It’s believed that fake people have an unrealistic perception of the world, while authentic people see things realistically. They know there’s good and evil, but they find contentment within themselves no matter what’s happening around them.

The fake folks tend to be like the bubble of soap that bursts when the sun shines. However, the genuine person can withstand sun, wind, rain, and even snow and remain unaltered. It comes down to being a deep thinker who generates their powers from within rather than looking to the outside.

22 Things an Authentic Person Does

Do you tend to be more of an authentic individual? Do you have a steady hand in life, or do you shake with every indifference that blows your way? Here are some classic signs of someone genuine you might be able to relate to.

1. They Are Free To Be Themselves

In a world of so many fake people, it’s nice to find an authentic person. This individual doesn’t have to be anything other than themselves; they’re happy living in their truth.

They’re honest, and you won’t catch them lying. If you don’t like what they have to say, then they don’t want to offend you, but they aren’t going to change because of it.

authentic person
2. An Authentic Person Would Rather Hear About You Than to Talk About Themselves

One thing you will love about someone authentic is their great listener. They would rather hear what you say about your day than discuss their life. They’re far from a narcissist, who is self-absorbed and loves to ramble on about themselves.

3. They Make No Apologies to Anyone for the Way They Are

While they’re free to live their life, they don’t care if you don’t like how they conduct themselves. They make no apologies to anyone, though they’re not conceited or arrogant about their choices.

4. They Practice Self-Care To Remain Centered

Being authentic also means they must take care of themselves. They know that if they don’t take care of their needs that they can’t help others. According to Southern New Hampshire University, folks in this country work long hours and pass on vacation days, which can cause them to burn out.

However, authentic person knows they’re responsible for keeping their mental, physical, and spiritual health in check. While they like to make time for family and friends, they know that tending to their needs is non-negotiable.

5. They Add a Sparkle to Every Situation

The nice thing about authentic people is they usually have a good personality. They’re not loud or proud, but they tend to add a special sparkle to the room. They’re the kind of people you want to come to your party; they are charming and don’t cause drama.

6. They’re Not Held Back by the Opinions of Others

If you disagree with their opinions, it will not make them change their minds. They’re confident enough within themselves to believe what they want without interference. They like being a unique individual as it means they’re genuine.

7. They Don’t Follow the Crowd or Give in to Peer Pressure

Peer pressure to do or be a certain way doesn’t bother them at all. They have learned over the years that people will try to sway you in 100 directions, but they are strong enough to stand up for what they believe is suitable for their life.

8. They Choose a Career They Love

Being authentic means that they must be true to themselves too. So they won’t waste their time in a job that makes them miserable. They choose career paths that make them happy so that their days are not filled with misery and regrets.

Remember if you choose a job you love, you will never “work” a day.

9. An Authentic Person Exudes Self-Confidence

This person is not afraid to make bold moves, as they believe in themselves. They have an aura of self-confidence that tends to make them eager to try things others might be leery of attempting. They show that the sky is the limit when you believe in yourself.

10. They Don’t Wear Their Emotions on Their Sleeve

If you have constructive criticism, they can take your critique and apply it to their lives. They don’t tower in the face of rejection, either. They try to find the good in what’s being said and discard the rest.

11. They’re Not Afraid To Think Outside the Box

These people can be very creative when it comes to problem-solving. They don’t conform to society’s norms, so they have no problem thinking outside the box. This is probably why so many people come to them when they’re in a crisis.

authentic person
12. They Strive To Be the Best Versions of Themselves

While they want people to like them, they focus more on being the best person possible. These people usually have smaller inner circles as they don’t see the need for many ingenuine folks.

13. An Authentic Person Will Always Try To Keep the Peace

Remember the old parable that starts with “Blessed are the peacemakers?” Well, authentic person likes to keep peace and contentment in their world. Now it’s not always possible, but they sure will try to live a life with little drama, as it just makes things better when there’s no a bunch of chaos.

14. They Live a Life That’s Present in the Moment

Being true to themselves means they’ve learned to live in the moment. They don’t waste their time worrying about things that haven’t or might not ever occur. They want to embrace each moment and make time for their loved ones.

15. They Can Listen to Your Opinion Without Being Offended

If you have an opinion you want to share with them, they will be glad to listen. However, even if you disagree with them on the big things like religion, politics, and other hot topics, they won’t look at you any differently. They know life is about diversity, and they embrace your differences.

16. They Tend To Look To the Inside More So Than Your Exterior

They certainly don’t judge a book by its cover, as they’re more interested in what’s on the inside. You might be a beauty queen or someone who is homeless, and this person will treat you the same. Their non-judgmental nature makes them a great person to have on your side.

17. They’re Flexible and Allow the Unpredictable

Just because someone is authentic doesn’t mean they haven’t been to the school of hard knocks a few times. They know that life requires you to be flexible because your entire world can change in the blink of an eye. The unpredictable nature of this world means that you must bend but never break.

18. They Have Realistic Perceptions of Reality

Rather than seeing the glass as half-full or half-empty, they see it for what it is. They don’t tend to be pessimistic or optimistic but take a realistic approach to living. They won’t feed you with some hopeful quotes if the situation is not good, as they’ll be up front and honest.

19. An Authentic Person Recognizes the Emptiness in Material Things

Material things are of little value to people who are thankful for what they have been given. They don’t need fancy cars and big houses to help them maintain their image.

In fact, they don’t care about the image at all. They want to be a good person and live good life, and anything else that comes their way is a blessing from the Universe.

20. They Look at the Bigger Picture Each Day

Rather than getting all caught up in the small, trivial things of the day, they tend to focus on the bigger picture. It’s easy to become frustrated by the annoyances that come from around, but they always keep their eye on the prize.

21. They Don’t Judge Others

There’s nothing worse than someone who judges everyone else. Thankfully, you won’t find that in an authentic person. They want to be loved and respected for who they are and will do the same for you. Judgmental people sometimes make negative moral assessments to increase their inner worth.

22. An Authentic Person Does Not Complain Often

You won’t hear them complain much about their life and the other happenings. They’ve learned to be content in most situations. That doesn’t mean they’re not human and won’t have down days, but they won’t stay down for too long.

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Final Thoughts on the Actions of the Authentic Person

Being authentic is an excellent quality to have. In a world full of faux people who long for attention and material possessions, be someone who finds their strength from within and doesn’t need hype or glamor. Authentic people live the best life they know and won’t apologize to anyone.