7 Ways to Rewire Your Brain For Powerful Life Changes

7 Ways to Rewire Your Brain For Powerful Life Changes

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We all want to be happier, right?  In order to achieve that goal, we must first rewire our brain.

Here’s why. In our culture, we place so much emphasis and pride in our ability to manage numerous priorities. We rise early, tackle our work, stay late, go home, and hopefully have some energy left for family time and maybe even some fun.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

People nowadays take less vacation, work longer days, and retire at a later age. As a result, our brains are stressed and pushed to extreme limits – even unhealthy limits. In short, many of our lives are difficult.

So what can we do about this culture that’s been ingrained into the fabric of our society? Perhaps the best – maybe even the simplest­ – thing to do is to change our brains. If we can change our brains, we can change our lives!

I know – you are probably thinking that this sounds hard. Well, it’s not easy but it’s not impossible, either. And it’s certainly easier than trying to change the way our society works.

Use these 7 tips to rewire your brain for powerful life changes.

Brain Tip #1: Embrace a Positive Lifestyle

Despite of the difficulties facing our daily lives, we can indeed embrace a lifestyle of positive thinking and positive habits. Turning negative habits into positive ones requires both resilience and time management.

There are many different ways in which you can embrace a more positive lifestyle – practice affirmations, express gratitude, place inspirational material (such a quotes, religious scripture, etc.) around you, read uplifting books, meditation, exercise… just find something that helps you unwind and enjoy life. And most importantly – keep doing these things.

Embracing the positive will change your brain little by little.

Brain Tip #2: Monitor Your Self Talk

Self-talk is that continuous stream of thoughts that run through your brain every day. These thoughts can be positive, negative, or neutral. Please understand this concept: if your thoughts are continuously negative, you are going to become a pessimist. If your thoughts are positive, you are going to be an optimist. Optimism = happiness + success!

Again, what you think you become. We cannot continuously have negative thoughts and expect live a positive life.

Utilize Brain Tip #1 to start changing your self-talk and your brain!

Brain Tip #3: Take time to visualize your goals and aspirations

Jack Canfield, the world-renowned author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and one of world’s foremost authorities on success, states that the daily practice of visualizing your dreams as already complete can drastically quicken your realization of your dreams, goals and ambitions.

Visualization is a remarkably simple practice: just sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and image your goals and aspirations as already completed. Look through your own eyes as to what you would see, feel, and hear if you met these goals and aspirations.

And you only need a few minutes each day. Visualize when you first awake, after meditation or supplication, or at another time when you are the most relaxed.

Brain Tip #4: Take action that supports your goals.

By following the first four brain tips, you should be ready to take some action! You’re embracing a positive lifestyle, watching your self-talk and visualizing your goals. Good for you!

And here’s a promise: if you take action on your goals and aspirations, your life is going to become easier and more fulfilling. You’ll probably discover that the challenge lies in staying consistent and motivated. Know that everyone feels these things, and some people drive on and make their dreams a reality, anyways!

You’re here reading this article, so you already have the determination and drive. Take action and keep going!

Brain Tip #5: Know your purpose

It may sound cliché, but life is too short to live it for someone or something else. Taking ones purpose for granted or setting it aside because of demands placed on us is wasteful and unfulfilling. After all, this is your happiness that we are talking about!

When your brain clearly understands your purpose in this lifetime, it reverberates through your entire being. The big secret is to finding your purpose.

Ask yourself two simple questions: (1) Do you know what you love doing, or can you find out? and (2) Can you make an impact doing what you love?

Brain Tip #6: Know that your brain can be changed

‘Neuroplasticity’ is an actual medical term that refers to the brain’s amazing ability to form new neural connections throughout life. That’s right – your brain can literally grow through your own conscious efforts.

A wonderful book on this is called “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” by Dr. Daniel Amen, one of the world’s most prominent and sought-after psychiatrists in the world, whom Dr. Mehmet Oz (“Dr. Oz”) calls “One of the most gifted minds in medicine.”

Dr. Amen writes comprehensively on the fact if you make a conscious decision to make changes in your life, no matter how big or how small, you can willfully make it happen.

Brain Tip #7: Know that anything is possible

We’ve walked on the moon, created electricity, discovered flight, mapped the human genome, mass produced automobiles… all through the power of our brain. And here’s the thing… the only person who believed it was possible was the mind that first conceived it.

rewire your brain

It Takes Effort to Rewire Your Brain!

Your brain is an absolutely amazing gift, and you have something incredible waiting to be discovered. Maintain a positive attitude, create positive energy, and your brain will do the rest. What will you try to rewire your brain?

