Animals and babies make the best friends for a lot of reasons. Animals love to protect and guard the little ones, because animals have a natural instinct to protect their young. So, if the animal doesn’t have any babies, it takes your bundle of joy under its wing and make sure nothing bad happens to him or her. Plus, furry friends and babies have a deep bond that nothing in the world can break.

Animals bring joy to a child’s life, while the child gives the dog, cat, or other animal attention, pets, and unconditional love. What more could anyone ask for?

We hope you enjoy the following photos of animals and babies that prove their incredible bond with each other.

15 Heartwarming Photos that Prove Animals and Babies Make the Best Friends

1. Animals and babies that cuddle together, stay together. How adorable!

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2. This is a true friendship right here. This dog cares so much about this little boy, and we’re sure he’s so grateful for his furry friend.

3. Have you seen anything cuter than this? We didn’t think so.

We had a baby three weeks ago and our Border Collie hasn’t left his side since we brought him home.
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4. Dogs are definitely a girl’s best friend. They teach unconditional love which only makes a young girl’s heart even more full.

Not Just Mans Best Friend
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5. It’s just so sweet how gentle dogs are around newborns, isn’t it?

Back from hospital…first meet & greet.

6. If you ever needed proof that dogs have emotions and empathy, here it is.

To this day, my parent’s dog is the best babysitter

7. “Y’all did great, but this baby is mine now.” – Dog

We’ve only been home with our newborn for 20 minutes and our dog claimed him.

8. Such a beautiful, heartwarming picture. Whoever said pit bulls are bad with kids has clearly never seen this picture.

Pit bulls are so dangerous!
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9. From the looks of it, both of them seem to be full entranced by something on TV!

My 1 year old kid and 150lb mastiff are best friends
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10. Sometimes, you just want to bring your pet with you to school. Eight hours away from your furry friend is a long time!

Something told me to inspect my son’s backpack before he got on the bus yesterday.
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11. Animals and babies show love to each other in a variety of ways, including licking one another’s faces.

He loves his baby brother
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12. This photo looks like something out of a movie! You can just feel the bond between them in this picture.


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13. “Theo Bandito stealing a smooch.”


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14. These two are clearly best friends for life.

Baby, meet mastiff. Mastiff, meet baby.
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Here’s another of them 18 months later!

15. Look how happy and peaceful these two are together! Animals and babies really do make the best pals.

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed all these adorable pictures of animals and babies together, because they sure made our day! The bond between almost any animal and humans is quite surreal. Without dogs, cats, and other furry friends, life just wouldn’t be the same.

We need each other to survive, so if you have been debating whether to get a pet for your family, let these photos be your sign to take the plunge! Babies who grow up with pets learn responsibility as they get older, and animals also allow for more bonding and fun times together with your family.

Do you have any cute photos of your children and pets to share? Feel free to post them in the comments!

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