Sometimes you might feel like affirmations don’t work for your life. If this happens to you, it’s likely because they aren’t specific enough regarding the change you want to make. Writing unique phrases can make all the difference as they specifically target the areas you want to improve. You can change your life.

Affirmations can help remind you of what you want to achieve and what you must do to make it happen. It also allows you to communicate your goals to the universe. Using phrases specific to your situation helps because when you don’t say what you want, it’s not affirming anything.

You might not know where to start when writing specific affirmations, and this post can help you. The tips can help you achieve your affirmational goals and write the best phrases for your life.

Why Affirmations Can Change Your Life

Affirmations can help change your life because they are direct lines of communication with your subconscious. Since your emotional reactions and habits originate in your subconscious mind, they can control your perception of reality. It helps you store past experiences and positively interpret your life events.

The law of attraction explains that a habit of negative thinking will attract more negativity to your life. Using affirmations to shift your thought process can help you attract more positivity. They can help you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, improving your life in all areas.


Positive affirmations help you change your habitual thought patterns and align them with your desires. Plus, your decreased worrying allows you to remember all the good aspects of your life. It allows for a balanced view of your life and who you are.

Affirmations can also help reduce stress and anxiety while encouraging you to focus on positivity. It can promote gratitude, which experts show can decrease bodily pains and improve overall health. Positivity and thankfulness can also help you feel more energetic and alert.

Maintaining a positive mindset through affirmations can also help you sleep better. You won’t spend as much time lying awake, fixating on your problems when you use positive phrases. Positive statements help break a negative thought cycle, making it easier to enjoy your life.

Affirmations also help decrease stress and develop a more optimistic mindset. They can ease depression and anxiety while improving confidence and self-esteem. Another benefit is that they can help you focus on your desires and encourage you to do more.

Why Writing Affirmations is Beneficial

You can use pre-written affirmations, but writing your own can offer more benefits. The phrases validate who you are and what you want, so writing them specifically to your life helps increase positivity. Writing them yourself also ensures they target areas of your life that you want to improve.

Affirmations are a conscious effort to focus on positive, happy, and productive thoughts. It helps you attract the things you want the most, giving you a better chance of success. When you come up with unique phrases, you can trust that they will help you think about what you want most.

Your voice is the most powerful one in your mind. Coming up with positive phrases helps solidify the words in your mind. The statements came from you, and hearing yourself repeat them can be a powerful way to shift your mindset.

How to Write Affirmations

Writing affirmations can change your life as they help you focus on the essential aspects and attract positivity. You can learn to write them by doing the following:

Find a Quiet and Peaceful Place

Being in a quiet space when you write affirmations can help you consider them with your heart and mind. The peaceful place also encourages you to focus on writing positive phrases that can improve specific areas of your life.

You can make a cup of hot tea and turn on relaxing music to set a vibe for positivity and focus. Consider what makes you feel calmest and most focused, and use it to your advantage.

Write the Opposite Version of a Negative Thought

When you have a negative thought about yourself, write the opposite statement. The opposite should be positive and counteract the initial negative belief.

Make Them Short

Shorter phrases are easier to remember, helping you remember the statements throughout your day. You never know when you’ll need a positive boost.

Keep Writing Material Nearby

You never know when the perfect affirmation will come to mind. Always having a small notebook or scrap paper with you can help. Don’t forget a pen or pencil; you can write your ideas no matter where you are.

Begin with “I” or “My”

Your statements are about yourself, so it’s essential to start by reaffirming them. Beginning with the words “I” or “my” effectively makes your mind believe what you say.

Use the Present Tense

When you write affirmations, you should phrase them as if you’re already experiencing what you want. Tell yourself that you have already achieved where you want to be, and it’ll help you see what you’re capable of. It convinces your subconscious mind that you’re living the life you want rather than waiting for it to happen.

Using the words “want” or “need” also implies that you’re not living your affirmation yet. You want your positive phrases to be present tense, so speak to yourself as if it’s already happened. The more you feel like you have what you desire, the easier it is to manifest it.

Avoid Including Time Frames

Putting a time frame on when your affirmation will come true can limit its ability to work. You can’t put a date on when you receive what you manifest.


Make Them Positive

Negative phrases aren’t going to improve your life. It’ll only cause you to focus on the bad parts of your life and experience heightened negativity.

Avoiding negative words within your affirmations is also essential to allow you to focus on the good. Some of the things to avoid include the following:

  • Don’t
  • Won’t
  • Am not
  • Can’t
  • Not
  • Doesn’t
  • Am stopping
  • Instead of

Avoiding these words allows you to focus on the positive in every situation. You’ll attract positivity as you affirm who you are and want to be. Avoiding the negatives ensures you don’t attract the things you don’t want.

Use Emotion

Adding an emotion to your affirmation can help you connect with the phrase. It also allows you to associate the positive feeling with what you want to manifest.

When deciding which emotion to include in your affirmation, take some time to consider your feelings. Envision how you will feel when you receive what you want. The feeling you envision the most is the one you should include in your positive phrase.

Make It Believable and Realistic

You must believe your statement and create something realistic. Hesitation to act when you don’t believe your phrases can potentially interfere with your success. Being realistic when writing your affirmations allows you to stay true to yourself.

You’re more likely to achieve what you want when you take small steps forward. It requires thinking of something you can achieve in the short term, helping you on your journey to your overall dreams. Be specific when deciding your first step because it can help you write something that doesn’t trigger self-doubt.

Four Tips for Using Affirmations

Once you’ve written positive affirmations, you should practice repeating them daily. Some of the best tips for using affirmations include the following:

1 – Repeat or Write Affirmations in the Morning

Using affirmations in the morning allows you to start your day positively. It can set the tone for everything that follows, and giving yourself a beneficial start can help your manifestation.

2 – Use them During Your Bedtime Routine

You can use affirmations before bed to help clear your thoughts and promote restful sleep. They can help ease the stress from the day and encourage you to let go of negativity.

3 – Keep a Copy Nearby

You never know when you’ll need a boost of positivity throughout your day. Keeping a copy of your affirmation with you can help you remember to use it. It can help ease stress, prevent overwhelm, and help you stay focused no matter what happens.

You can save affirmations on your phone, so you always have them on hand. Another idea is to put them in a visible spot at home or in the office. It’ll be a beneficial reminder throughout the day, encouraging you to work toward your goals.

4 – Write in an Affirmation Journal

Writing your unique affirmations in your journal can help you reflect on how they make you feel. It also allows you to write about your plans to make your desires come true. Writing them also encourages appreciation if your affirmation is already true.


Final Thoughts on How to Write Affirmations to Change Your Life

Writing affirmations can change your life when you know how to do it. Once you learn the essential aspects of writing these positive phrases, you’re well on manifesting good things in your life.

The writing process and affirmations are unique for everyone, so think about what makes you feel good and let it lead the way. Stay true to yourself and open yourself up to your positive words. You’ll quickly find that it makes a difference in changing your life.