As a child, the world seems like a magical place full of wonder. When you become an adult, the awe you experienced as a child doesn’t seem to exist anymore. If you want the incredible feelings from childhood to return, there are some things you can do to help you see the world differently.

Awe is the feeling you experience when something wonderful or seemingly magical occurs. Viewing the world positively and embracing each moment joyfully can help keep it alive. You don’t have to be a child to experience the sensation, although it does fade as you get old.

Awe is hard to describe, but you know the feeling when you experience it. It is a sensation or emotion when you sense you’re a part of something much larger than yourself. You feel connected to the world and develop a sense of wonder.

The awe of a child fades because you stop looking at things with a fresh mindset. You already have ideas and expectations, and you might not embrace the happy times like you used to. If you can shift your thoughts, you’re sure to tap into your inner child.

The Benefits of Seeing the World with the Awe of a Child

Awe isn’t only beneficial for bringing joy to your life, although that is one significant aspect. Other benefits include helping you be more curious, collaborative, humble, creative, and selfless. You’ll experience a sense of mystery and wonder while feeling hopeful for the future.

You’ll be less judgmental of yourself and others, and you won’t be as egotistical. It also has calming effects and promotes a greater sense of life satisfaction. Plus, this sense of wonder reduces inflammation, decreasing your risk of developing heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and cognitive degeneration.

Another benefit of seeing the world through the eyes of a child is that you don’t have to go far. You might think you must travel far and see the world’s natural wonders, but that’s not entirely true. Sure, those things can bring the feeling, but so can your surroundings, wherever you are.


How to See the World with the Awe of a Child

Add some of these behaviors to your routine to see the world again.

1. Spend Time in awe of Nature

Taking a leisurely walk outside can make all the difference in your life. Even fifteen minutes of walking and taking in your surroundings can bring the joy you remember having as a child. You’ll experience positivity and less distress.

You don’t only have to go on walks, either. Anything you enjoy doing outside will bring positive feelings and happiness. Consider kayaking, picnic, or reading a book while sitting under a tree.

An easy but beneficial way to enjoy nature is to look up at the sky because you can see it anywhere. The clouds inspire awe, so sit or lie back on the ground and enjoy the formations above you.

2. Put Your Phone Away

Some aspects of technology can inspire awe, but most don’t. You could achieve a sense of wonder if you’re looking for new artists, musicians, and places. However, most people use their phones for other things.

Using your phone to scroll aimlessly through social media hinders your ability to see the world the way a child does. You miss out on the great things around you and fill your mind with negativity or comparisons.

You can see beauty all around you when you put your phone away. You’ll notice things you didn’t before and realize there’s much more to life.

3. Enjoy Community Experiences

Engaging in community events or traditions helps you feel like you’re a part of something larger than yourself. Find events you’ll enjoy in your area and make it a point to go, even if you go alone. You can meet new people who like the same things you do, deepening the feeling of awe.

4. Allow Unstructured Time in Your Life

One reason that children experience awe is that they go through life slower than adults. They take time for play, relaxation, and spending time with family. If you allow unstructured time, you’ll experience a more open view of the world.

With unstructured time, you can take things slow and wander around. It allows for mystery, engagement, and visualization. Filling every hour with activities and obligations doesn’t allow you to explore this way, taking away your sense of wonder.

5. Looking for Patterns and Systems That Will Awe You

Kids always find patterns, even when most adults don’t notice. If you want to experience the wonder of a child, make it a point to look for systems around you. Look at the formation of birds flying or water droplets.

You can also look for shapes in the clouds or notice how they overlap. Wherever you are, take a moment to look around and find a working system or pattern and embrace the way things work together.

6. Surround Yourself with Good People

The kindness and courage of people around you can inspire wonder in you. If you see people helping others, go to those people. It will help you see the world differently, but studies show it’ll help you be kinder and more generous.


7. Create or View Art

When you take the time to create or view art, you slow down and relax your mind. Art acts as therapy, allowing you to contemplate your thoughts and embrace the present. Choose whatever form of creativity that speaks to you, including painting, drawing, pottery, or anything else.

8. Slow Down

Adults often spend their days rushing around from one task to another. If you have children, you might find that you always tell them to hurry and get moving. However, if you slow down and take your time as a child does, you’ll experience a shift in your mindset.

Make a conscious decision to slow down and embrace each moment of your life. Look at a flower or watch the clouds moving through the sky. Enjoy a thunderstorm while watching the rain come down rather than finding other things to fill your time.

Slowing down and embracing your surroundings will make you feel happier and more peaceful. Go for a hike and take your time instead of trying to cover more ground quickly.

9. Visit a New Place

If you can, pick a new place to visit when you need to experience a sense of wonder. Better yet, don’t pick and start driving in whatever direction you feel. It can be a local place or somewhere a bit further away.

Any new location will bring you a sense of wonder. You don’t have to stay outside because indoor museums or events can encourage the same feeling.

10. Visualize or Remember Moments of Awe in your Life

You can visualize the feeling by getting comfortable and closing your eyes. Visualize a place you’ve always wanted to go to and focus on the excitement of what you see. Pay attention to your senses and consider what you hear, smell, or see.

You can also remember the sensation by thinking of times in the past when you experienced it. Think about what you were doing, listening to, or watching, and then recall the experience. If you have photos, pull them out and remember how you felt in the moment.

11. Ask Why

Children constantly ask “why,” even when adults don’t know how to answer their questions. They’ll also ask questions when they’re asked to do something. As people age, they stop asking “why” so often and accept things for what they are.

However, asking “why” can help you achieve the sensation of childlike wonder. When you ask a question, it inspires you and makes you want to create things and explore.

12. Play with a Child

Playing with a child will help you view the world through their eyes. IIt’llremind you to slow down and look for the simpler things around you. Plus, you’ll start to notice the things that they see.

When you share laughter and play with a child, it promotes inspiring sensations. You’ll feel less stressed as you embrace the present moment.


Final Thoughts on Ways to See the World with the Awe of a Child

The awe of a child fades as people grow older, but it doesn’t have to disappear. Adults can incorporate child-like behavior and thoughts into each day, allowing them to experience the sensation again. You’ll feel happier and experience more peace in your life.

Humans are born with a sense of wonder, and life events and shifting mindsets end the feeling. Reverse the effects of your stressful life by following the tips above. Before you know it, you’ll experience a sense of wonder you haven’t felt in years.