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  1. I support the positivity and wonderful insights. As someone stated in the comments, Its your choice. I: made the choice to post a comment, I made the choice on whether or not to put something negative or positive in this box, I am making the choice put positivity, insight, and hope into this text. This is MY CHOICE that I am putting out in the world, in hopes for the person/people that may struggle with seeing the glass half full or.just those who may not understand/care ahave a bit of insight and uncomfort to whatI am choosing to put out in this world right now. Basically, you have the choice to make your dreams.and aspirations a reality, dont believe? Then try it.for yourself, instead of making the choice to put out negative energy, allowing others to see your flaws and all around misery that you clearly have shown, You could've made the choice to not comment at all and let it be. But you clearly portrayed the need of help in this specific category in an indirect way through communication. So to the person/people who are.making the choice to take time out of their day to put a negative thought in reference to this page has literally showed that this is what your lacking in your personal life and needing help whether you see it or not. Im pretty sure this page did not.come out of mid air and landed in front of you with out a tiny bit of belief that what Is said in the context, may actually have a bit of truth to it. Now, I understand we are all entitled to our opinion, but.somethings.are really not needed. Especially if you are seeking answers and need help yourself. What you put out into the world is.what.you get. Im putting out honesty and understanding. You?

  2. i can't understand why its necessary to visualize your goal as already done(when its not done). see if one do that he will become passive for that goal coz in his realization its already done so is there any need to take action? and 2nd thing if you want a perfect partner you realize you have met him/her then can you focus on your goal …NO you will start imagining about marriage,honeymoon,kids…and by the way everybody in this world visualizes his/her dream nothing can stop them from doing it(if they really want) even then people get failed.

  3. Hi Helen, your story is equally sad and I can well feel your pain. As parents we always want to have total control of our kids, particularly when we see them walking on a path full of difficulties. But as you well said, that he is on his own journey.. You have given him birth, all the wisdom of life and now it is his journey, let him complete it, be it easy or difficult. Please do not feel bad about it… In Rig Veda, it is written that we are all bound by our karma and somewhat tied up to our destiny towards our ultimate goal of being one with the Universe (Brahma). We are cosmic material, our blood contains iron and our teeth contain calcium which were formed trillions of years ago in one of the planets of this infinite universe. We come to this world, enjoy our journey here and then unite back with the universe again (death)…. Let your son learn his own lessons (be it devastating or nice).. because that is his destiny and none of us have any control over it. When we are helpless, it is wise to accept the ultimate truth of life. That gives us peace. Let peace prevail in this planet, let the universe rain cosmic blessings on us.

  4. I have spent many a time crying in the small hours of the night about the choices my son has made, wondering when the next policeman will be at the door with another summons, or worse! Wondering what I can do; and one night I realised that all I can do is love him. It was an amazing relief in a way because it helped me to stop stresssing so much about what to do and how to try and fix things. He is an individual soul on his own journey and as a parent it is my role to guide him with all the love I can give, but I can't change him. A mother's love is powerful. It is the most unconditional love! You have given him that, and that is truly something amazing. Let your love guide you about where to go next. Do it your way. You are the only one that knows what is right for you. The first step to change something is being aware of the need for it. You have done that – well done! And now you realise that the best way to do that is to look after yourself. Be open to how how this might happen for you, with an open heart, and it will become obvious. Good luck. (And remember you are awesome!)

  5. Hello Andrea McDavid.. I am here not to fight with you and also very much uninterested to prove your points wrong. But certainly I can see that, only one person so far has liked your comment and 11 have liked mine and it is growing day by day…. Looks like your attack on me did not resonate with the readers here. Moreover Rosemary herself liked my comment. I am not curious to learn how much knowledge you have on healing the souls that are in great pain, but certainly can tell that with my years of meditation and chakra healing experience I have healed more people than you can ever think off. I wish you good luck on your own journey to know the ultimate truth about life.

  6. you're purpose in life is to be happy & healthy. If stress and worry help then do them,if not try to leave them. Your other purpose is to be an awesome mother, reading above you've pretty much achieved that! Seems you have more strength than you recognise, use tt to move into the future. Life's not perfect and neither are we, so don't sweat it if you get it wrong now and again!

