7 Signs You’re in an Authentic Relationship

7 Signs You’re in an Authentic Relationship



We all dream about a perfect partner who could increase our heart rate and make our heads spin daily. We all find ourselves in that space of intense desire and get easily disappointed when we attract partners with whom we simply don’t resonate. Everywhere we look, from TV commercials to movies and random banners, we get the wrong idea about what having a significant other in your life really comes down to. It can be easy to miss the fact that a relationship needs to be there not only to give and receive love but also to grow as a person.


Here are 7 signs you’re in an authentic relationship that helps you grow as an individual.

  1. Your special someone gives you wings

One of their main focuses is to see you happy, free from restrictions, and using your highest potential in order to achieve your desires. This partner may gently push you ‘out there’ because he or she sees your potential and wants to see you shine. This partner encourages you on a daily basis and tenderly shifts your focus from ‘I am not good enough’ to ‘I can do it’.



  1. Your partner considers communication essential in your relationship

You and him/her both, progressively practice opening up to one another. This process requires time, patience, acceptance and love. As we get involved in romantic relationships (or any kind of relationships, for that matter), most of us dissociate from our authentic self and create a false image of ourselves- that always provided the safety of acceptance. Having a true connection with someone means unveiling our true spirit and functioning from that place of truthfulness.

  1. Your significant other  soothes you when you’re too hard on yourself

All individuals give in to self-criticism at a certain point; society doesn’t help as it continuously promotes the idea of more: bigger, better, newer are the leitmotifs of our daily living. No wonder in this context we often find ourselves caught in a space of negativity. When this happens, your partner doesn’t invalidate your feelings but tries to shift your perception. Looking at things from a different point of view, in difficult moments, can light up new realms for you.

  1. Your partner is aware of the importance of quality time together

He/she always practices being fully present around you. As your connection deepens, both of you devote yourselves to one another and how to become one without losing your individuality.

  1. Your relationship facilitates the growth of both of you

In time, you and your partner become the best versions of yourselves you have ever imagined. Your significant other boosts your expansion as a human being. And he/she teaches you to remain centered through life’s ups and downs.


  1. Your relationship makes you feel safe

Nowadays, everywhere we turn, we witness dramatic events. We can easily dive into the increasing wave of negative emotions promoted mostly by the media. In these conditions, your relationship becomes that safe space of purity, tenderness, joy, and fulfillment. We are so used to the drama that we unconsciously bring it in our lives. Our romantic relationships are commonly exposed to this situation. An aware and loving partner will work on dissolving any negative vibe that could cloud your connection. He/she will defuse any tension arisen between you as a result of something that clearly has nothing to do with the two of you.


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  1. An authentic relationship teaches you how to love unconditionally

It breaks the walls most of us created in order to protect ourselves, leaving us opened, vulnerable and extremely sensitive. You learn how to provide for yourself and for your partner from a place of relaxation, attention, and flexibility. Most importantly, the right relationship gives you the strength to reach your greatest potential. Indeed, it does this by diving into that unique space of genuine self-love, so inaccessible to the majority of us.



Do you have a sign to add to the list?  Discuss below, and let your relationship SHINE!


44 thoughts on “7 Signs You’re in an Authentic Relationship

  1. I have something worth mentioning: "Knows just where UR switch makes you melt " whether it be a kiss in a certain place, a word or group of words, what you're gonna say at the same time you say it, the way he looks at you . A person's switch is different in each person. Not everybody even knows they have a switch but once it's turned on… and you discover what that is…. fiewww… you are on your way….

  2. My husbands previous marriage was "centered around God" & ended because SHE was having an affair with the neighbor for the last year & a half of it. Truth be told, she was the more "devout" of the two. Whst a joke. Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does & you certainly don't need to be a religious or "faithful" person to be a morally conscious individual.

    1. Beliefs lead to behaviors. If behaviors aren’t in alignment with your beliefs, it doesn’t matter how devout of anything you are – it only means that there are blockages in place preventing you from aligning you with your true self.

  3. i like your page,it helps me overview my negative thoughts and learned some tips of becoming positive one,do send me for free,thank you and more power to your page.

  4. Not for everyone. I wasn't capable of finding this kind of relationship when I was still a Christian. I've got it now, and part of the reason I was open to it was that I am now an atheist.

  5. God. Absolutely. But Not the biblical deity that's portrayed to exist.

    The universe, life, existence itself, love, there's not really a better word to replace the word God, it's quite difficult really. At the core of every religion, every spiritualist, every shaman, every indian and so on is God.
    God's an "it", a "thing", a "this", a "that" it's the bonding of existence, the union of all matter. "The God particle" is what scientists are looking for, we're all looking for it.
    Life itself requires no worship, but we praise life. We still worship it. Every prophet from every culture has tried to grasp and teach and talk about their understanding of God. It does become apparent. But trying to shake off thousands of years of mankind's first interpretation of what god is is going to be one of the biggest challenges mankind will face. Many societies and cultures are there already. Knowing that we are God. We are the nature of God. We are "it" experiencing this and that. We are like a probe…
    As Jesus once said. The kingdom of heaven is inside you.
    You are the universe. You're it. Hey, speaking of, "you're it" Go to youtube, and type Alan Watts, You're it."

    And also…if you look at the christian bible..allow me to copy and paste…hold on a second 😛

    Psalm 82:6 I say, 'You are gods; you are all children of the Most High.

    And jesus confirmed this to the jews when he was about to be stoned, he said….is it not written in your scripture that I say ye are gods?

