Everyone wants to find their better half or soulmate to feel fulfilled. However, what if you’ve found your princess or prince charming, but rather than a fairy tale, it’s turned into a nightmare? The only thing worse than being alone is being stuck in a bad relationship. So, how do you know it is time to walk away?

Having the wrong person in your life can bring negativity and problems you don’t need. Toxic people can drain your energy and time and keep you from growing and evolving as a human. You’re not living your life to the fullest potential when a toxic partner constantly drains you.

Sadly, so many folks are blinded by love and don’t see all the red flags waving in front of them. When you stay in these toxic situations, you’re compromising yourself. You’re putting your goals and dignity on the back burner because nothing else matters but keeping your partner with you. If you could only realize that staying hurts you more than leaving, you might make some changes.

Five Signs It’s Time to Walk Away From a Bad Relationship (and Five Ways to Leave)

People become so accustomed to the drama that they don’t know anything else, as it becomes routine. All you’ve ever known may be one bad relationship after another, so how do you know when it’s time to leave the toxic partner behind? Here are five signs that it’s time to go and some tips on breaking those ties that bind.

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1. A Bad Relationship May Include Cheating

If one or both of you have stepped outside the confines of the relationship to meet your needs, it’s a big sign there’s a problem. While some people go out and look for someone to meet their romantic needs, others tend to fall into these relationships by accident. Ironically, most cheating isn’t about sexual encounters, yet that’s where it leads.

Perhaps you started confiding in someone with similar problems, and this confidence turned into a lover. Cheating means the beginning of one relationship and the possible end of another, regardless of how or why you got into this situation. A bad relationship where your needs aren’t met is a big red flag that it’s time to walk away.

How to Walk Away From a Cheater:

Being honest is the best place to start. You need to confront your lover and tell them you’re cheating or that you suspect they are being unfaithful. Some folks will try to make things work after such a breach of trust, but according to Divorce Statistics, about fifteen percent of relationships end because of cheating.

So, if you’re committed to working through the issues, you might give it one more chance. However, if you’re in the crowd that believes this is the final straw, confront them and walk away. Don’t listen to the sob stories and feel sorry for them. They broke your confidence, and it’s hard to rebuild it.

2. A Bad Relationship Could Include Fear for Your Safety

Why has abuse become commonplace in bad relationships today? There are three types of abuse; you may experience one or all of them when you’re with a toxic partner. Some folks try to endure the torment, hoping things will improve, while others love themselves enough to walk away.

Some individuals put the types of abuse on a tier, thinking verbal is less poisonous than physical, but it can be worse. While bumps and bruises will eventually mend, words that tear you down and destroy your esteem can be hard to heal. It takes a strong person to walk away from abuse, especially since these people are often scared and have fear ingrained that prevents them from leaving.

It’s time to stop justifying their behavior and love yourself more. If you believe they’re justified in hitting you or harming you in any way, you need counseling. This is not normal behavior, and it will not get any better. Someone that hits you once will hit again when the situation arises.

How toWalk Away From an Abuser:

Since the situation might be volatile, you need help leaving this destructive relationship. A great place to start is a counselor. If going to therapy isn’t for you, there are relatives, women’s shelters, and all sorts of programs to help. Make sure to do the following:

•Create a safety plan for you and any children or pets involved.

•Establish a support network that can help you with the process.

•Take money and supplies needed to ensure you can start over, if possible.

•Get help from community resources for such situations.

•Don’t look back!

3. A Bad Relationship Could Mean You’re Always Mad at One Another

It’s a snide comment here or a passive-aggressive statement there, but you never have a kind word to say to one another. You’re not happy at all these days, and you dread coming home because you make each other miserable. Many folks try to convince themselves that things will change or be different soon, but the reality is that it’s getting worse, not better.

Sure, there are some things that you can change to try to fix things, but you both must be willing participants to ensure change occurs. If you’re the only one doing any work, it’s a big red flag that this bad relationship isn’t turning into a good one.

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How to Walk Away When You No Longer Get Along:

When you stay in a bad relationship that stresses you out constantly, it affects your mental and physical health. Talk to your partner about the issues and tell them you can’t continue like this anymore. Get help from family or friends to pack up and go and keep yourself busy. The last thing you want to do is return when nothing has been resolved.

4. The Emotional Connection is Gone in a Bad Relationship

Relationships that have a deep emotional connection are the ones that exist on a higher spiritual plane. However, things can take a turn, and the once-deep connection can fizzle. It doesn’t always mean they’re horrible, but it’s a bad relationship because it no longer meets your needs.

How to Walk Away When You Feel Emotionally Drained:

It’s hard to reestablish an emotional connection once it’s gone. If you’re ready to walk away, try starting the journey with positive affirmations. Speaking positivity to yourself will give you the mental boost you need to make such life adjustments. Make sure you don’t let doubt and negative talk take over your brain by incorporating some positivity.

5. You Don’t Love Them Anymore

The number one reason you should stay with someone is not because of bills or kids but love. If you don’t love your partner anymore, you’re not doing them or yourself any favors by staying. Sure, you might cohabitate well, and there’s no fighting or other toxic behaviors to report, but you just don’t love each other anymore.

If you choose to stay in this bad relationship for any reason other than love, you will feel this loss in your soul. You need love, affection, compassion, and someone who is your biggest cheerleader. You can stay based on what you had in the past and out of devotion, but you will always know something is missing.

How to Walk Away After You Fall Out of Love:

First, you must realize that breaking up will never be easy. A story in The Daily Mail shows that 73 percent of people settle for a partner because they believe their true love slipped through their fingers. If you decide on anything less than the ideal situation with someone you love deeply, you will be miserable.

Always talk to your partner. You want to ensure nothing is going on that’s caused them to pull away. If the love is gone because you’ve grown apart rather than together, work to divide things fairly and move on as friends. There’s no need to make an enemy in the situation just because you can’t be lovers.

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Final Thoughts on Recognizing When It Is Time to Walk Away from a Bad Relationship

Some folks believe that love and matters of the heart are subjective. When you consider art and some of the most famous paintings, it’s all up to interpretation. There are no right or wrong answers, but you must decide what works for you and your situation.

Some bad relationships are toxic and dangerous, which involve gaslighting and abuse, causing significant mental or physical distress. Other partners aren’t toxic, but together, you’re not bringing out one another’s best qualities. Walking away from all you’ve ever known and your comfort zone provides safety, even if it’s poisonous.

When you’ve decided that you’ve had enough, it’s best to get help. Not only is physically removing yourself from the relationship challenging, but your mind’s battle will be just as bad. Some people will stay way longer than they should because of fear, but the only person you’re hurting is yourself and any children that might be in the mix.

You owe yourself grace. Walk away from someone who no longer loves and cares for you as you deserve. Isn’t it time you choose yourself?