Do you feel like your guardian angel wants to send you an important message? Spirit guides, angels, and other divine beings like to communicate with people in various ways. They use mediums such as music, books, and even symbols like repeating numbers to contact those receptive to their messages.

Sometimes, guardian angels connect with people in their dreams since the mind becomes more relaxed and open to receiving messages during sleep. In a subconscious state, it’s easier for us to absorb new information since we don’t have to deal with distractions. Also, we’re more connected to the spiritual realms during deep sleep, which makes it an ideal time for angels to visit.

But how can you know if your guardian angel is appearing in your dreams? Pay close attention to these subtle signs that an angel messenger wants to reach you.

7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Visiting in Your Dreams

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1.             You feel calm and peaceful upon waking up.

To know if your guardian angel contacted you subconsciously, note how you feel the following day. Many people feel overwhelming peace and joy after an angel or spirit guide reaches them. They may even feel closer to God or the universal consciousness if an angel appeared in their dreams.

So, if you wake up feeling intense love and oneness with the universe, an angel may have visited you. Try to record everything you remember about your dream in a journal so you can reference it later. That way, you can reflect on the angel’s message and attempt to decipher the meaning.

2. You remember a teacher or mentor appearing in your dream.

Sometimes, guardian angels will disguise themselves as someone familiar to us in dreams. Usually, they choose a person who plays an essential role in our lives, such as a family member or friend. If your dreams included a wise soul you respect and admire, it could have been an angel hiding in plain sight.

3. If you experienced astral projection, your guardian angel may have visited.

Astral projection, or astral travel, occurs when your spirit leaves your body during a dream. You can fully control your dream and travel to distant lands in this state. While out-of-body experiences (OBEs) have been linked to some psychiatric and neurological disorders, they can also occur for spiritual reasons. For instance, people with near-death experiences (NDEs) often report leaving their physical bodies and accessing higher realms.

This can also occur in the subconscious mind if a guardian angel wants to communicate with you. It may guide you on a multidimensional journey where you can uncover pertinent information for your soul’s evolution. During this time, your body remains asleep, but your soul can travel potentially anywhere in time or space.

Before you awaken, the angel will escort your spirit back to your body as if you had never left. However, you will likely remember vivid details about your dream if you experience astral travel.

4. Your dream seems intense and realistic.

If a guardian angel visits in your dreams, you’ll likely remember small details about what happened that you wouldn’t otherwise. Maybe you can never recall your dreams, but suddenly, all the images flood your mind in vivid detail. This may occur if a spirit guide contacts you and wants to convey a crucial message.

Angels typically have a lasting impression on the mind since they appear relatively infrequently. But when they do visit, they make sure to communicate in ways that aren’t easily forgotten.

So, if your dream seems lifelike and graphic, it’s likely that a guardian angel wanted to connect with you.

5. You can recall specific messages from the angel.

When an angel visits you subconsciously, the universe wants you to remember you’re not alone. People often pray to a higher power for support during intense struggle and loneliness. So, if you’ve fallen on hard times recently, your guardian angel may have heard your cries for help. They will reassure you with messages such as, “You’re a child of the universe” or “You have everything you need within.”

Angels know that humans endure countless trials on earth, so they want to encourage us along our journeys. If you wake up and have a vivid memory of specific messages, your guardian angel probably appeared in your dream.

6. You remember certain symbols in your dreams.

If you recall seeing repeating numbers, shapes, or other symbols in your dreams, your angel may have contacted you. Angels like to communicate with symbols because the human brain can easily decipher their meaning. Also, in the subconscious state, the mind can make connections more rapidly without the influx of distractions during ordinary consciousness.

So, an angel may show you song lyrics, numbers, or other symbols that relate to your life in some manner. When you wake up, it’s crucial to pray or meditate on the meaning of your dream so you can understand the angel’s intentions.

7. Feeling healed or refreshed may indicate a guardian angel’s presence.

Guardian angels don’t always visit to convey a specific message. Sometimes, they want to encourage and support us during our complex earthly journeys. They may appear in our dreams to offer love, guidance, and compassion and remind us never to lose hope. When we become weary and dissatisfied with life, our spirit guides try to renew our strength somehow. If you feel healed upon waking up, your angel may have showered you with divine light in your dreams.

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Final Thoughts on Signs of a Connection With Your Guardian Angel

The universe never wants us to feel depressed or lonely during our earthly life. However, it’s inevitable to feel this way sometimes as we learn difficult lessons along the spiritual path. When we struggle, the universe sends a guardian angel to restore our spirit and help us persevere. While angels communicate during the day and nighttime, they prefer visiting us in our dreams since we’re more receptive in this state. If your spirit guide contacts you in a dream, you may recall specific details or feel intense emotions after awakening. Do you think a guardian angel is trying to reach you?