Bad days are inevitable, and everybody has them. How can you be happy when it seems like the whole world is falling in around you? You know there’s power in being positive, but sometimes you feel like throwing in the towel and waving the white flag to surrender.

How would you know how sweet the sunshine is if you never experienced rainy seasons? It’s hard going through those storms, but you must learn to treat yourself well in good times and bad. On those days when you want to run and hide, you need to engage in self-love even more.

Twelve Self-Care Tips to Rescue Yourself at the End of a Bad Day

What you do in these moments that test your will is what matters most. Some people can’t take the pressure and turn to unhealthy habits that do nothing but cause further damage, like smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and doing drugs. Thankfully, there are much better ways to deal with your problems than putting a band-aid over them.

It’s beneficial to have healthy coping mechanisms to ease your anxiety and allow you to rest your mind. Here are some of the best ways to rescue yourself and show the self-love you desperately need when everything goes wrong.

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1. Take a Bubble Bath to Soothe Your Soul After a Bad Day

Something is soothing and tranquil about water, so it’s no wonder that a bubble bath can make you feel better. The heat from the water can relax tense muscles, which often happens during bad days. To make this bath even more healing, why not add soft music and a few candles to add ambiance?

2. Call a Friend or Family Member

Having an inner circle of positive people is imperative for times like these. Call your friend or relative when you think you can’t go another step. They can listen and give sage advice that can help sustain you until the dark cloud lifts.

Everyone needs someone they can call who will always be on your side, no matter what happens. Sometimes, hearing the voice of someone who loves and cares about you can make you happy on a bad day.

3. Say Goodbye to a Bad Day by Treating Yourself Well

Part of loving yourself is to get the occasional reward. Bad days are the best time to give yourself a little pick me up. Is there a new purse or wallet you’ve had your eye on, or perhaps it’s time for a new, more stylish haircut?

People think children are the only ones who like to be rewarded, but it’s not true. Adults love reward programs, too, and why do you think employers use financial incentives to boost morale and increase production?

4. Go For a Drive

You know it’s essential to treat yourself well, and sometimes, this means getting away from the everyday grind and relaxing. There’s something very tranquil about a car ride in the country. Roll down the windows and blast your favorite songs if the weather permits.

Life often seems like a monotonous routine where you do the same old thing. It would help if you had something to shake up your schedule to make it seem bearable. When you’re having a horrible day, just breaking free, feeling the wind in your hair, and belting out your favorite tunes can change everything.

5. Throw Down in the Kitchen After a Bad Day

Maybe you have culinary skills and like to throw down in the kitchen. Why not look up some fantastic recipes online and try your hand at something new? Did you know that many folks find cooking relaxing and inspirational?

Registered dietician Sharon Palmer contributed to a study published by US News and World Report. They found that some people who engage in cooking find it as relaxing as meditation. Cooking is considered a blessing in many countries, especially in nations that experience shortages and supply issues.

Not only can cooking benefit your mental health, but it can remind you of the blessings you’ve been given, like food on your table.

6. Count Your Blessings

These rough days sometimes happen because we aren’t looking at the big picture. You find yourself stuck in the drama regarding a situation that’s out of your control. However, have you ever stopped and taken a minute to look at all your blessings?

So many times, your blessings come through raindrops, and your healing will come through your tears. In these downtimes, why not develop an attitude of gratitude? It’s pretty hard to be upset and worried about a gossiping coworker or other trivial issues when you focus on things like a roof above you, an excellent place to sleep, food on your table, and a nice pair of shoes on your feet.

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7. Meditate

You’ve already heard the benefits of meditation, but if you haven’t tried it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. You can inhale a new, more positive attitude and exhale all the bad juju you’ve picked up. Releasing the angst inside and learning to breathe is a powerful way to combat those bad days.

8. End a Bad Day with Prayer

Your religion or beliefs don’t matter here. The key is that it’s very comforting to realize that someone powerful has your back, says a study by Harvard University and McLean Hospital in 2011.

This research aimed to see if believing in God made people happier. The study found that humans are hardwired to believe in a higher power of some kind. They also found that the more intuitive you are, the more likely you believe in God.

Other shocking findings included that people who believe in God don’t worry as much about the future, have a stress-reducing benefit, and find comfort in knowing that something or someone is watching over them from above.

9. Listen To Ted Talks

Ted Talks became a popular outlet a few years ago that showcases the human spirit. These influential videos can make your bad day seem futile when considering what these people have overcome. Besides this one, there are other sites, but Ted Talks appears to be the most popular.

When you feel down and out, and like you can’t go on, find one of these inspirational stories to lift your spirits.

10. Journal Your Feelings

If you hate writing, type out your feelings in a digital log. The key is that you need to get all that depression and anxiety from within your being and put it somewhere safe. A journal creates an excellent roadmap that can help you see where you’ve been but remind you that you’re not stuck on this stormy day.

11. Sit Outside to Close Out a Bad Day

Though it sounds a bit cliche, grab a glass of lemonade and a good book and head outside. Find a shady spot, curl up with your book, and enjoy all Mother Nature offers. There’s something so relaxing about hearing the birds chirp and enjoying the sights and smells of the great outdoors.

When you’re having a rough day, it seems like stepping outside can make everything seem much better. Additionally, if you need help with grounding, take your shoes off and feel the earth between your toes. The planet’s vibrations can pair with your vibrations and bring you back to a center point.

12. Go Out to Dinner or a Movie

When you’re feeling bad, the worst thing you can do is sit behind four walls and sulk. You should get out and enjoy the company of friends. Why not try a new restaurant you’ve wanted to explore, or there may be a good movie you’ve been waiting to see?

When you’re having a bad day, you must love yourself enough to do something that counters these negative feelings. So, what better way to show yourself how resilient you are than to go out and have fun despite how you feel?

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Final Thoughts on Self-Care Tips to Rescue Yourself After a Bad Day

Which of these twelve self-care tips do you think you’re likely to use? Maybe you have other methods to calm yourself and counter those bad days. The key is not to let anything that life throws your way get you down.

Depression and anxiety can easily slip in, and these feelings are circumstantial in many cases. You’re resilient and can withstand much more than you ever imagine, but it’s all about having the proper coping mechanisms to get you through. If nothing else works, why not visit the less fortunate or those sick in the hospital to help put things into perspective?

Even your worst day here on earth is better than the alternative. So many people would have loved to have one more day on this planet, even if it was bad. As long as you have breath in your body and a will to live, you can overcome anything these down days bring.