To succeed, we must also remember what to do when we feel like we want to quit.

Success means different things to different people. For some, it means building relationships with people and making long-lasting connections. For others, it means climbing the corporate ladder and running a profitable company. And for the rest of us, maybe it just means doing our best each day with what we’ve been given, and making small steps every day toward our full potential.

Most of us have a hard time settling on just one thing we love to do every day. Sure, we all have jobs, but do they really serve our passion? Probably not. However, when it comes to living our dreams and serving our highest purpose, most of us get lost trying to find what that really is, and ultimately, we end up quitting.

What if you love the idea of something but haven’t really mastered the skill yet? For example, what if you absolutely live and breathe painting abstract pictures but feel like you have average talent levels? But what if you also have average marketing and communication skills? Couldn’t you combine all these “average” talents into something of a masterpiece?

This is what we’re getting at here – you can still find success even if you feel like you’ll never be successful, and we’ll explain this theory in more detail below.

Here are nine things to remember when you feel like quitting:

feel like quitting

1. Remember the things you do well

Obviously, to succeed in life, you’ll need to focus on what you feel you can offer the world better than most others can. If you love to paint but don’t see the returns coming in financially, keep on working at it, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Maybe you could take some lessons to improve your skills; this way, you’ll feel more confident selling your work to people because you’ve further developed your talents.

2. Remember a list of things you can improve on

So, maybe you have excellent communication and marketing skills, but the actual service or product you’d offer others needs some work. So, the strategy you’d want to follow in this case is to put the things you do well on the back burner for now and focus all your attention on improving your weaknesses. You don’t need to be the absolute best at one thing; you can have average skills at many things, but combined, they can be a powerhouse.

3. Don’t sell yourself short

Most importantly, don’t assume that you can’t make something of yourself because you aren’t Einstein or Picasso in this life. Not to mention, comparing yourself to others won’t get you anywhere. It’s important to lift yourself and see yourself positively if you ever want to succeed.

4. Keep a positive attitude

Also, don’t let complaining and negative thoughts creep into your brain and steal your happiness. Remember, your attitude and energy attract like energy, so if you put out positive vibes into the world, they will return to you. And, of course, the opposite is true as well. In keeping a positive attitude, success will more easily come your way. Think about it: what successful person in history do you know had a negative attitude about themselves or life in general? Let us know if you can think of any, because we’re drawing a blank here.

5. Have encouraging friends

Just as important as having a great relationship with yourself, you must surround yourself with people who will uplift and motivate you. Don’t keep friends around who complain and drain you of energy – they will distract and discourage you from your own goals and drive for success. According to renowned businessman Jim Rohn, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Meaning, you become like who you hang around. So, surround yourself with people who inspire you and who you’d like to emulate if you’d like to reach success.

6. Stop beating yourself up over supposed shortcomings

As we said before, don’t sell yourself short. Believe in yourself, focus on your strengths, improve upon your weaknesses, and realize that we all don’t really know what we’re doing here. We’re just winging it, and doing the best we can. You have just as much opportunity and potential as anyone else to achieve your goals, so remember this next time you feel discouraged about your dreams.

7. Don’t give up

Also, you might jump through thousands of hurdles before you achieve success. The difference between those that are successful and those that aren’t is that one group didn’t give up. Successful people don’t have more intelligence, money, possessions, or anything else that sets them apart from others most of the time – they have incredible drive and perseverance. No matter what you want, keep jumping those hurdles until you’ve gotten where you want to be.


8. Remember that you can always learn something new

Don’t get stuck in the trap of thinking you can’t ever learn something new. All it takes is the willingness and a little dedication to learning new skills. Suppose you want to improve at painting, drawing, writing, or anything else. In that case, you can always take classes, search for a respected leader in the field you’re interested in for some advice or counseling, or even watch YouTube videos or other online mediums to acquire new knowledge.

9. Get rid of negative influences

Finally, stop surrounding yourself with negative people. They will only bring you down, discourage you from your dreams, and infect you with negative energy. Don’t be afraid to cut ties with those who don’t share the same vision as you.