Everyone finds different things attractive, and it isn’t only about looks. While finding someone who looks good is great, many other things can boost a man’s appeal.

While there’s no definitive answer to what makes a male attractive, there are some things that many people agree on. Most people will identify with at least a few things on this list, preferring men with those qualities over others.

For a relationship to work, both partners must accept one another as they are. It means that some things a man does will be unattractive to potential partners, as not everyone is a match.

Men aren’t the only ones with attractive qualities other than their looks. Women are also beautiful for more than their looks; you can read about it in a separate article.

What the Experts Say

Research from the University of California supports attractiveness as involving more than looks. Their experts indicate that positive personality traits and societal markers play a role in physical attraction. It explains why you might be attracted to people your friends aren’t.

Looks and facial attractiveness may play a role at first, but it can’t deepen without other qualities. Personality traits often contribute more to who a person likes, helping people find a partner to share an emotional connection with.

The traits people are attracted to vary based on individual preferences. However, the most common things an attractive man is made of include several things.

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What Happens When There’s no Attraction in a Relationship Besides Looks

When you see a physically attractive person, you might want to get to know them better. Once you do, you’ll seem to hit it off before things eventually go wrong.

After getting past the physical attraction, one or both of you might realize that there’s no real connection between you. You might get tired of one another or drift apart until the romance fizzles out.

What an Attractive Man Is Made Of

If you’re a man reading this, you don’t have to have all the qualities. Everyone prefers different things, and you’ll find someone who finds your traits attractive. Women reading this might not agree with all the aspects listed, but you’ll likely identify quite a few that you do.

Some of the things an attractive male is made of include the following:

1 – An Attractive Man Has a Sense of Humor

People love a man with a good sense of humor and tend to be drawn to him. When a male can make someone laugh, they tend to like him more than before. They’ll also be drawn to him more than males in the same space.

Funny people know, maybe subconsciously, that it attracts others, so they often tell jokes and funny stories. Laughing easily is another plus, while those who don’t laugh frequently are less attractive.

2 – Spending Time with His Friends

Hanging out with others can make a man more attractive. They’ll look better and have a better chance of catching a potential partner’s eye in groups. However, if you’re a man reading this, you’re not as approachable in a group. Make it a point to separate yourself from your group if you keep catching someone’s eye.

3 – An Attractive Man Smells Good

A man who smells good is more attractive to potential partners. Their natural scent helps people detect hormones and bacteria. Cologne can attract partners, too, as it can complement natural odor and boost confidence.

4 – Being Sincere and Having Integrity

When someone shows sincerity, they are open and truthful. They won’t lie or become hypocritical about things within your romance. A sincere man will show sincerity as he interacts with a partner at all points of the relationship.

A man with integrity tells the truth, even when it’s hard. He might receive more benefits from lying about a situation, but he’s honest anyway. When a male is like this, he becomes more attractive to potential partners. Not only do people know he will tell the truth, but they’ll also assume infidelity is less likely.

5 – He Owns a Dog

Owning a dog suggests that a man can commit for the long run and take care of someone. It also makes him more approachable and feel confident. These signs make him more attractive to potential partners.

6 – Being in Touch with His Feminine Side

Men that do things that aren’t traditionally viewed as masculine, some people find them more attractive. It shows that they are confident in their sexuality and want to show who they are and what they like.

Some men won’t take the time to focus on their grooming because it’s viewed as a feminine habit. However, studies show that men who focus on grooming are more attractive. Grooming involves spending time on their hair, choosing their clothes carefully, or wearing nice cologne.

Additionally, men who do things that people associate with females tend to get liked more. These tasks include cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children.

7 – An Attractive Man Has Great Passion

A man can be more attractive when he shows passion for something specific. It’s when a hobby becomes something more and helps them feel fulfilled.

8 – Being a Good Storyteller

When a male can tell a good story, people will think he’s more attractive. Being a good storyteller means getting involved in telling the story, using narration and descriptions. It shows they have good communication skills, which appeals to someone looking for a romantic partner.

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9 – Being Gentlemanly and Kind

Opening doors and pulling out chairs aren’t the only behaviors that make someone a gentleman. It also requires using basic manners and being respectful to others. When a man exhibits gentlemanly behavior, it makes them more attractive.

Additionally, engaging in selfless acts makes people like a guy more. Men that do this will do things for others without expecting anything in return. Volunteer work is one example, but there are many other things these men can do.

10 – An Attractive Man Enjoys Similar Music to Your

People are likely to find a man attractive when he has favorite songs that aren’t on the top hits list. You won’t have to share musical interests to be attracted to someone because of it.

A diverse interest in music can make all the difference, but playing musical instruments is even better. For some, even seeing a man while music plays will make him more attractive.

11 – Confidence

Men who are shy and indecisive appear weak and unattractive. However, confident men are attractive to most people. When they feel good about themselves, others will feel the same. Self-confidence also makes potential partners more confident in them.

When someone walks hurriedly without looking at others, it shows a lack of confidence. A confident man walks boldly and like he has a purpose. People view the confident one as someone who knows what he’s doing and is sure of himself.

12 – Playing with Babies

A male who interacts with babies tends to be more attractive to potential partners. Since carrying, playing, and caring for babies are often viewed as a woman’s task, it’s different when a man does it. People take notice and enjoy the view, with potential partners thinking of a future with him.

Playing with babies shows that a man could make a good father and partner. Even if a romance is new and marriage isn’t possible, a baby with a man triggers feelings of attraction.

13 – Physical Activity

A male doesn’t have to have huge muscles to be attractive but being active makes him more attractive. Going hiking, playing an active sport, or engaging in another activity can improve how people view him.

14 – A Good Work Ethic

While someone might not want or need to be taken care of, people tend to like men with a good work ethic. It shows that the man can provide, even if unnecessary, which is a good feeling going into a long-term relationship.

People are often more attracted to men who have a high societal status. It gives a sense of security knowing that a male can provide and won’t become dependent. Knowing a man works hard also shows what he’s capable of. It highlights his skills and passions, making him even more appealing.

15 – An Attractive Man Has Intelligence

An intelligent man is an attractive one. When he knows things about life and the world around him, it can improve how people view him. He doesn’t have to go overboard with spewing knowledge but being able to hold an engaging conversation goes a long way.

As an intelligent man speaks, he’ll give bits of information to deepen the conversation. He’ll also ask questions to gain understanding. Both examples increase his attractiveness.

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Final Thoughts on Things an Attractive Man Is Made Of (Besides Looks)

Now that you know the things an attractive man is made of, use them to your advantage. Men, you can use these tips to improve your likelihood of attracting the partner you want. While you shouldn’t change who you are, you can work on implementing some of these positive qualities.

Those interested in dating something, use this article to help you set standards. When you know what you find attractive, ensure you find a partner who has them. It’ll help you find a healthy long-term relationship full of joy and fulfillment.