***Disclaimer: This article has no intention of being negative in any way, shape or form. We, at Power of Positivity, would like to warn you of things that may impact your mental health in a negative manner so that you can live your life with a smile on your face. 🙂

Are you livin’ la vida loca or going loco down in Acapulco? Whether you are Ricky Martin or the Four Tops is determined by if you have good mental health or not. Today, we look at five different things we do to suggest that Acapulco is our next destination – and not in a good way!


These mental health harming habits are easy to spot from the outside looking in, but maybe not so much if we look more internally. To be partyin’ with Ricky Martin and “go dancing in the rain”, here are the five red flags to consider that could be eating away at your mental health. Therefore, you can detour away from “a whole lot of nothing on your way to nowhere”.

1. Your partner is abusive.

This is a tough cookie because of the sensitive issue in the matter and possible denial that it is actually happening. A person typically is not able to see that a certain person is not good for them and they need to walk in the opposite direction. Naturally, you get used to particular behaviors and it becomes the norm for you. On the off chance they do see it, they are not willing to admit it to themselves. The situation requires you to defend yourself in the proper way so that nobody gets hurt, but most importantly you.

2. There is a bully in your midst.

Although bullies are associated with kids at school, bullies can be anyone, anywhere and they can strike at any time. With someone like this in your life, it is not easy to maintain your mental health and will at the very least cause you some strife. Not unlike the last point, you know who this person is and it is just a matter of defending yourself in the most appropriate manner.

3. No face-to-face interaction with anyone.

Do you remember Crooks in John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice And Men”? He was the stable buck who was isolated from the rest of the group because of the color of his skin. He complained about only having books as company and never talking to anyone. Today, it is precisely the same way. Snapchat DMs, tweets, Instagram followers, Facebook friends, all of this has nothing on a conversation in person. A lack of social intercourse eats away at your self-esteem and drives you insane.

4. You slouch.

Hey, Quasimodo (or Crooks from the last point, of course)! Stand up and sit up straight. Having your head and shoulders facing the floor makes you remember negative thoughts, which is why we say when someone is feeling down in the dumps: “Chin up!” So shoulders back, pump that chest forward, head up, take deep breaths, and be thankful for every second of life.

5. You are a serial procrastinator.

Deadlines are a constant problem for you because you do not feel like doing anything when you have the time to do what needs to be done. However, once the eleventh hour strikes, you are in a rush to get everything finished in time. Start to take life be the horns and engage in a little CONCRASTINATION. Get all your tasks in order so you can actually enjoy your life doing the things you love.

Now you know the route to Acapulco, it is time to head the other way, start livin’ la vida loca and order some French champagne with your new amigo Ricky.

By the way, who would have ever thought that the Four Tops, Snapchat DMs, John Steinbeck, and Ricky Martin could ever be mentioned in the same article? Anything is possible if we put our minds to it…

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