If you practice positive thinking, but you aren’t getting the results you expect, don’t declare it doesn’t work just yet. Oftentimes, a lack of results is usually caused by a source of equal of greater negative energy.  Sometimes, this blockage is taking place without you even realizing it.  Here’s a list of 9 things that can stunt positive thinking (without you even realizing it).

9 Things That Can Stunt Positive Thinking

1. Unhealthy eating habits

Studies show that poor nutrition can actually contribute to depression, deterring your goal of positive thinking.  Excessive weight gain can lead to lower self-esteem and quickly become a slippery slope.  And to add to it, many of today’s processed foods actually make you addicted to them, trapping you in a vortex of unhealthiness and unstable body chemistry.

Take the time to put LOVE into your body, one bite at a time.  Look at your ingredient labels, pine for the word organic, and consume as many unprocessed, whole foods as you can.  And make sure to eat lots of plant based foods!  It’s better for the environment on Earth, in your mind, and in your body.

2.Being in a negative social environment

Even though you’re doing your best to practice positive thinking, you may not realize that it’s those around you that unload their negative energy onto you. You know who they are, talking negatively about the people around them and their own life experiences.  And they may not even be realizing it, but their “venting” process is actually affecting your own positive energy.

Studies have shown that the energy associated with people’s auras can actually affect the energies of others.  Even if a person were to leave a room, their unique energy would linger where they were.

Keep yourself associated with other positive thinkers and more positive things will happen.  Simple as that.

3. Living a sedentary lifestyle

Findings from the University of Washington shows that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to health problems, including depression.  During the entire course of your life, you can literally NEVER run out of things to do.  There are far more places than you could ever visit, and far more activities to participate in, no matter what your ability. Pick something (anything) that you love that involves moving around and be sure to keep it as a staple on your weekly schedule, even if you only do it twice per week.

4. Negative Self-Talk

How do you speak of yourself to yourself?  How you live your life is largely determined by that “eency-weency” voice inside your head.  If that voice tells you things you don’t want, it’s important to speak up for what you DO want.

Research has shown that positive self-talk can have many benefits, such as improved reduced stress and improved health.  Affrmations can even help you improve in a variety of life settings.  There are many reasons why positive affirmations are important – and if you don’t make a habit of repeating them,  they’re easily lost.  What we repeatedly focus on expands.

It’s time to program new thoughts and habits with the affirmations below to help bring you what you DO want as opposed to what you don’t want.

5. Cluttered surroundings

Clutter can keep you from your goal of positive thinking.  When your surroundings are cluttered, your mind is cluttered and it can be easy to lose track of your mission, vision and purpose in life. The Princeton Neuroscience Institute  also released a study showing that physical clutter can actually affect your ability to focus and process information negatively.

When trying to both attain and keep a clear, positive thinking mind, clutter can distract you. This is especially true if you are a clean person by nature. De-clutter your workspace, garage, bedroom, closet, or another part of your place.

6. Lack of sleep

A lack of sleep can hinder your clarity and ability to think positively.  In a poll taken in 2005, it was found that many people that slept 6 hours or less per night were diagnosed with depression or anxiety at some point in their recent lives.

We know that it may not be your fault you’re missing out on good sleep either.  You could be up all night with a baby, or cramming for work or school studies.  Just try to get as much sleep as you can (including power naps) and you’ll knock down this potential pitfall in no time.

7. Job you don’t like

Being in a job you don’t like can directly impact your positive thinking practices without you even knowing it.  Sometimes we feel trapped in a job because it pays well, or is where we feel most comfortable.  If you can, shop yourself around and look for a new job.  You can also re-tool by learning new skills (that you can actually acquire online, for free!) and moving into a field that you think more positively about.

If you do nothing about this, the blockage can continue to occur until it ultimately erupts – and you may find yourself forced out of the position you disliked.

8.Improper Hydration

Reports have revealed that dehydration can actually affect your mood, leading you down an undesirable path of negativity and away from positive thinking.  Be sure to get at least 64 ounces of water intake per day to stay properly hydrated, healthy, and happy!

9. Judgement

The major block to compassion is the judgment in our minds. Judgment is the mind’s primary tool of separation.
Diane Berke

Judgment takes our own focus on positive thinking and twists it into talking about the shortfalls of others.  It is not our job to judge, and the only person you should be concerned about improving is your own self, for you and the examples you set for those around you.  Break free of the bondage judgment holds on you and let your positive thinking travel freely through your thoughts, words, and actions.

Have you experienced “positive thinking blockers” in your life?

Share them below to help the community identify and release the patterns of negativity to live their best life!