  7. hi,
    i like the idea of positive thinking which leads to succes.
    my problem is how do i make my children understand that?
    my elder daughter is 20 yrs who is in her 3rd year of engineering. she is very ambitious in her talk but only till she goes to sleep.after that she just dozes off and becomes lazy and she doesnt put the effort required to achieve her goals. its always like” if possible ill achieve this” its never like ” i AM going to achieve this”
    ive tried to take her to a counsellor but she says she doesnt like to share her feelings with strangers
    i feel lost i dont knw what to do

  8. Dear Rosemary Fain, you may have heard this and may have no find sense in it, but it is real, there is a spiritual world and the universe belongs to its creator. "Call on the Lord while he may be found … he will wash away your tears and will give you a new meaningful life. Seek the Father through his only Son Jesus Christ, who gave his life for everyone. Just ask him to change what has to be changed in your life. And hear his voice through his word, which is in the Bible. He is faithful and true if you acknowledge having lived away from him and your need of a saviour. He will give you rest and a new and abundant life. Give a try.

  9. Mandy Wylde I fully agree, It is a vicious circle.. If you are depressed you think that life is sh..t, because of this constant thought your life will be sh..t. watch out for negative thoughts, change them and life will get better.. simple.

  10. Relative to visualizing, I took it further and created a vision board which I have propped right in front of me when I am in the bedroom. When I wake up, it's right there and I can focus on something to take action on that day. I also find Tony (Anthony) Robbins very motivating. Good luck everyone.

  11. Subhro Ganguly You're not a parent with a child in pain are you! And I don't see Rosemary confessing to anything. Maybe you are accidentally misusing the word. A confession means you did something wrong and you are telling the truth about it. Also, saying her son's pain is his own kharma and it is not hers is not really correct. Parents are hard wired to feel their childs pain. That does not switch off when they turn 18 either. Parents feel their own pain AND the pain of their child. It can be agony mentally and emotionally and yes that is a parents kharma if you like to call it that. I'm sure you don't mean any harm but we can't all just focus on tulips and butterflies. Some of us are in agony and that is life. It is not all sunshine and roses. People need to accept pain as well as happiness because that's the way it is sometimes. Shaming someone or telling them not to feel just hurts more in my experience. There are times in life when we are hurt by others on a daily basis and it is agony. If you haven't experienced that, you should not try to teach others to deal with it. You are not qualified. Perhaps I'm wrong but…please consider your qualifications and experience. I think Rosemary could use some tips on how to comfort herself in troubling times. Telling her to detach from her son's pain doesn't work when you are a parent of a child in pain of some kind. Parents do not detach. It's our job not to detach. Mindfulness, self care, comforting distractions and thinking about a positive outcome for her son may help. Good luck to you both. And Subhro – If life brings you such agony as the ongoing pain of a child, I hope you realize what I am trying to say here. Yes I am qualified. I have experienced it.

  12. If you want to be stuck in life then that is your choice. Life is all about choices not excuses . I am a very sympathetic person but know that this is my journey to make choices about tomorrow. Don't put someone down because they decide to move forward. Use them as a guiding light and change your choices. Take it or leave it….it is your choice! Thanks for this information, positivity is progress!

  13. Sounds like a fairy tale. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes. I hate when people tell you this stuff thinking they're helping when you your major goal for the day is to get dressed and brush your teeth. Do people think we choose to stay stuck?

  14. Hello Rosemary, I am extremely sorry to hear about your story. All I can say is that your confessions above have started your journey to a new destination where there is only peace and love. Don't be distracted in your new journey and keep your focus to stay on the right path. Not only your confessions have provided you to address the problems you possess, but it has also opened the path to find a new world for you. Thank yourself for trying to change your beliefs you are programmed into for so long. Try to learn how to detach yourself from emotions (fear, anxiety, forecasting the future wrongly, sadness, anger) and you will see you are more close to the ultimate enlightenment and awakening than you thought to be. Don't blame yourself, your son's karma is his own and you have nothing to do with it. If he is suffering, think that it is giving him a lesson in life to see the truth. It will make him more stronger to face the truth. Once he is back it will be his own journey, not yours. Yes, truth always prevails strong no matter how much we want to suppress it. Good luck on your new journey.

  15. I have no idea what my purpose is in life…no idea how to discover it. My goal for the last 14 years has been to help my son make parole…get him home and in a better place. He has made parole and is coming home in 5 months…but now I realize that he is coming home to a mom who is a mess due to all the stress of it. I have made 0 goals for myself. My self talk consists of awfulizing everything. My life has been like choking down a stale mustard sandwich.

  16. It will be extremely wonderful to be able to change our negative way of thinking by turning it into a positive one. By doing it so I will be able to live a happier and more meaningful life.

  17. Yes, I subscribe to these tips. By nature, most people tend to procrastinate, and so this reminder is an effective tool to take the positive path for their own good.