If you’ve never heard of an angel shot before, it just might save your life during a night out. Of course, most people don’t encounter any trouble when they’re on a date or out with friends. However, it’s essential to remain aware of your surroundings and know how to escape a potentially dangerous situation.

Perhaps you’re at a bar or club ordering drinks when a shady man or woman approaches you. If they’re making you uncomfortable and won’t leave you alone, order an “angel shot.” Benji Spears, a bartender from Los Angeles, explains that you can order three varieties of the shot. They have different meanings depending on what you need.

Of course, this isn’t a real drink but a code word that bartenders know to help patrons in a sticky situation. In his viral TikTok video, Benji reenacts a common scenario where a woman looks uneasy on a date. While making drinks for other customers, Benji informs his coworker about the situation.

He says he believes the couple is on their first date. However, the woman’s body language reveals that she feels uncomfortable or unsafe for some reason. So, Benji decides to step in and ensure the woman can leave safely. He wants the public to know that bartenders aren’t just there to serve drinks. They also look out for customers and understand the warning signs that something is amiss.

So, if you ever feel threatened or scared during a night out, here’s how to order an “angel shot.”

Bartender Explains Why Every Woman Should Know What an Angel Shot Is

Here are the terms to use if you need to order this drink.

angel shot

Angel Shot With Lime

In the video, Benji checks on the couple after discussing his suspicions with a coworker. He brings a couple of glasses of water to the party, and then the woman asks for an “angel shot with lime.”

Benji instead asks a coworker to prepare the drinks while he continues to converse with the couple. He opted to stay with the couple rather than run to the back, in case the man became suspicious. Of course, the coworker isn’t actually making drinks, but finding the manager or calling the cops.

Benji explains in the video that angel shots are “becoming more common and more known throughout all bars.” He added that an angel shot can save you or your friend’s life, and it’s essential for everyone to know about them.

So, the first “translation” of the drink is an angel shot with lime. To reiterate, you need the bartender to call the police. He or she will typically ask a coworker to make the “angel shot” so the date doesn’t suspect anything. Of course, when the coworker goes to the back, they find a manager or call the cops for you.

Angel Shot Neat

 “Second you can order an angel shot neat; that means you need someone to walk you to your car, a bartender or security,” Benji says. He explains that ordering this shot means you need an escort to your car if you feel unsafe.

johnny depp
Read how men can order the Johnny Depp shot if a date becomes dangerous.

Angel Shot on the Rocks

The last translation of this drink is an angel shot on the rocks. When you ask the bartender to make this, it informs them that you need a taxi or Uber. If you can’t call one yourself, the bartender will happily do it when you order this angel shot.

Benji concludes the video with this message: “I think this is a great learning lesson. Everyone should know about the angel shot. It’s just a great way to make sure we all feel safe.”

Feedback on the Angel Shot Video

Many people thanked Benji for sharing the video and agreed everyone should know about the angel shot. Men and women who go to bars or clubs can greatly benefit from this potentially life-saving information. One person even called Benji the angel and thanked him for the education.

However, some people wondered what would happen if the creepy date knew the code words. Fortunately, most bartenders have already thought of this and will stay with the couple until help arrives.

Some women in the comments said the angel shot code saved them or someone they know. In fact, a viewer said it saved her from “being roofied and abducted into trafficking.”

Some commenters said patrons can ask for help using other codes also. For example, in the UK, someone who needs help at a bar or club would “Ask for Angela.” When they ask the bartender if Angela is working tonight, the bar staff automatically knows to call a taxi or police for them.

Finally, other viewers wanted to remind people that men can also benefit from knowing about the angel shot. Anyone who feels uncomfortable or unsafe during a night out can potentially use this trick to save their lives. And, Benji agreed wholeheartedly.

Clearly, many people have benefitted from Benji’s original angel-shot video. It’s been viewed over eleven million times and has almost three million likes.

So, if you’ve never heard of an angel shot until now, make sure to keep a mental note about it. The next time you’re at a bar or club, it could help you avoid danger or at least inform the bartender that you need a ride home.

angel shot

Final Thoughts on Knowing How (and When) to Order an Angel Shot

When you first hear it, an angel shot sounds like a legitimate drink. That makes this code word so effective since most people don’t know about it. So, when you ask the bartender for an “angel shot,” your date probably won’t suspect anything. However, it’s your lifeline to escape from a distressing situation and leave the bar unscathed.

The angel shot can save lives since it brings other people into the situation in a discreet manner. That way, you don’t have to feel alone or helpless if you’re dating someone with bad intentions. The bartender will either ask someone to call the cops, inform a manager, or call a taxi for you. If you have any friends or family who might value this information, please pass it along. It just might save their life, after all.