full, normal cat life.

The lovable two-legged cat now has tons of online fans.

Rex has amassed quite a following on TikTok and Instagram and also has a line of merchandise! His owners sell shirts, hoodies, mugs, and stickers with his adorable face on them. On TikTok, they post videos of him just living his best life, and people have fallen in love with him.

There, they upload videos of him playing with his two brothers Pancakes and Slammer. The three cats can be quite a handful sometimes, but overall, they get along nicely. They nap, cuddle, play, and eat treats together, and sometimes cause some mischief as well! But, what would a life with cats be without a little commotion?

Rex also entered a competition for America’s Favorite Pet and made it to the quarter-finals! If you’d like to vote so he can make it to the next stage, you can do so here. We’re rooting for him!

If you want to see more of Rex, follow him on TikTok for entertaining videos of him and his brothers. Mostly, you’ll find videos of Rex hopping around the house, jumping up and down furniture, and begging for treats.


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However, there are quite a few clips of him cuddling or sleeping next to his brothers. There are even shots of his brother Pancakes helping Rex clean himself since he can’t. You’ll laugh, cry, and find hours of entertainment watching Rex, the cat that beat the odds of survival. We hope you enjoyed hearing his heartwarming story!

Final thoughts: Rex the cat lives a normal life and beat the odds despite losing paws and tail

Rex lives an amazing life thanks to his two owners, who never gave up on him. While the cat doesn’t have front paws or a tail, he doesn’t let that keep him from enjoying every day. He still gets to enjoy all the comforts and luxuries of cat life and has adapted quite well.

He shares his home with his two cat brothers, Pancakes and Slammer, who help him get by. They clean his fur and look out for him in general, as siblings should. Overall, Rex has conquered so much and has a loving, upbeat personality despite what he’s been through. He proves that you can overcome anything in life with the right mindset.