When you’re in a relationship for a certain amount of time, getting married is kind of expected by both you and everyone else around you outside of your relationship. Of course, everyone is getting ready to propose and make that commitment at their own pace. However, there are some signs that telltale when your partner is getting ready to propose to you.

“If you love someone then tell them right away; because after missing the train there is no use of yelling that you had a ticket” – Wrushank Sorte

Director of WomensHappiness.com, Paul Dobransky , M.D., says, “when a man makes is clear how special you are (obviously), by saying you’re the only woman who’s ever done fill-in-the-blank for him or made him feel this way, he’s on his way to don the tux.”

If you’re trying to figure out whether or not your partner is getting ready to pop the question, you might want to check out these signs to see if your partner is looking to get down one knee.

Here Are 7 Signs Your Partner Is Ready To Propose You

1. They’re suddenly interested in your jewelry

If you notice that your partner is suddenly interested in the rings that you own and the size of jewelry you wear, they might be getting ready to get down on one knee. This means that they’re thinking about jewelry – more importantly, they’re thinking about your jewelry and what kind you wear, and the size of jewelry you wear. You’re probably going to be getting an engagement ring soon. You can drop hints about wanting one of the canary yellow diamond rings at The Diamond Jewellery Studio.

2. They’re watching their budget

If your partner is suddenly watching their budget, they’re probably doing so for a reason. Especially if their job hasn’t changed at all, and they haven’t taken a pay cut. When your partner is being careful about money, it probably means that they’re working on making sure that their budget can last for a while. Especially if they plan on adding a new person into their family, via proposal.

3. They’ve been talking to your friends and family

It’s important that your family and your partner have a good relationship. However, it’s suspect when they start to chat with your friends and family more than usual, without your prompting. They probably are trying to gauge their reaction on your upcoming proposal, as well as trying to get your parents to give them a blessing for your hand in marriage.

4. They’re spending less time with their friends

Even when people are in a relationship, some people, especially guys, still tend to put their friends first before their significant others. Especially if your partner is real buddy-buddy with all of their friends, they probably are getting ready to leave the remnants of single life behind. They’re definitely getting ready to merge two lives into one. If they’re no longer making a big deal about hanging out with their pals or getting together for a “guys night”, then it’s a definite sign.

5. They talk about the future using “we”

Their future no longer consists of just themselves. When they say things about the future, they start including you in the decision making. They consider the future with you in it. They’re thinking of including you in all of their plans, which means that they consider you when it comes to moving, their job, and any other options that may come up. This is a sign that they’re ready to move forward in the relationship and get down on one knee. “Me” for them, is about to become “we”.

6. All of their friends are married or engaged

When all you do is hang out with people who are married or planning a wedding, it’s hard not to think about your life down the line. This is a red flag for a proposal when your partner’s friends are all suddenly married or getting ready to do so. That type of thinking will get their own gears turning. They’re definitely considering what it’s going to be like when the two of your tie the knot.


Relationship expert and author Andrea Syrtash says, “Does he roll his eyes at every wedding invitation he gets? Or moan about another double date with your married friends? This could be a giveaway that he’s not ready…yet. But if most of a guy’s network of friends is married already, he’s going to start feeling like the odd man out and be more comfortable taking the leap himself.

Therefore, when the last of his friends gets engaged, prepare yourself for the big question.

7. Everyone is acting weird

The thing about proposals, is that you’re going you to be the last to know! Your partner has already told your parents, your family, and all of your friends. So, people tend to start looking at you funny, and waiting expectantly for you to tell them the news so they can act surprised. But, everyone knows that your partner is getting ready to pop the question – so when their eyes start flicking to your hands, consider it a sign that it’s on the horizon.

Final thoughts

You don’t want to ruin the surprise and the feeling of getting proposed to – but if you’re wondering where your partner lies in wanting to spend the rest of your lives together, these are some signs that they’re getting ready to move forward with a proposal. Don’t try to tease it out of them, or put pressure on them! Just sit back and enjoy it. Let the proposal come to you. It’s more fun that way!