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Author: Lindsay Rae

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Lindsay Rae

Internationally published and multi-award winning photographer and Inspirational Speaker, including First Place Professional Boudoir for RangeFinders first Celebrate the Body and First place at 2021s Speaker Slam on Self Acceptance. Lindsay owns and operates Self Love Experience out of Troy, NY. Lindsay's work has been published in The Times Union, Shutterbug Magazine, Period Magazine, Voltron Magazine, Philosophie Magazine, Surreal Beauty Magazine, Ellements Magazine, and LiBAREator Magazine, and many more. Lindsay is also an active contributor to Women's Business Daily and Brainz Magazine. With a focus on helping women overcome negative body image and body insecurity, her sessions are as much about the experience she gives her clients as the final art they receive. Lindsay believes in the power of print and has a mission to provide all of her clients with large art pieces to hang in their homes. Stemming from a very difficult upbringing with a family on welfare to building a multiple six-figure business selling her art in NY, Lindsay's focus is self-love, self-confrontation, overcoming body insecurity, and seeing yourself as more than scars of your past. Society tells women that we have to fit into this tiny narrow minded mold of what is considered beautiful. Lindsay believes confidence in the skin you are in trickles into every aspect and relationship in your life and she gives women permission to feel beautiful exactly as they are.
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