20 Reasons to Be Lazy and Just Enjoy Life Once in a While

20 Reasons to Be Lazy and Just Enjoy Life Once in a While

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Today’s society pushes you to work more hours and make more money to buy things you probably don’t even need. It’s an endless race to see who can have the most prestigious careers, largest homes, and expensive cars. You can’t take a break from this grueling schedule because you’d be lazy, and your well-heeled neighbors would notice.

What thoughts flash through your mind when you lie in bed at night? Are you fretting about a report due at work or how you can outdo a coworker? Do you define yourself by your career or your assumed ability to outwork everyone else?

Maybe you consider it laziness if you’re not always doing something productive. But what if advanced age or disability prevents you from working as you’ve always done? Will you have lost your identity and never know how to relax?

Twenty Reasons to Be Lazy and Enjoy Life

Even if you believe in reincarnation, this present life is all you have. You can have all the luxuries that the world can afford and still have no joy. Here are 20 ways to learn how to balance work and play and live your best life.

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1. Be Lazy, Just Because You Need to Relax and Unwind

Your body needn’t run in perpetual high gear. Work can become an addiction, leading to adverse effects on your relationships, health, and leisure time. If you want to work more efficiently and have quality time with family and friends:

  • Relax a little.
  • Make your leisure time just as much a priority as your work schedule.
  • Do anything you want, relax, and recharge your batteries.

2. Your Brain Needs a Well-Deserved Break

Even when you are asleep, your brain is on autopilot to keep your vital organs working. As it recharges, it files away experiences and replaces countless neurons and other brain cells. When taking a break from mental stress, you give your brain some distraction and rest for optimal performance.

An article published by Johns Hopkins Magazine discusses how having fun can benefit your brain. It registers in the pleasure area and produces “feel good” hormones like dopamine. According to the article, having fun or playing also helps develop your sense of freedom and self-expression from childhood to adulthood.

3. It’s Good For The Spirit to Be Lazy Sometimes

It’s a common mistake for people to care for themselves physically and mentally but neglect their spiritual health. The third component of your triune being is just as important as the other two for total well-being. An unbalanced spirit will negatively affect your body and mind.

You needn’t be a religious person to be spiritual. You can nourish your spiritual being with whatever traditions or methods work for you. Meditation, yoga, and other spiritual workouts can provide a necessary break from your daily chores.

4. It’s A Fun Thing to Do

When’s the last time you put a few tasks aside and just had fun? Whether you go on a minivacation or sit on the couch to watch your favorite comedy, you’re empowering your joy and positive energy. You can learn a fun hobby or do nothing and take a Sunday snooze in a hammock under the trees.

5. Be Lazy–It May Restore Creativity

Creativity is born in your spirit, developed in your mind, and produced by your hands. Many artists and writers create a mental block when they push themselves too much. Taking some time away from a project can help you gain new perspectives and boost your creative energy.

6. Get Some Sleep!

Perhaps you don’t want to be lazy, so you skimp on your sleep. No wonder you roam through the office in a sleep-deprived brain fog. Do yourself a favor, get six to eight hours of sleep daily, and treat yourself to restorative naps.

7. Everyone Needs a Little Bit of Self-Care

You work so hard to provide the things you and your family need. Caring for yourself isn’t laziness but a necessity. Go ahead and pamper yourself with a long bubble bath or spend some time alone in meditation or journaling. Show your body gratitude for all it does for you.

8. Spend Much Needed Time with Your Partner

The only thing more rewarding than lounging alone is to be lazy with your mate. Spend a leisurely weekend just relaxing in your pajamas and enjoying each other’s company. It helps you reconnect on a romantic and spiritual level and enhance your relationship.

9. More Focused on Long-Term Goals

You won’t know when you’ve arrived at your destination unless you’ve planned where you’re going. Giving yourself a break from work and other tasks can allow you time for reflection and reevaluation. It also provides you with quality time to enjoy and be grateful for what you have already accomplished.

10. Opportunity to Improve on Yourself

Learning and growing are two essential characteristics of living things, including people. When you’re taking a much-needed break from your daily routines, use it to enhance your life. Discover a new hobby, study a foreign language, or visit a place you’ve always dreamed of.

be lazy

11. Be Lazy to Gain Clarity

Nobody says it’s easy to juggle family and work responsibilities. When you feel bogged down with multitasking, decision-making can be complex. Schedule time to relax, and you’ll gain more mental clarity and a better sense of purpose.

12. It Makes You More Productive

Some people think that workaholism is the key to success and leisure is just an excuse to be lazy. However, a study published by Social Indicators Research discussed a positive link between relaxation and increased productivity. So, when you take some time for yourself, you will probably have more energy and be more productive.

13. Better at Handling Stress and Pressure

If you’ve ever used a pressure cooker, you understand the safety reasons behind the vent. The cooker maintains full steam as the pressure builds, and the vent releases the excess. It allows you to cook a delicious meal without the dangers of an exploding cooker.

Likewise, your leisure time acts as a vent on your pressure and stress. It helps you reduce stress and “let off a little steam.” Balancing work and play are necessary to cope with daily anxiety.

14. Lowers Blood Pressure

Chronic stress can lead to severe mental and physical issues, like high blood pressure. If you want to beat the stress, try to be lazy occasionally. Relaxing your body and mind can lower your blood pressure and other risk factors of undue stress.

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