    He wasn't that crazy to be calling himself son of god and all that, He was basically saying in other words that he is THE NATURE OF GOD. e.g…if you have seen me you have seen the father…he makes it all so obvious!! He adamantly pointed out to humanity that we are gods and that we are the nature of what created us. Wether it be the universe or whatever you call it.

    But forget about all the magical stories in the books.

    The secret to life is to "Just be".

    And if you break the word god down to just an analogy, it will be like..


    Even if that's all the word should mean to anyone, just good orderly direction, then this is exactly something authentic to watch out for in a relationship…good orderly direction.

    Ps. I'm not religious. I have no religion. I am just a believer. I am ALL the religions. We are all one, we are all human, everything in the universe is connected no matter what you think divides us. Also, it's not about bringing in religion into discussion, it's about trying to portray something we just can't put any other word on other than the word god…and as for jesus, I just think of him as a very enlightened human being that happened to tell the truth the way it is, even though he was far too intelligent for the people of his time to understand him.

    We don't have to argue with each other, we're always going to disagree somewhere, we're all trying to point out the one thing really… so it'd be nice if people didn't use foul language against each other, blow each other up, behead each other or nit pick at each other online over who's understanding/conditioning/realisation or teachings through upbringing of god is right. It's a personal thing really. We should share our beliefs…not enforce them on others. Free will is here for a reason. When we talk about our beliefs to others, we are not shoving it down others throats, we're just putting it out there, we're making ourselves known. When we learn to read and understand another persons understanding of the world without criticising them or bashing them we'll all be a bit more advanced emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Not only that but we'll be exactly what we are supposed to be… "Love".

  6. If your relationship is centre rye around god, than you aren't centered around each other. Believing in god and what god stands for is great, if that is what you both believe. But if you don't believe, it doesn't make the two people not have a perfect relationship with each other. Couples need to focus on each other and what is best for each other. If praying or going to church brings the two of you together, great!!! If camping, walking, or cooking together makes you laugh and enjoy each other, that's great also. Relationships are based on putting the other one first, wanting to spend your free time with that person, wanting to hug them, hold them, and when you look in their eyes, smile because that person is yours. Smile when they play with the kids and the pets, feel good to have them near. Trust them, but they need to show they are deserving of that trust. No secrets, or grabbing the cell phone quick, or when asked who it was and they answer, no one. That creates no trust. Respect them and be proud. Do things together, hang out together, be that persons best friend. I was married for 20 years to a lying, cheating, abusive husband. I didn't find out about a lot of things until I divorced him. He questioned my lack of trust, my jealousy, my questions, and my critism. I see now that he created that because I've been married for a year to a wonderful guy who is the complete opposite. We do everything together, finish each others sentences, and are identical. We both had the opposite, and we know what works. Thanks.

  7. I think a shared belief system is a better way of saying that. Not everyone has the same religion, but your partner should have similar or understand and respect your belief system

  8. Precious Ness : Thank you for your response. I was going to elaborate on my comment but thought better of it. To those who do believe, God needs no explanation.

  9. Nicholas Morine why don't you make it easier on yourself by taking out an ad in Time Magazine or any other global publication announcing your status as an atheist? Why hide within the virtual arena of the internet/social media and wait in ambush for anyone who gives credit to a higher power than the questionable findings of your god…Science? The greatest annoyance that anyone can create is attempting to seek relevance by bashing the opinions or beliefs of others.

  10. Sorry Woodie, but being judgemental doesn't make you any better. We are all going through the same process at different levels and in our own way.

  11. so in your oppion, for a healthly relationship you need to scientifiicly (laughable)
    invalidate and ridicule your significant others personal beliefs.how charmingly arrogant and selfish can you be .

  12. Wonderfully stated Beverly! You can not receive unless you give and if you give graciously you will be abundant in love. They say give and forget, receive and remember.

  13. Nicholas you may find in time, maybe sooner if you are so keen to learn more, that God/Creator/Higher Power/Universe, whatever you choose to call it had never intended science to be separate from spirituality. Religion itself is just a pathway for us to find something more which makes every religion correct in it's own right since we are all searching for the same thing. I also believe that you don't absolutely need religion to be spiritual. I realize it is hard to believe a story that was written by man. In my opinion we were all created by science and evolved BUT this was how our creator intended it. Thousands of years ago no one knew what molecules and atoms and all that stuff were. People wouldn't be able to understand if they were told back then. Just like children, you teach them only what they are capable of learning. Now we know, and now a lot of the world is coming into their spiritual awakening through a profound sense of restlessness and looking for more meaning in their lives. In our lifetime we may not see any dramatic change but this is the beginning, we are the pioneers in this new age, setting the foundation for future generations. So I say you are both half right, Helen with God and you with science. But together you you'd be magnificent.

  14. Florence Tipp Both my history and my heritage center around mortals and quite scientific conception, with nary a mention of legend. I honour my ancestors and my family. What does that have to do with an arbitrary creation myth with as much validity as any other personal belief?

  15. if i cannot help , let me not hinder… i must remember that a healthy relationship is not based on a victim-savior basis…. but rather on a collective of similar attributes and goals… how many facets can one share with another, respecting the other to disagree and love them throughout the difference, inviting the opposition as an addition to the whole… there is no yin without yang… i say what i mean, i mean what i say, but i don't say it mean.

  16. when I'm in an authentic relationship I'm thinking about what I can do for my partner to give love and hardly ever think about getting love in return – it's just not a part of my focus

  17. A pretty narrow interpretation of authenticity. What of those whom choose not to follow the equally narrow prescriptions for a bronze age life written by nomadic, prehistoric scholars. Keep in mind, you ARE posting to a scientific wonder known as the internet, a global communications network built by humans 20+ years ago.

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